WILD AT HEART. Interview w/ Best-selling author John Eldredge

25 thoughts on “WILD AT HEART. Interview w/ Best-selling author John Eldredge

  1. Huge respect and empathy to see how close this issue is to your heart John. Really wasn't expecting to see emotion from a Ranger, and it honestly made me realize you're the real deal. You truly care and feel for others, and seeing you be successful and influential really gives me hope and a good example to follow for good men making a way in the world.

  2. 4 minutes in and no mention of God, or our purpose in Him. In the list of what a man needs to be happy, no mention of God. This is why so many men leave their families. They look for purpose outside of God. Once the beauty is rescued, the adventure is gone and it's on to the next beauty. Not enough adventure in being a dad on to the next adventure. This truely hurt my heart to see you John promoting this unGodly man. He can not be supported by Scripture, that is why he uses Hollywood to support his thoughts. Men were not created to be manly men, but men of God. However men was not created to chase a beautiful woman, but a Godly woman. He wasn't created to pursue just any adventure, but to serve God. Manhood is never Biblically based off of what he conquers, what about the men God's calls to be celebate? Just because we desire something doesn't mean it's Godly. The Bible speaks against homosexuality, adultry, seeking our own desires and ways. I'm not even sure what to write I am truely heart broken. To see another Godly man fall into the trap of the deciever, the manipulator of Scripture… I am praying you will truely compare what this man is teaching to Scripture and pray for God to show you it's wrong.. however if you are the man of God you seem to be, you already know. Even though this sounds good it's riddled with lies. He had to reword Scripture in the first point to even start the book. God bless

    My other thought is sin is in the marrow so if we say men are to pursue what ever they desire as manly man, then we have to say to the gay man you were born
    with this identity and you will never be happy unless you pursue it. Could it be every man wants to be what he see in Hollywood and the 3 things on his list because that is what has been programmed through those movies? I mean can you support these 3 things Biblically? Somewhere God says men are to rescue beautiful ( by the world's standard) women ( hardest lesson in my life was my husband couldn't be my savior only God can). Where it says men will only be happy if they pursue adventure and their desires. Maybe he wasn't happy being rich because that's not where happiness comes from? He is taking some truth and using the world to answer it. My husband is a two time combat veteran, he is a protector, strong, a lover, funny, a father, good looking, kind but what makes him a man and my hero is his desire to follow God wherever God leads him. His desire to deny himself, pick up his cross and follow Jesus. What makes him stand out from other men is his love and obedience to God. In the first 10 years of marriage I watched him pursue many things looking for fulfillment including the things this guy mentioned. only to leave a trail of damage and end up empty time and time again. I have watched him become an amazing man of God and it's been such an amazing testimony to God's perfect will

  3. Just dove into this audiobook and my thoughts instantly went to Warrior Poet Society. More than half way though and I was like.. “I bet WPS talks about this book.” It hasn’t been a day yet and I have already noticed small but amazing changes in my life. Thank you both for being a positive influence on me.

  4. Elephants were from Pilansberg National Park in South Africa. I love your channel and words of wisdom.

  5. And oh yeah almost every man I met including a navy seal were not in this mentality at all. They all of them used me for their selfish gratification, the ones that stayed long enough for marriage and children ended in divorce you have no idea how high the cards are stacked against natural citizens from the cities and metropolis like Los Angeles to San Diego. The predatory nature of men in California is off the charts. I would not reccomend trying to raise a family there; not only will you get your kids legally kidnapped from you but the dept. Of Justoce Will chew you up and spit you out for gangstalking and frame up entrapment to keep their federal funding. Like the Agent told me who kidnapped my children; your kids will be railroaded and pushed to the bottom of the file into the pile of trash. Agent Joe West of the Health And Human Services Child Kidnapping division. WELKOM to AMERIKA where you and your kids don't matter but foreign nationals do and will get housing food and priority over you.

  6. This ideal is great however as AMERIKA breaks down from the stresses of failing infrastructure it only pertains to the 0.01 percent of what was formerly known as the american family. In school I witnessed almost 75 to 90 percent of children from broken homes, in San Diego there were less than five kids my age who were American, the other children were from parents mostly of Tiahuana or cross south american border refugees, migrants foreign nationals however you define these people coming across the southern border. If you are unable to have a cohesive family the dysfunction percolate through the generations. You have no idea what you are actually talking about in actual reality guys. This is like DisneyLand fantasy guys and when this country fails it will fail because of the breakdown of the family.

