Why IELTS Writing Task 1 is Important Too – Tanuj's VIP Success Story

Tenace thanks very much for joining us and yeah thank you so much first and foremost and congratulations on getting your scores obviously it's a massive achievement you must be delighted with yourself yes definitely thanks a lot to the entire team for helping me out and achieving the vision and can you just tell us the type of test to date so academic or general and then the scores that you got I did my general and well you know exceeded all expectations yes you did a lot better than that for your final scores my final score nine in listening nine in reading seven and writing and 7.5 in speaking so really a lot better than a lot better than you need it but I'm sure that that will help okay so we'll come back to Isles in a minute but can you just tell us a little bit about yourself before we do – Lucia yeah and I'm gonna miss you CPE course so I'm you know I have my Institute has mutual recognition agreement with India and Canada so I'll be pursuing CPA Canada through this recognition and I am going to do a city and try out the Canadian PR and how long will you be in Canada to do that it's it it is like I need I need to give three papers for appearing CPA of Canada they have my Institute and Institute over their mutual recognition agreement in which they allow the exam certain papers of you know the the ones which are equally likely in both countries so you you have accounts left which are almost uniform wherever you go in any country so you can you know just have a look and they give you exemption they just want maybe a presentation type of a thing or such things and when you finish that is it your intention to stay in Canada and live there or would you do you come back I intend to stay in Canada and you know great so tell me a little bit about from the time that you realized you needed to do the IELTS test or from the time you decided you were going to do the IELTS test up until quite recently and getting the scores that you needed yes my journey began in November 2018 I you know I was working in an audit form so there was this Diwali break in my office time so it's like the the greatest Indian festival out here so it was a seven day break maybe so I had this time off during my office so I decided to build my eye exam during that that period so I began studying from you know and I thought I would be able to give my exam you know by watching videos and doing stuff no no I I want to just mention this fact that I I didn't die I didn't I didn't even write one single essay the first time when I gave and because of that I suffered a head lot I mean my initial schools were eight and listening seven in reading 6.5 in writing and speaking so I was I was totally broken I didn't know what to do and you know how to approach so I took a long break and after Mars chanting so giant too much was was the busy season in my office so it was very hectic like 12 2013 ours a day and you need to work on Saturdays as well so I I had zero time and I was motivated at that time as well so I thought it was not a good time to you know study then suddenly I got my desired educational credential from this Canada so I thought it is now it is time to you know get eyelids done and begin my journey so what happened was I I followed this eyelids advantage since October itself so suddenly there was a vacancy in VIP so I thought it is it is a great time and Chris always used to you know mention for the fact that opportunity lured lost game think so and you know me being a finance guy I was into it like it this is now whenever I shouldn't wait I should enroll and your VIP courses are you know they get fill out a very student so I I thought this was the time for me to you know either this way or I need to forget things and how were you able to study for the tests when you were working 13 hours a day six days a week how are you able to juggle those two things that obviously prep the preparation takes a lot of time and it doesn't sound so realistic so what happened was I gave my computer in the first during the first week of June and from maybe April 15 – may May 30th exactly say one and a half months I followed only and only what Chris said nothing more than that I you know I had my time off during this one month say the whole May I took a one-month break from my office so you're a nice good yeah yeah I was off I needed to because it was this way or that way for me it would be impossible to do doing that much work of it would be impossible to follow yeah exactly yeah yeah so so I had to take off from my office and you know I I followed everything what Chris said I even you know sometimes I have went on to watch the videos at least five times because I you know what Chris said was very very much simplified so it was it was like it it's like a benchmark for me you know to you know get that thing done and so in the previous tests there are obviously some things that some problems you had that you needed to overcome but can you can you just tell us a little bit about what those problems were like the things that you struggled with what were those things and then how did you overcome them okay right so in the last time I gave my test I didn't know exactly what to write in in NSA first and voles because my my weak section was task one and not a school I took for granted the the essay thing and gave most focus on task two in the first exam until until the point I bought the VIP calls so I I had I thought that this one was more important that you know I I gave at least eighty percent of my time to task two rather than you know giving equal weight age to both so sorry I change my strategy but suck when you were studying or when you were doing the test when I was studying right after the test what after the test and you during one time I and then you said you changed your your strategy yeah I stayed my strategy and followed what exactly Chris had managed to mention to you know keep it simple what he explained in the task one is is how do you know keep it simple and you know link everything in while what them bullet points what exactly what what should one right you know give give one word give more explanation give more explanation about the next sentence you know that that helped me literally and me a lot and you know it turned out positive and did you have money did you have many issues with the difference between the type of language the formal language in the informal language impressed I initially initially when I gave my submissions in the end of that five submission that I need to give oh sorry your microphones after going there tennis okay you're back so you're saying the hello fight yeah we're back so you were saying about the five submissions yeah so yeah right so I give five I gave the first one of task one it said so I wanted to check with at which level I you know spanned so once the result came yeah I got six point five so I I exactly went through where where was my mistake where I'm going wrong and this helped me to you know identify my mistakes and check for the future times and in between all this till my till the time I from the time I completed your twelve modules for task 1 and task two till the time I gave exam I literally used to write one essay and one letter and submit it to my friend and you know he used to tell me that this thing is wrong this thing is wrong and once he gives me a feedback after that after two or three days I used to make notes that this is wrong this is wrong this is wrong and then I knew I took a new essay and then I used to give for a submission to to your website so was he marking the the language mistakes or the content and the structure mistakes okay yeah he was he was he was just mocking my language mistakes nothing more than that so he's just he was my he is he's actually my school friend so he knows where I you know lag and he can even easily identify and tell me where my mistake but for cabin grammar that's very fair use yeah or useful yeah exactly okay so just one more question I'd like to ask is can you imagine yourself back in like September 2018 and if you were able to give yourself some advice back then so with what you know now what what advice would you have given yourself in September 2018 when when it was all starting I I would say the most important thing was you know to keep it keep it very simple and you know follow a structure and follow what the question asked and not you know accuracy is important not then the vocab the range of vocabulary you you you can only speak what you know and you know if you if you are trying to speak out what you do not know or what is beyond your knowledge then you are going to crash down very hard that is a fact yeah so I think like we we see that a lot with with newer students where they're they're using their language to impress not using their language to communicate and if you're not communicating there is the impression isn't what you would what you would be hoping for Jeff that's really good advice and anything else one one more advice Everlast or saved I watched the introduction part and in the last video Chris Kristen mentioned about some some particular tips about exam now one I liked the most was I surrounded myself with English for one for the last one week before the exam like I used to from the start from the you know from from early morning I used to watch the episodes of The Office the the one which is a very popular and you know I I read newspapers I was English comentary on maybe you know the the Premier League the Cricket World Cup or every sort of thing I used to surround my day was like 90 per 90 30 or 90 99 percent English that that's what happen you know to you know come out of this and no get such marks so you're completely there is English nothing but it's fine before you even went to assess so you didn't have to start in the test you started week beforehand way back exactly exactly there was a most most important piece of advice that Chris give that's great well thanks for sharing all of that with us and one more time congratulations tenacious you're always just always delighted to hear about our students getting good results and really appreciate you sharing your advice with the with the world really because there will be a lot of people who can take what you've taken take what you've given them and use that to achieve their own Iost results so thank you one more time fantastic thank you some take care yourself thank you no holding you s to look in Canada now okay

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