Witcher Author Demands $16 Million from CD Projekt Red and Threatens Legal Action

25 thoughts on “Witcher Author Demands $16 Million from CD Projekt Red and Threatens Legal Action

  1. EDIT: CD Projekt Red got the rights to Witcher games fair and square under terms both parties agreed upon. This last minute demand and legal threat from the author seems opportunistic and desperate. And it's not as if his novels didn't benefit from the global popularization of the franchise.

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  2. I love the Witcher books, but I wouldn't have thought to pick them up had I not played The Witcher 2 back when. I seriously doubt the whole lot of them would have been translated to English for a major US release without the games' popularity either. Dude needs to chill.

  3. He deserves some money. I mean Cd project red is worth 2 billion BECAUSE OF HIM!! He created all the characters that we love now! Fuck CD PROJECT RED.

  4. i bet the games could become this good only because the autor did abbaddon them^^ if he would oversee games story…ugh.

  5. I bought and read the first Witcher book the blood of elves after playing the first ps4 game I bought. The Witcher 3. Till then I never heard of his books.

  6. I'm just a law student and this is the United States not Poland, but I do know that a contract can be modified by the court here if it is unconscionable. The go to example for this would be selling a multi-million dollar mansion to someone for $1. If the seller can show unconscionability on those grounds–that the consideration given in exchange for the benefit received by the buyer was paltry–there is a presumption in favor of the seller, which the buyer can then rebut. I don't know what the contract said, but that seems to be the argument that the author's lawyers are relying on. Article 44 seems to be a statutory codification of this concept, though I haven't read the statute and don't know it's exact language. However, this applies to the contract and the transaction in question. Unless his lawyers can prove that CDPR had knowledge that they would be making a tremendous amount of money on The Witcher (which is impossible given the circumstances) or they can show some evidence of fraud in the inducement, I don't see how the author could support a case.

    Again, this is just an opinion based on a limited understanding of US law. Polish law could, and very likely does, operate on somewhat different legal principles when it comes to contract formation, enforcement, and equitable remedy.

  7. I want to know what the author thinks of movies. Does he also think they are an inferior form of story-telling? If so, then he is in for a load of butt-hurt. If he thinks that they are good for telling a story, then he is hypocritical to say games are inferior, as they are essentially an interactive movie.

  8. You wrong about that statment noone out of Poland hear about his books before. Maby they wasn't popular on ,,west,, but they are pretty populat on east europe, pretty much in Czech and Russia. Whole thos books are made from slavic mithology. And also about heros, A.S. made thos heros. Ask yourself why you like thos games? If you would like witcher games if all characters would be flat, one demention. Everything would end happy ever after. Witcher game is amazing, gameplay and story. Its not riped from books, but whole world and main heros are created in books, very populat books. So CD Project Red get themselfs very strong basic material. They know it for sure. Why even try to buy some licences on some story/world if you sure you can do pretty well without it. I think CD Project Red make gread job and behave well showing this stuff public. Noone know they deal so hard to say how it will go, but im pretty sure A.S. will be happy with a lot less money, and CDPR will pay him some part of it. Not because they must, but because they can and they try to be honorable.

  9. To be honest, I thought the Witcher games looked great, great animations, gameplay was alright, women were thicc and men were manly men. But if this author doesn't feel like a piece of shit every time I see something pop up with him it makes me hate Witcher lol.

  10. As a hobby author, I've always held the belief that the original author or creator of a story, game, or artwork should have full benefits and ownership of that work HOWEVER the author of Witcher sold the rights to CD Projekt Red for a lump sum, not royalties (which is really is stupid for any creator to do regardless) without a care. It was a legal contract. The author has no right to any more money from the company just because he made a stupid decision and is now butt hurt about it.

  11. When I was in middle school I bought my friends runescape account for 10 dollars. (Huge money for middle school) not even a week later he informed me he was thinking of selling the account to one of his other friends who offered him $20 instead. After already selling it to me, and me paying him. He told me he'd give me my money back, but it still felt insanely wrong to have a deal be out of my control. I fortunately got to keep the runescape account, and he didnt give it to his friend after all. But even as a kid I saw how wrong it was to go back on an agreed deal, after completing it. It was wrong when I was a kid, it's wrong when I'm an adult. It's his fault he didnt wamt royalties, live with it.

  12. From what I've been told. The witcher author usually ranges from stereotypical grumpy but nice old man… to a douche canoe. And from what I've read of various fan articles, he's been more and more arrogant, mean and just bitter.

    It seems that he's become, a bitter old man, who dismissed the studio and dismissed the very idea of video games as a lucrative format and didn't want anything to do with it.

    I mean honestly, if he REALLY cared, he would have visited them during their production, would have kept a rapport open with CDPR, but instead he just sat back, writing his books, becoming more and more bitter about how he wasn't earning a boat load of cash and how the people who read/are reading his books aren't as old as him? Again, sounds like a bitter butterbug who is mad that he got screwed out of money and now is trying to use legal-jijustu to try and snatch, not earn, snatch that money back.

    Honestly! He could had brought this to CDPR, and tried, amicably to sell the guaranteed rights to ALL of this other books and stuff for renegotiation with their previous contract, but nope. "Gimme dat money before I die!" is all I'm getting from him, that and a bad case of resting bitchface.

  13. greedy old kurwa xD you sold the rights and they own it fair and square. dont bitch on your own stupidity

  14. I like the title of that first article. “Ever wondered what the author of The Witcher books thinks about the games?”
    Fucking no, I don’t. Other than the fact that he’s the author of the source material, I couldn’t care less. But the thing is, he’s not even addressing The Witcher games in those articles. He’s addressing games as a whole, and he blatantly says he thinks they’re stupid and doesn’t understand them. So no, I don’t give a shit what this guy thinks about a form of entertainment he doesn’t understand or contribute to.

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