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Welcome back! Ask Wim! Right on. Okay, let’s have it. Question: What is my favorite book? One of my favorites is absolutely Siddhartha. I was in a flow, in soul – search when I was about 15-16 years old. And that is 44 years ago. Is when I was reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. And I remember His life. His life actually is like mine. And he finds himself at a certain moment when the book progresses, his life progresses He finds himself in a boat And he is being guided by sort of the ferryman And there he sits This young Siddhartha in the boat. And he listens to the ferryman. And the ferryman is singing But he is always also singing but not at that moment Now, the ferryman is singing and he is singing actually more mature Deeper, better Than he himself And when he looks at him, he recognizes something but it doesn’t know what it is But in the end, it is himself. When he is grown up. That is who he is actually. Looking to himself Being the young Siddhartha. If I’m looking at the young Wim right now Then I say “Hey Wim, young Wim…” “Just keep on going because you’re gonna be beautiful…” “You’re going to be strong. You’re gonna be great…” “And you will fulfil your mission” So, Siddartha it is. What is my favorite tree or plant? You see the palms of my hands? Those are two palms. Two hands. Palm trees. I think palm trees are crazy beautiful. But any plant is beautiful. They are our brothers, the trees They expel oxygen and take in CO2. We expel CO2 and take in oxygen. We are one with the plants and with the trees. It’s life. It’s the full circle of life. But if you ask me, what is my favorite plant I always look at palm trees. That is because different climate zones have different palm trees even in the freezing temperatures And we got them here. And in the winter, it’s a long time for months in freezing temperatures They still thrive I got three types of palm trees here. They can survive freezing temperatures But Coconut palm tree: Nucifera Nucifera Amazing! Here I have Trachycarpus fortunei humilis The Phoenix canariensis And the Washingtonias. And the Jubaea. And three of them they are able to stay in the freezing temperatures. I love them! But if you talk about, you know Sequoias? In California all along that coast Those enormous trees! Amazing! And/or the Strangler figs In Australia as I saw them Clustering together and getting these roots out of their branches and forming new trees. It’s a it’s a whole dimension Amazing, amazing, amazing! Trees are amazing! You know, what is even more amazing about trees? Whenever they they do their photosynthesis They create glucose. And glucose is food for the plant, for their leaves. But they create/produce more glucose and than they need. That goes back into the root system. Then goes out of the root system and creates mycelia. Mycelia begins to form like threads in the air, under the ground. And that connects one tree with the other and they communicate through the mycelia network. Throughout the world. You think the computer and us we have networks? They (plants) have much bigger networks than us. It’s amazing! If your tomato is being attacked In one area Then by insects Then it creates directly a information going to the mycelia, the network And tomatoes Tomato plants like ten kilometer 100 kilometer away Are producing an antidote for that insect. And I do it just. It’s great It’s like communication, perfect communication Amazing! Plants are amazing! And without them we would not exist. They made this Earth Liveable for us. We are dependent on our plants and trees. Let’s respect them! Guys thank you very much for asking me #AskWim I see you next time! If you have more questions, put them down there in the comments And then next time we’re going to answer the questions. I love questions and the answers. I love it all. I love you!

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  1. Bonjour wim, moi je parle Français, j'habite en Afrique, République Démocratique du Congo. J'ai découvert votre méthode WHM et je la pratique chaque jour chez moi pour mon bien être. Les résultat sont énormes sur ma santé. Ma question est comment puis je être en contact avec vous par mail ? Sinon, je vous remercie du fond de mon coeur, vous êtes un sauveur

    [email protected]

  2. Wow! Wim is so wrong about trees. Trees are oxygen and carbon neutral i.e. they take in exactly the amount of CO2 and O2 from the atmosphere as they release them back in their lifetime. The tree, all of it's carbon matter, after it's decomposed, is released back to the atmosphere.

    Trees, except for fruit bearing trees (in that, the fruits that we eat), don't give a shit about us. In fact, they'd rather not have us around. They can do perfectly fine with insects and bacteria. The fruit bearing trees have us spread their seeds… but that's about it.

    We're in the carbon cycle with grass and crops though. We use starch prepared by grass either directly (if you eat grains, root vegetables etc.) or eat meat of animals which eat grass. The CO2 they've captured is in the carbohydrates, which we then release it back.

