Why You Can’t Just Copy Stuff From Books Or Youtube Videos!! (IMPORTANT For Online Coaches!)

– All right, Max Tornow
here in one of our offices and in this video I want to talk about why you can’t just copy stuff from books or from YouTube videos. It’s crazy, I’m literally telling you that in a YouTube video here, okay? So if you want to be
successful in business as an online coach or as
an online service provider, you gotta understand that just
watching a bunch of videos, reading a bunch of books will
literally not get you results. Even worse, it wastes your
time, it wastes your energy, and at the end of the day, you’ve just been wasting
a ton of everything that you would not have to
waste in order to get results. So if you like money, if you like freedom, and if you want to become
successful as an online coach, this video is for you. Pay attention. Have you ever wondered
whether there’s more to life than a boring, dead-end nine-to-five job? Have you ever dreamed about breaking free, traveling the world, making good money, and just enjoying life? No more office dress code,
no morning commute, no boss. This channel is for you,
so here’s to your freedom. (upbeat music) All right, so we already established that in many other videos that the worst thing
that you could ever do is figuring it out myself, right? Figuring it out myself is
literally the first step into oblivion, into wasting
time, wasting energy, and never making things happen. Now similarly to that,
there’s the 1% better version that many people adhere to, which is also very, very wrong, and that is the figuring it out from books or from YouTube videos, right? So that is just as bad because it won’t get you results either, and I’m explaining why that is. That is literally because
there’s a downward spiral, okay? When you’re reading stuff in a book or when you’re watching YouTube videos, what’s the one thing
that you can never learn? That is nuances, okay? Nuances. Why can you never learn nuances? Well because for example, this YouTube video is
very generalized, okay? This YouTube video is not
giving you exact, precise advice to your exact situation. I don’t know because this
YouTube video will be seen by a couple thousand
people and that is it. So I can’t teach you
the nuances here, okay? I can only be very, very
general in what I’m teaching, and if you’re trying to
execute from nuances, you’re already executing into the wrong direction, all right? Imagine this is your
goal down here, right? Imagine like this is an island, all right, and on that island is
the magical treasure, which is, let’s say $10,000
a month as an online coach. And because I can’t teach you the nuances, you don’t know what exact
direction you have to go in order to go there, right? So maybe you’re gonna sit down
in your little rudder boat, and you start ruddering
into this direction or you start ruddering
into that direction. You get very, very close,
but you don’t go there, or you start ruddering
into a goddamn circle, or you rudder into this direction. It ain’t gonna happen, okay? You’re not gonna be able, without nuances, to get exactly there, all right? Which brings me to the next point, and that is feedback, okay? Can you get feedback from a
YouTube video or from a book? No, you can yell as much as
you want in that YouTube video. Maybe you can use the comment function and pray to God that I will reply to your one important question. But the basic thing is, no,
you cannot get feedback, okay? You cannot get feedback
from a video or from a book. What does that mean? Well, again, to stay at that metaphor, you can never get feedback,
let’s say you would be here, and you’re like, “Where do I
have to go, left or right?” Book stays silent. YouTube video stays silent. So you just continue there which means, what’s going to happen,
you work more, right? Because now you have to compensate for the lack of feedback. And you get less results. That’s not good, okay? Results, I don’t know about you but last time I checked
you want to work less and get more results. But with a lack of feedback, you work more and get less results. Which means what’s gonna happen, probably you get more
frustrated, all right? You get more frustrated. In the beginning you
get a little frustrated, you’re like, “Oh this
sucks, but hustle everybody and I’m full on in the grind.” But trust me, after two weeks of grinding without no results, after two months without
no results of grinding, you’re gonna get more and more frustrated. And again, you can’t get feedback. So you just striving off the
proven path more and more and that’s a very, very
bad thing, all right? So that obviously means
you can never adjust, okay? If you get frustrated,
you never get feedback, you can never adjust. And here’s what’s happening, there’s something very, very
bad happening, the ego sets in. The ego pride, right? In terms of like, “I made
that decision two weeks ago “and I’m just gonna grind it out, “I’m just going to force
it to make it work.” And many people are very romantic about how the things should work. They want to sit down and they wanna say, “But I’m working so hard on it already, “which means I deserve
the success,” right? But look, the market doesn’t care. The potential clients don’t care. If you’re failing your
potential target audience, if you’re producing something
that nobody wants to buy, nobody’s going to buy it
regardless of how hard you worked on that or how
much you wanted it, all right? If you don’t get the nuances,
if you don’t get feedback, you work more, less
results, more frustrated, you can never adjust, all right? And then obviously you’ll
try more, you’ll work more. And now what happens
here with your belief, you start believing less in the process. Can you still read that? Let me know, can you still read that? – [Crew] Yeah, it’s okay. – Okay, so what happens when
believe less in the process? Then you get more frustrated,
you adjust even less, you work maybe even more,
less results, right? When you don’t believe in the process, because we always said,
believe in the process, believe in the process,
believe in the process, but goddammit it’s hard
