Will I Lose Content Changing my WordPress Theme?

Hey y'all welcome to another WordPress
Wednesday! My name is Kori Ashton here in
San Antonio, Texas. It is another great day to talk about
WordPress nerdy stuff. As most of you know though I gotta give
a shout out to my Seahawks because they're doing okay this season. Alright lets get right to it, y'all. I got a great comment today off of our YouTube channel and this is a
way that you can get your questions answered just by commenting on one of our videos
or maybe sending us a tweet. Pamela here says, "Thank you great themes
when changing from one theme to the next, what happens to the content on your
website?" "How to save content?-I would hate to
change the theme and my content disappears." This might seem like a very basic beginner
level question. That's okay. This channel covers everything from total
basic beginner questions about WordPress all the way up to crazy advanced
"nerd-coding" stuff. PHP loops and JavaScript and all that kind
of fun stuff. Stick around. Be sure to subscribe if you
like WordPress, nerdy stuff. We talk about it every single Wednesday. I'm going to answer that quick question
for Pamela. Let's take a look over here. I've got a fake sight that I play around
with. You can see here that I've got a post in
here for testing. We've got the "Hello world"- which is the
default post. You can see our footer down here is: Categories, Recent Posts, Recent Comments,
Archives and Meta. You know right away (if you know anything
about WordPress) that this is one of the default themes. This is the
Twenty Thirteen theme. You can see that I've already started
building some things. I've already assigned the menu to appear up here. So how do we change our theme without
losing content? I'm going to go ahead and show you what
happens when you change a theme. Just simply by clicking "activate" on a
different theme. It's automatically going to switch which
ones I'm using. I'm going to come back here to the front
side of my website and click "refresh." Here's what I want you to see. The name
of my website stays the same. You see? "DipandDo" for my doggy daycare. "DipandDo" just another WordPress site. But my menu just changed. These are not my three
menu items that I had created. Then everything's different here. All my stuff that was maybe in my footer
is now in my right sidebar over here. I have no footer. So here's the difference. What you want to do is take a look at the
theme that you're trying to switch to and kind of see how that author has
reallocated things. All of your core content- your pages and
your posts will all stay the same. Any of your slideshows that you might've
made inside of like a Revolution Slider. As long as the plug-in did not come with
the theme you're letting go of all your content should be sitting there. What might kind of displace and you'll
have to reassign would be anything running in
your sidebars. So, your widgets living in your sidebar or perhaps your footer and then your menu across the top might
have to be reassigned. All the content should hopefully
be sitting there. So what you'd want to do is go into your
"menus" area and there is our menu that we had assigned
on the last theme. You would just want to select
"Primary Menu" and click "save." So that now when you come back to the
front side (go back up to the top)- now it has our three options across the
menu bar. Then you'd want to go into your widgets
area and reallocate how you'd want that to sit
inside your sidebar because that's how this particular theme
uses those widget boxes. Again, all of your content sitting here.
Here's my "Another Post for Testing." There's that content. Here's "Hello world!" which is the default
post that comes inside of any theme. I'm sorry, inside of an "out of the box"
WordPress theme. So that kind of gives you an idea of what
you can do and what you can't do. Here's what I'm going to suggest though. Before you do anything is be sure that you
have a backup in place of your Website. If you don't know how to do that, I've
already created a video. I'll put the link right here for you. Click on that. Go figure out how to do a
backup of your website so that if anything goes weird or "wonky," you're able to roll the website back very
easily without loosing anything. I hope this helps. I know it was a quick
video but I hope it helps. Next time you're looking for something
having to do with WordPress "nerdiness," be sure to checkout our channel. We'll see you next week. Bye Bye. Thanks
Pamela for the question!

24 thoughts on “Will I Lose Content Changing my WordPress Theme?

  1. Came here 1 year ago for help on this…now back in 2018 to remember what/how to do it…I so love this channel OH MY GAWD!!!

  2. will i lose subscribers changing my subscription form e.g change from contact form 7 to mailchimp on wordpress

  3. Thank you!!

    I have got a very quick question related to the same topic, according to your video as soon as we click over the activate button the look of the site will go live and display all the disturbances made in the site to the public.

    Is there a way to build the new customised website on the background while having the existing website live and bring the new modified website to live only when it is 100% ready?

  4. Hey, my current theme is compromised somehow and showing False on Theme menu, WP automatically chose a basic theme called Twenty Seventeen. For some reason when I go to pages I can still see my pages there, my photos are still in the gallery. Is there a way to move this data all over to the new theme? or I have to do everything back from scratch.

  5. Hi Kori– your channel has been MOST HELPFUL as a wpbeginner. Let me say thank you for that. I'm was about 3/4 into finishing my site when a plugin (caching one at first) totally wreaked havoc on my site and ability to log into my admin panel. I worked feverishly overnight trying to suss the issue out but I'm still having issues with adding plugins. I won't use cache-plugins anymore (for now) but i'd like to add other optimizing plugins without constantly having to deactivate and/or delete. I'm using OceanWP. ElementorPro support says to change theme to Twenty-sixteen amongst other steps if I'm still having issues. There advice is 2yrs old should I still change the theme to one of their default themes? My issue is anytime I add a new plugin half of my site 'visually' disappears. I still have the content but I can't see it to edit. I'm really hesitant to switch themes so late in the game. Thanks in advance if you can shed light on this

  6. Hi Kori, many thanks for the tutorial. I'm trying to change the theme temporary, this is to spot a conflict between my plugins or the theme… the point is that after change to this new theme, I don't need to make changes in the content, so once that I test what I want to test… if I come back to my first template… will be exactly the same as I left it? Maybe is a silly question but I need your help 😛
    Thanks a million!

  7. Hey Kori! Just a clarification question: when you switch between themes to see how they work, do you lose the coding to switch things within the theme that you did on the previous theme? Thanks 🙂

  8. I Changed My Theme And I don't Like it, Now I want my Previous Theme With Same Database How Could i do this ? Please help me

  9. Thanks for clearing confusion.I am going to try for my website yogacity,info.Hopefully will not loose anything

  10. When I tried this, all of the page content was missing. I tried several different themes using the preview option with the same results each time. Now, my website is a WP website but was built on Be Theme, which uses Muffing Group for the builder. Is this my problem or am I just looking in the wrong place for the content?

  11. Hi, Kori. so helpful video. Congratulations – what a great job. I would be happy if you could also share some links with good and well-developed travel blog wordpress themes? Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

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