Why You Should Pay to Boost Content

When you boost a post on a social
network, you're paying to amplify it to a broader audience. As organic Reach
continues to decline, boosting content is an essential tactic for social media
marketers. Paying to boost top performing posts makes sense because you're
building on your success and because boosting is so quick and easy.
It's especially valuable for those pressed for time or still learning about
social advertising the key to successfully boosting a post
is to pick content that's already performing well organically every
business will have a different definition of a successful organic post
first define a threshold that is a number of likes clicks or video views
that it post needs to be a candidate for boosting
look at the results of your organic content over the past several months
venues the average number of likes clicks or shares to determine a
threshold for which posts to boost boosted posts should also support your
business objectives while a post may surpass your boosting threshold it
should also fill the top of your sales funnel and set you up for retargeting
activities down the road the amount you spend on your boosting campaigns can
vary depending on your goals business and customers you might start by
spending $10 a day while some larger businesses will spend $100 or more
you may also want to increase your budget for specific events like an
important launch generally the more money you spend the more people you'll
reach but you don't need a large budget to see results you can supercharge your
efforts with HootSuite boost it automatically divides your daily budget
among your best performing posts with HootSuite boost you'll do more of what
works faster because it's always working for you in the background
so how do you know whether you're boosted posts have been successful
success differs for everyone so start by establishing a baseline to figure out
what success means for you to do this boost similar types of content with the
same amount of money and watch how they perform these results establish a
baseline that you can compare future boosted posts against you should also
pay attention to actions your posts lead to so if you're trying to lead people to
a landing page link clicks matter more than likes and comments to measure this
traffic effectively consider setting up pixels on your website and landing pages
which will track traffic from your social posts.

One thought on “Why You Should Pay to Boost Content

  1. It doesn't make sense on Instagram, because the Algorithm notice that you are willing to pay money and creates a fake need for you to boost your post over and over again. Our Instagram makes 10 follower every week. We boosted 2 times, it was successful, but that weeks of just 1-2 followers a per week.

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