Why is Facebook Content SO Bad?!

31 thoughts on “Why is Facebook Content SO Bad?!

  1. uhm ethan there are infinity numbers between 2 and 3 to be mathmatically correct

    pushes nerd glasses up his nose

  2. Ethan knows idubbz , idubbz knows maxmoefoe , max knows Micheal Reeves, so Ethan knows Micheal Reeves

  3. Anyone notice how 7 was implanted? First 8, then 11, then 4. The difference between 8 and 11 is 3. Plus 4 then you have 7. Congrats now you know the power of suggestion

  4. I think my mind broke. I had to choose between 5 and 12. The first number that came to mind was 3. Did I win? Did I lose? let me know

  5. Facebook isn't dumb per se, it's just that it's massive and yes there are a lot of old folk on it, but youtube can be just as retarded, I mean just look at the comments section, and all the shitty content that gets millions of views.

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