    We're grassland creatures. Trees have nothing on us. We don't need them and they don't need us.

  3. Thank you Wim! I read Siddhartha when I was 15 as well and your synopsis is right on…Hesse was a genius and the story is so beautifully written…🥰🥰🥰

  4. Speaking about photosynthesis, humans can also engage in that form of "feeding"; look for information on Hira Ratan Manek and sungazing. He has been without physical food for 8 years, just like Wim's method, anybody who commits to his correct method can do it, it has been verified by NASA; if you don't believe me, look it up, do the science, and see for yourself.

  5. Sidarta.
    I got the same feeling when I read it. I couldn't stop actually. So I read it in one night.
    AMAZING choice!
    Palms are foreign. Artificial, a symbol of an ancient empire. Still marking the planet with it in urban scenarios.
    A big hug and all the love Mr. Thruehealth!!

  6. I tried your breathwork few times, but i had a lot of headache and head pressure afterwards, so I stopped practicing. Is it normal?

  7. Hello Wim Hof.

    I try again, tried several times before, but you don´t seem to respond to people who experience adverse effects of the practices you promote…(?) I try again: what is your solution to me and others who have gotten permanent tinnitus after following your breathing instructions ?

  8. I have a question. I have been practicing your breathing technique for about 2 years, but recently something has changed. Why can I only hold my breath for only about 15-20 seconds now when before I could hold my breath for up to almost 3 minutes? I feel like I am doing it the same as always only now I am compelled to stop holding my breath a lot sooner than usual.

  9. Just received the book "What doesnt kill us" so I am very gratefull with this synchronicity.

    Wim are you working on some book or will you release something in future. Thank you & much respect!

  10. Love plam trees. My grandpa had them at his house in Portugal. I didn't know there a some that can grow in cold places

  11. "You are a GUEST of NATURE, Behave." Hundertwasser. Thank you for sharing and educating many with your answers of healing from NATURE!!!!

  12. yoga is a big bullshit,i had travel a lot as a catain in cruise ship..i see after many years that all that named guru just stolen money from stupied people and after they celebrate in party….so stop all that abaut yoga is just for stupied…

  13. Thanks Wim love you thank you for helping me so much thruogh the App,and mini class and through the 30 – day audio challenge and on various pod cast i heard you talk about the WHM ❤👍 hope to meet you in person someday and do a retreat in winter were you live !

  14. Wim ! you have a place in Costa Rica, whenever you feel like visiting, It will be an honor to show you, you are the legend!!

  15. My drumla has been broken in Ojsterwijk forest. 😉 …anyway…because of You Sir I got addicted to breath. Greetings from Poland.

  16. Awesome, Wim. The talk about mycelium sounds like some Paul Stamets stuff right there. Those roots run deep…

  17. Truly a prophet of the coming deep freeze, maybe by the end of the century. Wim demonstrates that we humans can manage and have managed quite well under extreme global conditions. I also suspect he and his brother have a higher representation of Neanderthal DNA. I am buying a stake in the Gibraltar caves real-estate. Who's with me?

  18. Hi Wim Wof. What do you think about Bible and Quaran.
    No, i am not asking from those who has no expertise in such.

  19. If you breathe more than enough oxygen, should you drink water with no oxygen? Do you think oxygen in water is different from oxygen in air? Will oxygen in water affect our iron based blood?

  20. Anyone know what is the best version of the book to buy? Apparently they are all different english translations, all translated by different people. So that means slightly different meanings.

  21. "can't hurt me"by David goggins. It's amazing how much David and wim are alike yet David is definitely no treehugger and carnivorous as hell! They both found the same answers.

  22. Wim Hof,💚you energy interesting,my Favor tree is Palm Tree,
    It represents a Freedom,growing up in communist country,
    Could see them and came as a refugee in sunny 🌞🌴Australia 🌴
    You are Brave Leader,helping the world more then politicians,Scientists,
    Religion {most criminals,brainwashed :pure Souls polluted from dogma,
    Yet Wim is Wise.That is Way to LiFe.I Honer You Work 🙏🏼
    I’m 2nd Twin like you,& only you You I will be brave in ❄️
    You are Blessed with athletic Type body,how Vata can go with
    specially hip,Woman body is different,

  23. Did you live near Amersfoort in your younger years?

    I am 54 and pretty weak from chronic lyme’s with a bunch of co-infections, mycotoxins (Mold), Hashimotos and loads of toxic overload like heavy metals, estrogen dominance, yeast and oxalates. As a result I have problems with my Mitachondria, low blood pressure, fatigue and neuropathy.