  7. Two men that I highly respect in one video, amazing. To John Eldrredge, Wild at Heart changed my life during one of the most difficult seasons of my life (the end of a long-term relationship). Your book gave me guidance, direction, and validation. I can't thank you enough for that. To John Lovell, you have inspired me to be a better man. I constantly strive to read more books (I am currently reading 5 at the same time), and be a better husband to my wife. We really do have to fight for our wives every day. Thank you for your message. It also has changed my life.

  8. Wild at heart was life changing. I followed it up with way of the wild heart and my wife read captivating. Amazing, truly amazing.

  9. Man! Too bad I didn't see this ten years ago. I can learn and adapt and be the best I can for my kids now, even though mom has chosen a different path.
    Two minutes of quiet… I'd be asleep.
    At the end, did he say "great to talk with you chuck?"

  10. Just about to watch this video, first time seeing this channel. I recieved a copy of Wild at Heart during the last 2 months of my first tour to Afghanistan. I was a 25 year old PFC Infantryman in 2011. My peers were mostly 18 year old boys that had no wife or kids and no relationship or want for Christ. I was a rare breed having all of those. This book was my escape AND the battlefield for my heart. Gave me a major boost to fight through the last few months of deployment.

  11. I wish John Eldredge still counseled individuals! I couldn't imagine a better counselor for me personally!

  12. Recommended authors/influencers: (from video)
    – Francis Schaeffer
    – C.S Lewis
    – George MacDonald
    – Dallas Willard

  13. I've read the book Wild at Heart in a men's book study at church. I also attended a 4 day Wild at Heart "boot camp" as well. I remember thinking his teachings are not biblical and was gravely confused to why the Christian world is embracing it.
    John replaces scriptural truths with anecdotal fairy tales, secular songs, and alleged personal divine revelation he has had. His positions are not found in the Bible. Wild at Heart has been a catalyst for removing the Bible from Bible studies. Eveybody is ready The Shack now. It is heartbreaking to watch. http://www.forgottenword.org/wildheart.html

  14. I’m convinced this channel might be the best one on YouTube. The tactical gun stuff is awesome to learn but it speaks volumes that you spend time away from that and dialing into the stuff that matters too. Keep it up

  15. Impressive interview, some VERY good points here. In my opinion, some are:
    10:22 to 10:57 "Masculinity is passed on by masculinity." Men who are babied their whole life or raised with only a female influence become passive, weak, and ineffective. They don't know what it means to be a real man. They CAN'T be a real man. They fail to exert authority and cannot effectively lead. They can also be dysfunction-ally angry.
    11:17 to 13:38 This is the same that I heard from child psychologists/psychiatrists and certified counselors (those who were willing to admit it despite it not being PC). A girl's "Daddy Issues" is an accurate predictor of sexual promiscuity, misbehavior as youth, as well as trouble later in life (and psychological issues). No male validation from a father = seeking male validation from intimate partners and suitors, especially inappropriately early on (before the age of consent).
    3:20 "Masculinity, should we get rid of it?" Exactly what's wrong with Western society today. This problem itself trickles down into a host of other social and societal issues, as we are seeing now.
    4:39 "It's gone from (gender) confusion to hostility." Yep.
    16:31 to 17:07 "Ask her the story of her life… …what's her relationship with her dad… it has shaped her… …there are these landmines set out there for her own protection…" Yep. Internal emotional and psychological baggage stemming from "Daddy Issues," a common problem with women today unfortunately.
    7:28 to 7:41 Nice anecdote on why MALE and FEMALE genders exist.

    Thank you to Mr. Eldredge, truly God's wisdom here. Also great choice by Mr. Lovell to host and post these kind of interviews.
    Keep it up!

  16. I got no interest in guns,I watch different types of movies…I'm from quite a different culture than John Eldredge.
    You dig a little 'below the surface',and you hear some things that are helpful to any man,husband,dad.

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