Why I write Black Children's Books: Meet African-American Children's Book Author Crystal Swain-Bates

hi my name is crystal flan Bates and I'm the author over ten black children's books and the owner of a store called cowgirl club.com I started writing black children's books a few years ago when I realized that there were so few books on the market for black children too often in children's books don't feature black characters when you go to your book store and you actually do see children's books with black characters they tend to be focused on slavery the civil rights movement and a lot of really sad things in American history now while that stuff is really important included all the fun books what about the books where you can actually see black princesses what about the books that actually focus on and highlight and celebrate black culture the way that black children look our hairstyles those are the books that were missing from the market until those two the book that I decided to raid I opened an online store called from girls club calm and that was because so many parents were asking me for more items featuring black characters the retail market does not have products such as t-shirts that have black characters we don't really have pillows it's not just books it's an entire industry that is currently being underserved so instead of complaining about it I decided to try to fill that market once I started my story I just kind of went crazy and I started making as many things I could so now I actually have pillows I have wall are t-shirts featuring black characters my t-shirts say things like I'm a pretty princess I have big hair and I don't care all of my products are very encouraging they're all focused on boosting self-esteem and black children and they all have positive affirmation so that's really important you can find me online at crystal flame base calm you can find all my books by visiting books by crystal calm my books are sold on Amazon and my online store is called brown girls club calm

19 thoughts on “Why I write Black Children's Books: Meet African-American Children's Book Author Crystal Swain-Bates

  1. I'm also a black children's book author! Everything she said was so true and honest. My book teaches a valuable lesson of listening to your parents. She is truly an inspiration, and I aspire to grow my business like this one day.

  2. i love this! somehow, since i just subscribed to you recently, i JUST saw this video even though it's like 2 years old! WHAAAT. anyway, this video is super well done, and i LOVE authors who open up their own stores (online or physical) and make it happen!! i do the same with my books!! wooo!!! 🙂

  3. i think what you are doing is great, when you look in any book shop predominantly the lead character in the book is white, maybe there are more white Authors who knows but i think to get away from stereotypes and make it more equal is to do what you are doing. Being black is used in a negative context in alot of books, eg black death, black magic, blackout, etc etc so well done for adding more equality to the publishing World. i am a white man by the way, but i like to treat people as i find them irrespecrive of their race or background. good luck with your books etc.

  4. Just saw you featured on Amazon as store front of the week. I agree with everything you stated in this video. My daughter LOVES to read and write. You have 2 future supporters for life! Thank you so much for sharing your idea and gift with the WORLD!!

  5. Just trying to find other authors writing books about my grannies and so many topic has come up…..look your products…..thanks for the concept hoping to meet you one day!

  6. I support you purchased I'm a pretty princess for my daughter and she loves it I'm all for empowerment and uplifting our people through positive images that we can relate to created by our people

    I'm a supporter

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