to believe in the process if you’re not seeing any results. All right? And what happens then is when
you believe less and less into the process, you work
more and more weirdly, you stop striving, you
stop adjusting yourself. You just do whatever, you’re just like, “You know what, I’m so
depressed right now. “I so have it with all of this. “I’m going to believe less in the process. “I don’t know what to do.” And you strive off more and
more into oblivion down here which is, you start
slacking off once, right? “Oh today, I’m just going to watch TV, “get some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.” You start striving off twice,
you start slacking off a week, you start slacking off a month and two months later it was as though you’ve never done anything, right? And then maybe people,
friends, family, ask you, “Hey, what about that business
thing that you worked on?” And it’s like, “I just kind
of fizzled out,” all right? This is so dangerous
because it’s never like, you’re going to be like,
“Boom, it’s wrong, done! “Let me make a clean cut and move on.” No, this process here, it can take months, sometimes even years, okay? Where it just slowly
but steadily fizzle out down that downward spiral from
here to here, to here to here to here to here and slowly
but steadily fizzles out. And what happens within
these months, you invest. You invest your time,
you invest your energy. Some people even invest their money and it just doesn’t work out. And that exactly is what happens when you’re trying to
figure it out yourself with the help of books or YouTube videos, and all this dumb ass free
content that is out there. It’s not gonna help you get results. And then what happens, the last thing is, you do give up after
having invested months, weeks, sometimes even years. And what do you do? You start with the next video, you start the next book, right? You are ready to move on and you’re like, “You know what, that book,
that channel, that video, “it wasn’t right. I
gotta find the next one.” And boom, you’re back up there and you’re starting a new downward spiral. And you invest more time, more energy and you’re losing it all. Now, now that I’ve been fairly negative, there is an upward spiral of
doing it correctly, all right? There’s an upward spiral
of actually getting success when it comes to online coaching,
online service providing. That is the following, we’re
gonna make a quick cut here for a clean board, let’s go. But before we’re gonna do that, I have a tip that I can literally
give you right now already and that is follow my Instagram account because on that Instagram account you can get in touch with me. There’s livestreams that I’m
doing multiple times a week. There’s Q & As that I’m
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inspirational stuff as well, and you kind of just stay
updated with everything. And the other Instagram account that I could really recommend you is the freedombusinessmentoring
Instagram account. Why? Because that’s my team and I, we’re sharing the most
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literally made it from zero to making money, being free. So you can literally feel
and see on a daily basis, that it is indeed possible also with you. And most importantly, on
that freedombusinessmentoring Instagram account, I’m still
replying to all DMs personally. It’s a fairly small Instagram account which allows me to reply to
every single DM personally. And we’re going to show
both Instagrams here. Follow both right now. You have your phone probably
in your hand anyway, and maybe get in touch on those. All right, so let us talk
about that upward spiral because that upward spiral starts with a very, very important step that most people want to try to figure it out themselves never take. And that is the very base of
any successful online business, that is, get a mentor, all right? Get a mentor, why? Because that mentor is literally going to give you a proven path, okay? You have the proven path here. I’m writing it a little
smaller, I hope you can see it. And what you do is you execute, execute the proven path. And again, sorry for a bad handwriting. You don’t need good handwriting
in order to be successful. What happens when you do
execute a proven path? To execute a proven path, remember that island that we have, okay? Let’s even make that example here. Here’s the island with
the $10,000 a month. And you know the proven
path, your mentor says, “Take this route,” right? So you go down exactly that route. There’s no walking around in circles. There’s no ruddering the
boat in the wrong direction. You literally go from point A to point B because you have a proven path that the mentor gives you, all right? What you do from that, from there is you get feedback. All right, why? Because everybody has a
unique situation, all right? Everybody’s a little different, your niche is a little different, your target audience
is a little different, you as a personality
is a little different, the way you execute is a
little bit different, right? So you execute the proven path, you already know how to go there. And as you’re going there, you get feedback from
your mentor, all right? What happens for you when
you’re getting feedback? Well, very easy, you
can adjust, all right? How simple is that? Earlier you couldn’t adjust
because there was no feedback because you were trying to watch a video, trying to find the
right video that applies maybe 80% to your
situation if you’re lucky. Here you can adjust
direclty from the direct one on one feedback from
your mentor, all right? What happens when you are able
to adjust, well guess what? You get better results, all right? Of course because the mentor tells you, “Hey, you need to adjust these things.” And of course the end result
is to get better results because the mentor has been
there, he knows the proven path, or they know the proven path, right? They know how you can get there. What happens after you get better results? Do you trust the process more or do you trust the process less? Trust more process. Of course you trust the process more. Well actually it’s trust the process more, but you get the gist, okay? So you trust the process more and what happens when you
