Why I Only Review Popular Books – Q&A

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  1. That microphone though. Stole the show this time around ❤. On a serious note though, I tried reading a Horror self-published book that I found at a Half Priced bookstore and couldn't finish it. I've also read a few fantastic short story books that were self published. Quality varies so much compared to traditional publishers. I don't think anyone is really blaming you Daniel, keep doing your thing. We'll support you!

  2. Hey Daniel,
    You touched on this a little in the video with the D&D question, but how do you feel about authors reviewing other authors books.
    You said you wouldn't review another content creator but isn't this similar to reviewing other books if you're intending to be an author?
    I only ask this because we created channels around similar times +/- a few months but I stalled out on creating videos and essentially stopped because long term I want to be an author and couldn't ratify how to review their work when I knew eventually I would like to be one of their peers.
    I understand that authors should have thick skin and be used to getting reviews but normally this comes on the consumer end. For example Coca Cola doesn't post up a review of Pepsi and McDonalds doesn't give a one star review to Burger King (Damn, I need to take a look at my diet apparently) and in the author world it's largely similar. When authors review their peers it's generally only positive and rarely includes critique.
    I'm not saying you're wrong for posting up reviews and wanting to publish by the way, I was just wondering what your opinion is on this.

  3. Yeeeees Chandler is the best!! And I actually really enjoyed the lighting for this video, it was indeed artistic

  4. They were definitely on a break . But it wasn't clearly defined. Ross was in the wrong for going in sleeping with someone else, but again Rachel was also in the wrong for not vocalising her concerns, and clearly communicating with him about what it means for them to be on a break. Overall, it's always been a stupid argument, and I don't understand any of the interest that stemmed from it.

    Also, Ross is probably one of the worst characters in television. Just my personal opinion lol.

    Thanks for the video Daniel! Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Any chance you'll be looking into Robin Hobb's books like Assassin's Apprentice and the likes placed in the Realm of the Elderlings? It's an old series but as far as I know it used to be rather popular in the late 90's at least here in Finland. So it was peculiar it was missing from your ranking.

  6. Hey Daniel, I absolutely love your channel and your content. I've been a huge fantasy reader over the years and almost everything you say I agree with. I'd love your review of Robin Hobbs' books man! I think you'd really enjoy the story of Fitz and his character growth, his trials and tribulations! Please let me know when or if you'd give the series a go. Thanks again for your awesome contribution into the fantasy worlds! I'm so excited for your book and can't wait to read it when it's done!

  7. Can’t wait to dig into Sanderson, get on that same buzz. Man, I’m only just finishing Great hunt now. Daniel I will teach you piano if you teach me how to read fast!

  8. Question if someone writes a book and sends it to you, to ask your thoughts on it and what works and doesn't work would you do it (not asking you to post it anywhere on the net) or would you not have time to do that?

  9. On the sci fi subject I'd REALLY love to hear your opinion on the expanse, book one is Leviathan Wakes!

  10. Hey Daniel, do you have plans to review Shad Brooks' Chronicles of Everfall? Planning to read Stormlight because of your and a friend's recommendation.

  11. Why haven’t you reviewed The Demon Cycle series by Peter V Brett, 4.23 stars on 97k reviews on Goodreads?

  12. As a self published author myself, I try to support the self publishing community as much as I can by buying and reading work from other writers. I would definitely have appreciated you covering self pubbed books (since I try to check out all your book recommendations), but completely understand and respect the reasons why you won't. Great video, keep the awesome content coming!

  13. Hi Daniel, first time commenter here. If you can get around to it I think you should read Terry Brooks's Shannara series. He's been writing books in this world from 1977 to today and although I haven't read some of the newest books, I can recommend most of the others. Fair warning though, the first book is a straight rip-off of LoTR, but the rest are all original stories.

  14. Yes! Totally agreed on the corruption arcs. I do have one in the book I'm working on, hopefully, I'll finish it in the next 10 to 30 years ^^

  15. Daniel: "you cannot survive as a youtube only having one thing"

    Pewdiepie: starts sweating profusely

  16. The Wereworld YA series has one of the best corruption arcs I’ve seen. If you’re interested in Game of Thrones meets Were-animals I’d highly recommend it.

  17. Was meaning to suggest a review of The Expanse given the high profile Amazon will bring to it – good to hear you're on it. I keep seeing my unread copy of Leviathan Wakes, and sighing at having yet cracked the spine. It's just a difficult one to work up to when the show is so satisfying.

  18. The Expanse is arguably the best Sci-Fi show currently on television, and my all time favorite (just ahead of BSG and DrW). I'd love to see your take on it.

  19. Ross should have made that break permanent. Every time he had a shot at happiness with someone else Rachel found a way to ruin it and then immediately decide she doesn't want him. Hugh Laurie said it best, "You are a horrible, horrible person."

  20. Would Dune be a good first sci-fi series to read for me? I like dark complex fantasy and love political intrigue. While I really enjoy fantasy I'm kind of tired how so many fantasy stories follow predictable patterns and tropes so maybe I should try some sci-fi.

  21. I guess this explains why I have never seen you review a Tad Williams book….though I’ll still cross my fingers for a Shadowmarch or Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy review 🙂 loved the vid! Got a lot of insight about certain things.

  22. “Airbender. ‘Cause I’m never not gonna be around air, right?…. or if I am, I’ve… really big problems.” 😂

  23. Recommending Monster Hunter International, its kind of popcorn fantasy and similar to Dresden Files but it is pretty fun IMO. I loved the guns in it

    EDIT: Also before going full time youtube go part time your day job, gives you a proper safety net

  24. On that thing about SciFi not having as big fan base, I think that's just in books, SciFi seems to be more movie/video game/show, the more casual audience seem to go to SciFi more than fantasy but perhaps more as pop corn enjoyment.

  25. Whatttt? You’re about to start and review The Expanse? I was just thinking about starting that after I watch Good Omens

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