    How can I slowly start using your methods without risking too much? I doubt I can just “dive in”. I saw you have worked with Lyme and mold patients before and would appreciate your advice. 😊

  24. Hello Wim I attended the event in San Jose yesterday and I enjoyed every moment of it. The crowd was very happy and from all walks of life ,to see that you are touching the world with oneness I felt that in every one thank you.

  25. What we fail to understand will destroy us and nature's balance will ensure this. All is sacred. Great message . Plant a tree or flower everyone and witness the intelligence unfold. Peace and love.

  26. Love this guy! He is a thinker but on the other side he doesnt think to much ( probably because of those methods he uses for many years) and always good vibes.
    And YES the plants and nature are the builders and wisdom of this world!

  27. Hi Wim, how much are you into fasting or intermittent fasting? By the way, check out Siim Land work about it, you could join forces ✊🏻

  28. Wim what is your take on conquering your deepest fears? So we get to shine the light of love and freedom with full resolve and mastery

  29. you stated that after 4 days you have old sick people climbing mountains, how can i do that without you? i follow your program

  30. Hi Wim , thank you for being you . You are a blessing to this world . I have a question . I have major breathing problems , started when I was very young child.
    The inside of my nose is obstructed . I’ve been mouth breather. . I breath in but don’t breath out good . Very short of breath and have emphysema. I have never smoked . I’m very thin so it’s not weight caused for shortness of breath . I’ve never been able to hold my breath very long. And I don’t know if that is the only reason but I’m extremely claustrophobic. I truly would love to actually learn the Wim Hof method so well that I could teach it to other people. I believe in it with my whole heart and soul and I know that it will help so many people. I just wonder how well I would be at it? I’m sorry I missed your event in San Jose just yesterday . I really hope that you do come back soon I live a closer to LA I live in Las Vegas so I hope if there’s any kind a news letter that you have something that would keep me posted I will if not I will just continue to check for any upcoming events. Thank you again for who you are ,the love that you bring ,the help that you share with so many people. Rita Hansford

  31. Thank you Wim for all your wisdom and teachings. I daily take a cold swim, love it and my brain and eye are now healing from the traumatic brain injury that I suffered 4 years ago. Thank you dear brother for helping this woman get her life back. God Bless!

  32. And not only tomato 🍅 plants but trees to use miceliar and all plants use this method of communication… Plants communicate why don't we?? A question for you Wim 🙏🏻

  33. Dear Wim!! Today I was my first ice inmersion at the beach with Gabina Funegra and some Friends!! It was amazing!! I Will sharing you soon the vid!! We love you and send you a big Hug from Chorrillos, Perú!! Gabina is returning to Australia this evening!

  34. Yo Wim hof! Congratulations for the video! . I have a question for you, Is it normal to hear a "whistle" after doing the breath exercise?? I started to hear it after 3 weeks doing the breathing method. Its sounds like a "piiiiiiiiiiii". And after 1 minute or 2 disappear slowly. I just want to know if is normal or if I doing something wrong.
    thank you!

  35. Wim, have a question over time of practicing the breathing does the body adapt to all the oxygen coming in that you dont experiences the tingling, the rush, the vibrations, hot / cold , ringing in the ears, muscles spasm , twitching, in / out if CONSCIOUSNESS, HYPNOTIC,???
    Thanks in advance for following up on my question..❤🙏

  36. I remember Siddharta as a young man
    What blew me away as a grown man was Robert Pirsig’s LILA.
    My personal bible
    You should give it a try

  37. Jellyfish are wonderous creatures
    No brain
    No bones
    No blood

    There’s even one species that regenerates itself time after time, thus being immortal

  38. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Mr Hof!! Your breething exercises is the best painkiller for my kidney pain. Thank you sir. DANKE SEN

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