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41 thoughts on “Worst Indian Books I Have Ever Read | Novels by Indian Authors

  1. I salute you for shouting that the King is naked. Fantastic! Much needed review in India now. Years back I read a first novel with more than hundred language mistakes and boring style and thought why this IIM- IIT man (as he claimed for a reason to write) wrote a novel and why Rupa published it. But now…… he is a legend! Yes it is Chetan Bhagat.

  2. Try vikrant khannas secretly yours…after reading that i couldnt believe myself that i read it and the story was actually penned down
    Thats the worst experience of mine till now

    And till now i didnt dared to pick up another vikrant khanna

  3. Ur anger is obvious. I had once read Nikita Singh's Like a Love Song. And OMG it was so boring and so pathetic. Really I was waiting for the end to be good but it ended so badly. Worst book I've ever read!! At the backside it was written a twist of romance and all that but really it was such an obvious story. And it was also written that she finds her true calling but she ends up alone.

  4. Never ever pick book only based on best seller list..!! Everyone has story and Our impossible love, worst books. I don't know how are they best seller.

  5. Only book I have read from the books you mentioned is "Mr. Funnybones" and I can't say it's an awesome book but I think it's not that bad even. But still I liked this video. You saved alot of my time and money. 😊

  6. See… U must not to say like this to any author! U know abt your haters and u don't like them… Tumhe bhi bura laga tha! so think about the author… How they feel🙄😑😒

  7. Harappa curse of the blood river by Vineet Bajapai is also a terrible book. I've fooled by the paid media review and bought it. You have guts to say what is really good and bad… Keep it up

  8. Why no Chetan Bhagat book?? I loved his initial works but then I found his writing style same everytime…boring..

  9. Hey beautiful young lady! I don't know what is pathetic ! It is the best novel! If u r really a book lover u will know what savi sharma mam have tried to put up! No one is waiting for ur review !😊 u don't have to talk nonsense about everyone has a story! New paper is not mad to give u false review but it's worth reading

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