trust the process more? Of course you get even
better results, all right? Why? Because now you’re motivated, your moral goes up, right? You get even better results. Results, all right? And when you get even better results, what happens to you as person
that’s an entrepreneur, as someone who wants to
become self-employed? Do you get more confidence or
do you get less confidence? You get more confidence because you’re starting
to see results, right? You make your first sale. Let’s say you make your
first sale down here, right? Now you trust the process more, now you work even harder
than you worked before. So now you make your second
sale, and your third sale. How confident do you feel about that now? About the fact that you can
indeed make things happen, that you can indeed change
your own clients’ lives, that you can indeed actually
make money and become free. What result would that on your confidence? What result would that have
on your day to day life, on your life quality, on your
quality of your relationships and your friendships,
your personal health, huh? You’ll be able to eat better food. You’ll be able to think
better or think more clearly ’cause you don’t have that pressure, you don’t have that stress,
you don’t have the distrust into the system or whatnot, right? You trust more in yourself, you
trust more into the process. You get better results,
you get more confidence, and of course from that
you get even better results and so on and so forth. And what do you do then is, what happens up here in the very top, this is my favorite one, higher qual … Can you still read that? Quality. – [Crew] Yeah. – Okay, all right, you
can read it just enough. Higher quality problems, okay? If you can’t read that this
says higher quality problems. What happens when you get
higher quality problems? What are you going to do now? You give up? You get go into oblivion? No. Very, very simple, (whistles). Boom, back there, you get feedback. Get higher quality
problems, you get feedback, what do you do now? You adjust, you get even better results, you trust the process even more, you get even better results from there, you have more confidence and you get even higher quality problems and so on and so forth. It is really simple, okay? Now what does that mean,
get higher quality problems? Let’s say for example, you’re a client in our Freedom Business Mentoring program, we teach you how to get to your first $10,000 a month, all right? We’ll tell you how to do that. Now let’s say for example, okay, you do everything we’re
telling you, all right? Now let’s say for example, okay you do reach the
first $10,000 a month, that is up here, right? You trust the process
more, you scale things up, you know how your target audience works. You get even better results, you make 15K, you make 20K a month, and so
it’s worth your more confident. Now you have even higher quality problems. You don’t know how to
get from $25,000 a month to $50,000 a month. Well, let’s get you back
to here, get more feedback, when we scaled up to
$100,000 a month, right? What happens to the clients
that come to me and say, “Yo we made a $100,000 a month.” I say, “Okay, that’s great.
Let’s do a strategy session. “Let’s scale it up to 250K.” And so on and so forth. It really is that simple. And you just keep executing. It’s all proven path, all A to B. At no point do you have
to worry about like, “Is this the right path? Am
I doing the right things? “I wish I would get feedback.” No, because it’s all there, it’s all laid out for you, all right? It’s that simple. Now when you say you’re
ready to get started, okay, with that upward spiral. And you’re ready to step out of the very bad downward spiral that eats up your time and energy. Then I got something really cool for you because you can literally
do that first step right now by jumping on a free
consultation call either with me personally or with an
expert from my team, okay? And on that free consultation call, we’ll basically be working
hand in hand together to develop a strategy
for you to break free from the 9 to 5 hamster wheel, whatever situation you are in right now, and start to build your own
successful online business as a coach, consultant,
or service provider. We can literally help
you get started, okay? All you have to do is click that link down in the description below. Link that appears
somewhere here right now, that link brings you to a
page, read what’s on the page, fill out the application
and then you can book the exact date and time where
you want us to call you. The call is entirely for free. There’s no hidden cost whatsoever. And that is important if
you already have a skill all right, but you don’t
know how to monetize it, and you want to monetize it with our help, that is us, all right? This could be skill in fitness,
spirituality, psychology, helping people find their dream partners, self confidence, overcoming
certain mental pains, mental blocks, teaching
people how to do sales, marketing, E-commerce. There’s so much knowledge out there that you can easily monetize
as an online coach, right? That call is also for you if
you already have a business and you wanna scale it up to get even higher quality problems, we can help you with that as well. And obviously if you do
know that you want to become free as an online coach but
you don’t know what it is that you could be doing,
you don’t know what skills you could have that are
lucrative, give us a call as well because we can analyze your strengths, we can tell you what exact
model fits to your situation. All right, very simple stuff. If the link still works
in the description, means we still have spots open. These spots do fill up very, very fast, just a little warning. We don’t give out these calls very easily, yet, they fill up very, very fast. So if the link still
works it means we still have a spot open for you. Take action. Get a mentor. Upward spiral, not downward spiral. Maybe talk to you very, very soon. Thank you so much for watching and GG. (upbeat music)

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