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So what is going on guys? Bendji D here from get fixed Annnnd yes I do read books. And here are some reasons why I recommend why you should read books. To me, life is like No! Life is a game, life is not like a game but it is a game. Imagine if you walk into the world knowing nothing you would most likely struggle in life. Well 98% of the world knows nothing I use the analogy “life is like a game” for a specific reason Information is like hacking because the more you understand the more of it you obtain the more powerful you will be. The easier it is for you to make money almost like GTA. Once you use the hack, it is easy to make money it is easy to obtain the things you want in life. Well it is the same thing. More you know the easier it is to manipulate and obtain thing in life. I wonder why so many people still have not took advantage of this hack. It is indeed a hack, use it please. Be powerful, become powerful. Imagine the things you can do with that much information in your mind. Imagine learning 50 languages. I know somebody who knows 50 languages fluently Imagine just being able to learn engineering within like a month or so. Imagine being able to download all this information into your mind. Imagine what you can do with all that information. Think about it. It’s pretty crazy. You would be powerful. Knowledge is power. Remember that. Anyways guys Bendji D here from get fixed and, I’m out. Learn everyday. Peace!

13 thoughts on “Why Read Books? The Power Of Knowledge | Get Fixed

  1. Your reading level gave's you of full acknowledge because is the most important to know to understand as well.

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  4. It may be worth remembering that the Earths crust is 30 miles deep and we are pinned to it by gravity: a force we don't really understand and all of us are circling a vast ball of fire : the Sun; which will ultimately destroy us all.
    So much for all that power. Peace

  5. i dont play games i read and learn everything possible that interests me and all that doesnt i strive to understand everything i crave knowledge so i read i google all sorts even thinking of reading holy books but im not religious i love to learn tell me something about something and ill walk away and strive to learn more about it interest myself more about the knowledge it could reveal

  6. doesnt neccisserally have to be the sun that wipes us out tsunamis and water lvls would be the most likely thing to cause extinction of human raise seeing as its closer and the earth slowly is moving out of alignment miniscule amounts effecting the earths gravitational field therefore causing the moons pull to increase and decrease therefore another case of tsunami but who knows how long that could take all im saying is its more likely that this is the cause than the sun as its life is predicted to be still somewhere in the billions left to live my prediction is that earth will sink and water will only remain till then the sun to play its part and boil life on earth or the last of it to extinction i rest my theological case on that hypothesis its been a pleasure ttfn!

  7. I hate when phones pre empt a word for you aswell who knows machines could be our downfall just another hypothesis to go on

  8. nah the tsunami one is my favorite tbh such devestation throughout that still leads to a increasingly hotter and hotter earth or water ball that then boils life thats left living wowzers i do theorise and i do it well

  9. Can someone please tell me how this video is going viral? Just yesterday I just got a random burst of views and subscribers. It's been a year since I uploaded it so why now? And why that video? This is so confusing but so cool. 246 views and hour already at 2,100 more views within the last 48 hours. This is weird but cool. I've never seen my analytics spike like this before.

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