Why writers should read their work for others: The Writer's Studio at SFU

Loretta studio is a hybrid where part-time program so it's a program that built works around your work life when you're you know you know domestic commitments etc so because this is the reality of a writer you so you have to learn how to write and deal with the rest of your life you don't you know high of yourself away and write all day nobody does that our program is also unusual because our mentor chooses who they work with so right away when you come into the program there's a kind of a contract there that that mentor who's a professional author once to work with you and really likes your writing is in feels they have something to offer you we also have a big emphasis in giving a reading because the reading is still when the main mode allottees of getting your work out there where they're doing it you know in a cafe or through the an organization like the studio if you wanted a boot and Yip and call them doggies all you had a crawl out of a warm sleeping bag this is a community events for our writers to launch their work to try out some of their new words older words and just to sort of network and bond with other writers in the community it's a real opportunity to share your words and to build your own confidence or the words that you're putting on paper and then in turn putting out on a mic just to have that support from other writers and readers and listeners having been gone through the writers studio program myself and it was always encouraged to try your work and so I I kind of got a taste for at reading and sharing my work and then I just didn't want to leave so I'm now co-hosting well it's really interesting because when people come to the writers studio of some of the people who are absolutely terrified of giving a reading this thing I can never do this you know I'm going to faint when I get up there they by the end of the year that becomes some of the best writers in terms of being able to give a really good reading breathe relax maybe have a glass of wine beforehand if that relaxes you but it's it's it's nothing to be nervous at because we're all in the same situation we're all trying our own words out and so just smile look up get I contact with the audience the sky grew dark the wind and juice of lime scale of course I'm a writer from Crescent Beach near White Rock but I'm delighted to take part in the art scene here in Vancouver it's very alive I think it's very important because a lot of people don't realize there are so many writers out there poets people who write for magazines people who write novels like myself it's good to also to encourage a lot of young writers who are up-and-coming and makes them feel well it's it is important to write I love writing but I think there's something about bringing your words out there and letting other people in engage with them and kind of experience it they sound different when you when you read them all on the page and it can be kind of nerve-wracking but I think it's a really great experience I think the literary scene in Vancouver has a lot going on there's a lot of potential for emerging writers like myself and of course a reading event like this proton by the writer studio is just fantastic I've never done this before I've always when I've been performing and this is a this is a form of performing it's always been kind of under my control with a camera and you know you say the wrong thing in the wrong order you can always do it again and the audience never sees that so this of course is one of the great social fears of all time speaking in front of a crowd and people might think that just because you've earned your living for many years on television you wouldn't have that kind of anxiety but I don't think that's necessarily true and I think that so many people right and never really have a sense of where the audience is I suppose getting out into something like this gives them a real chance as I say for direct feedback so for one more week in july i found myself parvo meandering clapping line of 300 people it's very satisfying and it can take so long before your work that's published right can take yours sometimes if you were working a big you know long-form like the novel so it's a way to reach your audience it's a way to to have that connection with your reader you know and that's really important you

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