"Woman To Woman" Thea Monyee ( Def Poetry)

41 thoughts on “"Woman To Woman" Thea Monyee ( Def Poetry)

  1. Yes Woman to woman!!! Where they do that at now??? This new world order is woman to woman texting or messenger SMH…

  2. I don’t like mindsets like this. “She didn’t say anything about staying” True. She didn’t say anything about leaving either. She seemed proud to be the woman with the ring and taking care of her man even though she knows he steps out on her.

    My opinion: I feel it’s more degrading being the woman who stays in a relationship while being cheated on than being the side chick. HEAR ME OUT. Now although the side chick is being used for sex and other fun things a person may lack in their relationship, who’s to say she wants a relationship. People often assume the sideline wants more than a fling which isn’t always true. She has it easy. She’s not deeply involved with the man. She can walk away, have other flings occurring, or when she wants to, get in her own relationship. She doesn’t have to have herself emotional tied to the man. Which is why I feel the significant other is the one taking the real L, she’s deep in something she didn’t sign up for. An unfaithful relationship. A cheating husband, lying about his whereabouts. The emotional strain put on the marriage is awful, not to mention the trust issues if you’d decide to stay married.

  3. the way i see it is this is a woman painting a perspective of the "other woman" as less than her to comfort herself with the reality that her marriage is an illusion. Just because a man marries you doesn't mean he respects you. Because you have a big diamond doesn't compensate for lies and betrayal. Why is being a "wife" getting cheated on supposed to trump a side chick😂. Do those wives really think their the only talented wholesome desirable woman? Sometimes the side chick might have more going on than you for herself. And let me be clear. I don't want a man who practices poly but says he wants monogamy. Both exist but he can't be a man and create what he needs. I choose monogamy, but I just like to play devils advocate I guess and paint a picture of a side chick that maybe listens better to your husband and he enjoys all levels of her intimacy. He loves you too but she fulfills desires he has that you don't😳🙊🙈✌

  4. One thing I never understood about this piece ever since I saw it in my teen years is WHY WOULD SHE MAKE IT OK FOR HER OL MAN TO CHEAT?

    Just pay attention and see what I'm saying "look him deep in his eyes and you'll see me waving back at your ass"

  5. Y’all acting like she’s throwing hate on an innocent woman, this girl called her up to rub it in her face that her man is cheating on her. It’d be entirely different if she didn’t know he was married. Also saying she’s not mad at the guy. She’s saying how slimy he is in the way she’s speaking. I don’t believe that she would stay with him. She’s definitely a strong woman put in a bad position because of two weak individuals.

  6. She's wrong , but the wife needs to let him go too . Nobody wins , is a mistress is a mistress and the wife is still being cheated on , regardless of if she's a good woman or not . After watching this let's all the man she's talking about together .

  7. I'm tryna find out where she stated that she stayed? So imma need y'all in the mistress pride gang to actually Listen to the words and not just hear them or stop when you feel like you don't agree on the content just cuz you playin the same role of her this mistress…A Hoe. It ain't for you to agree..she's expressing herself it's for her! So stfu! Who takes pride in being a mistress tf?

  8. Hell I thought this was Rachelle Ferrell back in the day til I realized Def Poetry Jam ain't that old. Lmao!!!

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