Why is education important?

there was a time when humanity was divided against itself of a billion of us who are living in extreme poverty while others hard more than they needed you millions of our children where I never got school it might be hard for you might in a world like this but this is our story battle day what was the bread ship the people came together much like we have gathered tonight and it changed everything we can't see ourselves as equals as global citizens every single child was able to go to school the world came alive humanity advanced you see when we come together we can do more some say this world was not possible but you are proof that it is the new world is yours protect my children we must now begin you

20 thoughts on “Why is education important?

  1. We finally have the ability to connect most of the world on a just a few platforms- Facebook, Twitter, google, YouTube etc. and rather than ‘come together’ it has literally driven us apart more than I ever imagined was possible.

  2. GIH DAH klo mau kawin, kawin gih, cewe kan batesnya 25 ntar di omongin orang lagi, jd ibu rmh tangga yg baik, gih sonoo,

  3. Yes its important but honestly they are many problems that education can't resolve and what's so cool about studying/get a job/die?

  4. Please have a look at this competition. I guess your video makes the perfect entry for the same:

    EduDoc is an International Short Film Competition organized annually, to celebrate the field of education! EduDoc is back with its 2017 edition, having an over- arching theme of “Education: Challenges, Innovations and Celebrations”. It provides center stage to those working towards facilitating quality education to students, despite the scarcity of resources.
    To applaud this priceless effort, EduDoc is opening its gates to one and all! All entries have to be sent on or before 15 September 2017, and should be within the stipulated time period of 05:00 minutes (including credits), accompanied with English subtitles (in case the spoken language is not English).
    Application Deadline: 15 September 2017
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  5. schools are so shit we are learning useless shit we will never need in our lives instead of stuff that we need to live

  6. Gné? Si les richesses étaient mieux réparties les pauvres petits enfants pourraient aller à l'école

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