WordPress Content Blocks | Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

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  1. Power up Gutenberg for WordPress with this awesome collection of well designed blocks for free – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg by Brainstorm Force.

  2. Hi can you recommend a good free email responder/subscriber plugin that allows affiliate marketing? I tried Mailchimp to be told they do not support affiliate links. What are your thoughts on Email Subscribers and Newsletters plugin by Icegram? I'm just starting out so do not want to pay yet. Thanks so much!

  3. I can’t thank you enough! Love Gutenberg I’m newish though. But still get fixated on plugins….this made my day! Thank you. Excellent tutorial.

  4. As you come from South Wales I'm sure you'll appreciate what I mean when I say that your videos are really 'tidy'. Many thanks for putting so much time and effort into sharing your knowledge. Like others, I would appreciate a beginners guide (Gutenberg for Dummies if you like).

  5. Your tutorials are really helpful! I started a website and had no background to designing and computer knowledge.Thanks to your page,working on my website has become so effortless and easy! 🙂

  6. Hello, quick question, when I use the advanced heading block, then Gutenberg does not recognize it as a title, my blog post appears without a headline and also is not recognized for the permalink. How can we get around this ?

  7. Great walkthrough of using the plugin. Loved it.

    We have also created a Gutenberg Blocks plugin named "Ultimate Blocks". It's a free plugin available on WordPress repository.

    If possible, give it a try. It's specially designed for bloggers and marketers.

  8. Hi, I am curious, how to add the categories on the right-hand side of the screen. I can't categorize my new posts anymore. Could you please tell me how to fix that?

  9. For now went back to classic as I enjoy a 'clean' area to write in not that cluttered block system. If it had a clean area to write in instead of a new block for each paragraph it would be easier to use for me. Perhaps they'll reintroduce such a thing later on. For now, its terrible for me. And looking I see a lot of others don't like it, but WP doesn't care about reviews or what people like. That's a good way to go out of business. If this keeps up, I'll be looking for a new system for my website in the future.

  10. Beautifully explained. Request you to make a video on how to use Gutenberg main plug-in. A beginners guide. Can we completely do away with expensive page/website builders.

  11. Hi, I can't add any blocks on my blog. "Add block" button is grey and I can't click on it. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you!

  12. Thank you for your articulate tutorials. I think we all would greatly benefit from an over-arching video about the tug of war between theme customizers, Gutenberg, and the ever present page builders like Elementor. Where is the way that leads out of the woods? WP design has turned into a game of wits rather than skills.

  13. Thanks to Astra Theme FB Group for sharing the link to this video. Yesterday I commented on a FB post that I have installed this plugin, but don't know how to use and where to find the blocks of this plugin. I think when using this plugin, I can avoid using the beaver lite plugin.

  14. Can anyone explain to me way I am only seeing "Classic Paragraph" under the plus sign? Where has the "Normal Paragraph" option gone?

  15. It would have been nice to see page creation with blocks as I'm sure most understand what the elements are and do.

  16. 0:30 "whether you like or not you're going to have to start using Gutenberg" If I use a page builder, then why would I ever have to use Gutenberg?

  17. As usual an excellent video. Would appreciate a beginners guide to Gutenberg to explain it practically

  18. Paul. Testing the new editor on my local server but it just isn't doing it for me. Maybe a Gutenberg for Dummies video is the way to go.

  19. Excellent video – a great addition to Gutenberg. Could you please make a video on Gutenberg and templating options (reusable predefined layouts) and maybe preview or go deeper into Gutenberg and ACF 5.8 Gutenberg blocks integration. THX a lot!

  20. i am guessing that it could get messy and disorganised having to look for various blocks from different vendors in separate menus particularly as over time you could have as many as 10 or more add-on block sets and there will be overlaps and I don't think I would remember which one is my favourite, so a way to group blocks (most used) via a Plug in if Gutenberg does not have this ability would be helpful. and I would like to see a beginners (start to finish creation) of a multi page site…maybe in parts to keep videos short and take a more relaxed pace. Thanks for the great video

  21. Paul, another great video tut! However, I’m not sold on Gutenberg just as of yet! Need to see if they will make it more visually friendly and incorporate things like dynamic content blocks and support columns!

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