Why You Should Publish a Modern Day Digital Magazine

hi I'm Larry jenkin founder of 11 media the company behind the mag Titan digital publishing suite of software and I'm excited for the few minutes that we're gonna spend together today because as a web publisher you are sitting on an absolute goldmine you've got everything that you need the content the audience the advertisers to make even more money than you are currently by repurposing some of your content and turning it into digital magazines the only problem you have is that monetizing through low-priced banner ads is problematic banner ads are the lowest yielding form of AD and prices are in a non-stop state of decline by taking some of your content and putting it into a digital magazine format you will receive a significantly higher return on the audience you have because magazine ads command a far more premium rate when it comes to readability most of the digital magazines software on the planet looks something like this it's static and is designed to look like a replica of a print publication with this dated page flipper motif besides being boring it's often unreadable without requiring the reader to zoom pinch or squint in order to make the text large enough to read unless you're publishing life-and-death information they're not going to do it for very long contrast that with mag Titan which dynamically resizes each page so it's beautiful to read on every size digital device on every platform we don't even have a zoom button then add in animations video and interactivity and you've got a modern-day reading experience ideal for digital devices the other key area Mac Titan is superior in is monetization specifically you'll get amazing AD technology that allows your advertisers to do things in your magazines they've never been able to do before let's go through a few examples in this BMW ad you'll see that an advertiser can actually have an infinite number of pages within their ad they can include video and they can eat take credit card orders right with inside there at this Heineken ad will also show off our infinite pages feature along with some animation so we catch the prospect capture their attention when we click the see more button you'll see that a full other page loads and literally this could go on and on and on as much as the advertiser would like watch here how we transform this boring static ad using mag Titan making it animated and actually bringing to life a boring water heater ad and lastly you're gonna see another animation effect that'll again stop the prospect dead in their tracks and capture their attention when it comes to the value you can now deliver to your advertisers you can give them a proposition that is literally more compelling than the one Google uses to garner one out of every 12 ad dollars on the planet mag Titans built in paper performance technology allows you to go to advertisers and say something like this look mister advertiser you are only going to pay when a prospect has read your ad if somebody comes in and flips past your ad and doesn't click on it or spend at least 10 seconds reading it you don't pay a cent this way advertisers get to set their own budgets of whatever amount is comfortable for them so money is never an objection anymore if they only have twenty two dollars to spend like Google you run their ads until they use up their twenty two dollars and then the software pulls out their ad and replaces it with another paying advertiser all of this whiz-bang stuff is great but I think the most important of all is the financial returns that you receive from using this technology after all you're running a business up on the screen you'll see our mag Titan earnings calculator which allows you to run different scenarios of pricing and audience and see the revenue that you'll generate based on the license option that you choose and we'll go over the license options and pricing next but for now let's kind of run a scenario here and see the the financial returns so the first part is what is the price you're going to charge for an view let's just for this example use a dollar I have some b2b publishers that are publishing using $5 I'm sure consumer publishers might go less but I think a dollar is a good good starting number for monthly reader sessions I know it's going to be all over the map depending on the traffic that you get but let's go conservative here and just say 20,000 sessions now keep in mind that could be 5,000 users that come back once a week over the month or 20,000 people coming once a month the next is how many verified views will be triggered on average per reader session and again a verified view is either a click or a 10-second view so let's be conservative here I think anywhere between 1/2 of a view and 3 views in the average session is is a fair conservative number let's just use 1 for this time and then are you selling all the ads are we selling some of the ads and we could run different scenarios for that but let's just start with you selling all of the ads and in this scenario you can see how much money that you would net after paying us in the starter Pro and publisher license level now as you see that let's just change it a little bit let's imagine instead of having one verified view you have one and a half verified views per session now you can see how that turns out and let's say maybe you don't have 20,000 maybe you use our digital direct service and you get up to 50,000 so you have that or if you're a b2b publisher and maybe you want to charge more than $1 and you go to $2 you can see that the numbers can really be very very significant it's hard to create a one-size-fits-all example here but if you go to mag tight and calm and click on the monetization tab you'll be able to run your own scenarios if you were to study this business model you'd understand that there are only two things standing between you and a never-ending unlimited stream of revenue advertisers and readers we just talked about advertisers so let me show you a service that we have that can help you with readers it's called digital duress and it allows you to generate new digital subscribers from our database of over 1 billion people around the world here's how digital direct works on the screen you'll see an example using shark preneur magazine the first step of digital direct is to use social media to build our lists so we go in and find all the social media sites on Facebook and Twitter that would hold relevant prospects for your magazine in step 2 we cross-reference all of those social media names from the groups that they follow against our database of over 1 billion opt-in email records and then in step 3 we email those people and offer to subscribe to your publication now some will say no but many will say yes and that's how we build your subscriber list and you should know that creating animated multimedia magazines is actually very simple and straightforward using our drag and drop tools as well as our templates you don't have to be a professional graphic designer to put together a publication it's also easy for your advertisers to in your advertising Center they will set up their own account where they get to build their ads and manage their campaigns with our tools and templates that make it really easy and if you don't want to be bothered with the issue design that's not a problem at all our team of amazing professional designers can do it all for you before we wrap things up let's go over the money now on the screen you'll see the three license options you have to use the mag Titan software and work with us starter pro and publisher now it's very easy to see that the starter license is completely free Pro and publisher have a price associated with them on the top line you'll see the price per license or issue if you buy in a 12 pack buy in bulk and then the second line you'll see the single issue price now there are a couple differences in the packages other than the price the first one is for the publisher license yes you pay a little bit more but our design team will do the animated issued design completely for you now we can do it for you in the other licenses you just pay separately for that in all licenses you have the option of using the software on a self-serve basis and doing it on your own the next difference is the advertising Center in the starter advertising center you have co-branded along with our other magazines so when an advertiser comes into that Center they will have the option of advertising in your network or they will have the opportunity to advertise in other mag Titan clients when you get to the paid licenses and pro and publisher you have an exclusive advertising Center so your publication is the only ones that are visible the only other difference is the amount of ads that we insert into the publication in the starter license that you're not paying us anything we insert some ads and we do share revenues with you we keep the lion's share but that's how we make our money as you get into the pro license we decrease the amount of ads that we require you to insert and we increase the revenue share that you receive and then that further happens and the publisher license where you're not required to take any ads from us you have total control and the revenue share increases as well with all the pieces you already have in place there's no reason why you couldn't have your first issue out in two to three weeks and getting started is really easy here's the couple steps that I would recommend first is go to mag Titan comm and register get your free account setup go in and start playing around with the software you'll see how easy it is use the templates and and start building your first issue now if you want to go even faster than that and don't want to go through the whole trial and error of learning software which again it's not hard what I would recommend is one of two things the first is let us put together a 10 page sample issue for you you'll send us some content we'll put together a sample issue so you can show off the software show off what the publication would be like to your potential advertisers your readers get everybody excited about it and that's only 199 dollars to order that all you do is log in to your site and you'll see that there's a button for it right on your dashboard so it's very easy the second option that you could have if you wanted to put together a full issue most quickly then what I would do is just take us up on the publisher single license and with that it comes complete with design you'll send us the content for the stories you want to get in there and upload it through the design services tab inside your account and we'll handle everything for you there's nothing to it thanks for hearing us out you really are sitting on a gold mine I hope I've Illustrated that today whether we work together or not you need to publish a magazine and if we do work together I'm really excited about having the mag Titan and of eleven media team helping you to get where you deserve

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