Wikipedia Bans Right Wing Authors: The Barony Quick Takes

okay here's an article out of one angry gamer dotnet Wikipedia editors attempt to delete sci-fi author pages they deem right-wing yeah you know I've always talked about you know Wikipedia being biased before you know but now they seem to actually be really showing it at this point see says here various sci-fi authors are facing page deletions on Wikipedia after various left-wing editors nominated the pages for deletion on grounds of the author's not being notable for their fan base being bigoted and racist and filled with hatred there's currently a battleground on the author pages of Wikipedia where certain editors are attempting to erase an internet checkpoint for the author's due to disliking what they are excuse me for disliking what little they've gleaned of their politics so in other words because I disagree with you you don't get a page anymore it's basically what this is saying there's currently a vote taking place over the Wikipedia page for a military veteran and sci-fi fiction author Michael Z Williamson various editors are claiming that Williamson isn't notable and that there's nothing notable about his Wikipedia page despite being a Hugo nominated author and having various best-selling books I actually had to look it up I didn't know what the Hugo Award was but it's basically a you know awards for a science fiction I know a lot of times especially with science fiction they had to create their own award because science fiction typically isn't recognized by a lot of other awards so they kind of do their own because it is kind of its own sub-genre words like especially with sci-fi is either you love it or you hate it and you know so it's kind of easier to do it this way versus you know trying to get in notoriety with the traditional like you know the New York Times bestseller or that kind of thing so that's kind of what I've gathered from that let's see after people after one of the people voting to have the page deleted encountered resistance from Williams Williamson's fanbase they were toward it now if you'll excuse me after waiting through the cesspit of bigotry hatred foul-mouthed and rampant racism that it had that is his tiny fanbase I need a good shower and maybe reverse personalities I'm sorry I'm not familiar with that word showing some ignorance here anyway this received more pushback from Williamson's fans who also called out their leftist authors for who are bigoted and racist against whites there's a strong political background unfolding on Williamson's page as his fans vote to keep his Wikipedia entry while leftist vote to delete the page over on Facebook Michael Z Williamson responded to people attempting to speak up on his behalf on the Wikipedia page explaining in a post that he made on July 23rd 2019 so he at least responded to this and he's getting into it so let's go ahead and hear what he has to say that actually won't help it requires citations of why the article is relevant from people who can make that point then they'll claim that you're a sock pocket excuse me then they'll claim you're either a sock puppet or that the source is invalid and not verifiable fire verifiable etc I'm not the first person they've done this to and they are now also going after crap min and Hoyt it's blatantly an orchestrated attack on whom they think our right-wing authors quotes except neither I nor Sarah can credibly be called right-wing unless you're too ignorant to grasp the definition which is most liberals I love that little stab at the end and this is actually kind of true with Wikipedia it's been for years whenever I've had arguments with people on Facebook about certain things and they'll link a Wikipedia source and I tell them that that is probably one of the worst sources that they could ever have and they there's the sources at the bottoms like yeah I know I know they cite sources but they're also extremely biased on those sources what Wikipedia first started off as was actually kind of was a good thing because anybody can edit now only the elite Wikipedia wizards or whatever you want to freakin call them can actually edit the pages now because they'll mob onto specific articles even if what you posted was correct and you cite the actual source where it comes from even if it's the actual video of this person actually saying it they'll sometimes discredit that it's a invalid source now if you looked at some of the things where you see what is valid and what is invalid and a lot of Wikipedia if you've ever gotten into the Nitty Gritty of those things you'll see that the majority of valid sources are all left-wing even though they may be extremely biased or have been known to lie you know it's known to put false articles and never correct so this is kind of why this is a big deal now that's actually attacking media you know this is these are books we're talking about where it's because they're bigoted it's like well even if they are bigoted it doesn't matter why do they have to be removed it doesn't make any sense to me I mean Charles Manson can have a page and he probably does well Hitler has a page on here you know but he's completely bigoted and gets to have a page I'd like to you know I haven't gone through his page but I know it's there but this is the kind of thing that we're talking about is like we have ramped it leftist well I left this not liberals because I don't like to call these people liberals because I think it's an insult to liberals because they don't represent them these rampant leftist will dog pile on their belief and it's no longer about whether or not what they say is true it's about their radical beliefs anyway I'm Josh to the barony thank you for checking out this video today I've started a gaming channel if you would like to go ahead and check that out if you want just a little bit of relax from politics and everything but otherwise I will see on the next video and probably going to bring up this whole Mueller situation so look forward to that that one's gonna that one I'm gonna actually take some time and actually do good edit on that one because I really want to hammer in a lot of the points there so anyway catch you guys later have a good one

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