Why Writing Fiction Is So Difficult

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  1. For me, as a nobody amateur, the hardest thing about writing is quitting it. Ultimately, everytime I try to abandon my stories and distract myself with other interests, it's the "life" of my characters that keep calling me back to write them into some semblance of existence outside my head. I don't really even enjoy writing that much, and I loathe the snobbery of the writing community, but I love bringing my characters to life. I love seeing them develop and interact. I love that their lives culminate in some kind of meaning or point, even if no one else but me will ever care.

  2. I am from the UK, Black I write as a hobby for myself mostly I like to read my stories when the Internet is down or simply for fun, I live in Africa sometimes I take famous genres like Star Trek, GOT and write stories around the characters. Sometimes I make the characters biracial or Black, other times I write completely different fantasy or futuristic stories where in the very distant future Black people are powerful not begging for aid, thugs, whores, disdainful of knowledge. Or overly religious I like writing because you can create worlds and people from nothing without some pimple head looking over your shoulder pointing the finger.

  3. If you know neither yourself or your enemy, you will succumb in every battle. – The Art of War

    The answer to your question of "What questions might I ask?" or, "What makes a story good?" is, "Whatever you're attempting to achieve."

  4. Creating a character that you fall in love with is a good idea. Let that person dance around all the ideas you have. No matter how crazy, you want to see what happens to them.

  5. Foer is obviously a pantser (an author who writes fiction without an outline). If you prepare in advance with a compelling outline, you will have a sense of how good (or not good) a story is before committing long term to getting it out. But this does not constrain you from making radical changes in plot or direction. A well-constructed outline will tell you whether wandering off the original path is doable without the hazard of painting yourself into a literary corner.

  6. I swear I can draw similarities between art and writing (no pun intended) I prefer writing over drawing, but somehow look at drawing tips anyway because why not. Lots of people say with drawing, your style will improve and become more individualized the more you draw, and I believe that's the same with writing. I looked back at pieces I wrote in February and wonder why I thought it was quality writing while writing things that I think is quality while I'll cringe at it in about 8 more months. So I would say use many of the tips seen in drawing tips videos, though not really, I'm not even a professional with a degree, so idk :/

  7. I thought this was supposed to be about Ducks. In any case, since we are now on the subject of Ducks, I have a few words.
    What is up with those stinking, disease ridden little bastards? All they do all day is quack and waddle, quack and waddle.
    What self respecting animal would accept that existence? Not me, that's for sure.
    From my experience I know that you should never lend money to a Duck. He will never pay you back.
    No Duck will ever amount to anything.
    Except maybe, Scrooge McDuck but he was only fictional.

  8. I tend to find that anything which is "critically acclaimed" is probably crap. This applies to films and music as well. I've always believed book critics to be failed authors, those who can, do, those who can't are critics.
    I don't much care for Jeffrey Archer as a politician and I consider him a sort of poor Frederick Forsyth, but his books are actually entertaining and that's what it's all about.
    I believe you should write because you need to write, not because you want to sell books. Good books will eventually sell, a lot of highly publicised books sell because of publicitiy and are often rubbish. I believe the 50 Shades of Grey book was known for being the book most likely to be left behind in hotels and waiting rooms. I haven't read it but people who have, told me it wasn't worth the effort, just poorly written porn and basically about domestic violence.

  9. let's simplify life for a minute: you have a story to tell? tell it, fiction or whatever….if anything writing fiction is easy as pie, the sky is the limit, we're not writing about ACTUAL HISTORY so…

    then again liberals LOVE to revise history at each turn, so they LOVE that aspect of fiction now don't they! of course the sane, reasonable of us KNOW what they're up to and it DOES NOT work, we reject it across the board, especially in these times….

  10. "Is a good book an entertaining one? Probably not alone."
    I disagree; you read (fiction) to be entertained. So, yes, a good book is one that entertains. A GREAT book, on the other hand, is one that entertains you and more.

  11. How would I find a writer who may be interested in my fiction story…..do not want to go into to much here but basically have a story/case in which it is still sited today and helps thousands of people.  Do you have any suggestions. I am willing to split profits fairly.

  12. One of my favourite things about writing is the fact that 100 years from now some Russian guy might go into a hotel after a drugdeal gone bad and find a old dusty copy of my book and read it to forget his troubles. things like that inspire me to become a author

  13. I would venture to say that Tarantino's screenplay's attempt to answer that question for writing, as comedians have for comedy with "was it funny"? They seem to have it all. Humor, sadness, happiness, a moral imagination, pure entertainment. Shakespeare was brilliant in his works for the simple realization of "Dramedy" in them. Stories that implore a huge amount of drama, intermixed with lighter comedy, visceral entertainment, and a lesson in the end to take away from the story, giving it a "point" or "meaning" as nonfiction has inherently. I would say as a writer your goal is try and get it all in there. Star Wars is regarded as the 'greatest story ever told' by some, because simply, it has it all. And because it is carefully based upon the classic human story telling 'pieces' that we have gathered up over time, greatly inspired by Greek classics. But to conclude, the stories I find myself reading, or watching over, and over again, are those which at least seem to encompass every aspect of the human experience. Shows like The Wire and movies like Stand by Me. 

  14. I only write fiction, but the main problem I've found is having more ideas than time. I hate having to wait to start (and finish) my next novel because I'm writing the previous one.

  15. i have a very creative mind. i thought of over 70 stories for storybooks. but, i find it very hard to put it on paper.

  16. I murdered a phrase to describe why. It's you (the writer) sitting in a vacuum, trying to squeeze stones from blood. Whenever I write, the opposite seems much more attainable.

  17. The misty strings of cheese doodles run through my hands like a sweaty rope in gym class. The pull of gravity stares at me with an evil grin as the last bit of cheese doodles slips out of my fingers. I fall in slow motion down to the class who watches me with listless stares and judgments. Hopefully I will fall on Jenny's big voluptuous breasts like a soft pillow, warm from the rays of morning sun.

  18. I disagree.

    Writers work in different ways. Not that what you say is wrong, because it isn't.

    There are many factors that make a good read. I'd never consider any of that to be fundamental to it.

    But to each their own. *grins*

  19. It's kind of hard to explain, but I dare you to take out a piece of paper and draw in front of your friends. I can't do it, because I've grown up in such a way that things had to look realistic. I was taught that this looks like this and that looks like that; and that stomped my artistic, pencil to paper knowledge. Picasso will draw in the same attitude as a kindergartener, because they know that art is something that naturally flows onto a page. It's just that picasso's art is more refined.

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