Why I Don't Buy Books Anymore

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  1. Good choice, you dont want to end up a hoarder. Just buy what you truly want to add to your collection

  2. Oh goodness this is me all over. I love buying and receiving the books but when i open the package and see it i'm often disappointed by the reality and cant wait for the rush of buying the next one. Thanks for your honesty, ive just discovered your channel and have subscribed.

  3. I only buy books that I've read and want to own (and I like to get vintage editions so I buy them over etsy and the like). Most of the books I read I have on my kindle because it's easy to take with me and you can get older books for free.
    I feel like it's been a great investment for me because I read so much more on my e-reader.

  4. I strongly agree with you!!!!! Great points. I just started my channel and realistically I don't care for book hauls or unhauls unless they are necessary. I won't unhaul books just to make a video, if that makes sense. I think it's dumb what people do to create content, instead of focusing on what makes you happy as a youtuber. But yes, great focus on this video on presenting that bookhauls truly are becoming boring.

  5. I went through a three year phase of buying a ridiculous amount of books in single outings. I am a slow reader so this made no logical sense. It really was just a fun thing I did, but it got to the point where I had so many books unread that it really bothered me. I realized when I looked closely at these books that many of them I wasn't all that interested in. I will be getting rid of probably over a hundred books when I can be bothered to cart them out. I'm still left with a large unread collection, but over time I plan on dwindling that down. I'd love to reach a point where I buy one book and read it when I get home. Stress free.

  6. just wanted to jump in here to let you know how much I've enjoyed these types of discussion videos. hearing the thought processes behind why you do what you do is so interesting and gives a different perspective to viewers.

  7. There are very few booktubers I watch hauls of. They are so triggering to me! Also, if I keep hearing the same titles over and over again, and I come across the book at the store, I'll have an urge to buy it simply because of recognition.

  8. I have stopped watching hauls ages ago and I rarely do them, mostly because I find just one book to haul boring and I only have a huge interesting haul when I went to London and bought way too many books 😀
    But I agree, the hauls are a ridiculous part of booktube, which puts people off joining. There are so many channels who don't haul or just read library books or like me this year mainly their own books.
    I still like buying books but if I have too many unread lying around I can't enjoy it as much and feel pressured to read the ones I have first and not buy books. It is a rather healthy aspect to have with all the interesting books people talk about and if I let myself I would go overboard again and own a TBR of 100+ books. But it's in those moments when I remind myself the book will still be there to buy when I have time to read it. And yes, many books did not get bought at all that way instead of hugging my TBR for years.

  9. I’ve started to only buy books that I have read that I want to reread. I used to buy books unnecessarily. So I just take more books from the library now and see if I like it. Or I buy books second hand for cheap. I try to avoid paying full price these days.

  10. I solve my storage space problem and save money at the same time by buying books from used bookstores and selling them back to the store after I've finished reading them. Another plus of used bookstores is that I often find obscure, forgotten books from past decades.

  11. I agree with you, I never watch book hauls anymore. Even from booktubers I like, i just personally find them to be a waste of my time to watch. I’m not learning anything and I don’t watch tbrs and books I haven’t read yet videos either. My time is valuable to me and I’m on booktube because I want to hear what people think of what they read.

    I also never buy books anymore, I’m lucky where I can get pretty much every book I’d ever want to read from my library and I’m so with you on how much space books take up. I don’t have close to the crazy amount of books a lot of booktubers have and I still feel like it’s too much lol.

  12. Book hauls scare me. I always feel like it's the book tuber getting it for free because it was sent to them and trying to pedal it to me to read. It's just a long commercial.

  13. I used to love bookhauls: do them or watch them but in time I got stressed out by all the un read books. Now, I’m trying minimalism in the sense that I got rid of the books I didn’t want anymore and I wont be buying others next year besides some releases that I’m waiting for.

  14. Great discussion video, I know I have been through similar, when I was a newer reader I brought lots of books, but now there are sitting on my shelves unread and I'm not sure if I will ever read them. I have developed a unique reading taste and more of these books are just what seemed interesting and popular. I doubt I will ever read them but I am unsure if culling them is the option. I suppose most might be at the library if I decide to do something about reading it. I still worry about culling books I haven't read. As for book hauls, I tend to not watch them unless it is someone I trust, most times I will just read the description to see the books, and skip to the book if I want to hear what they say. I have done one or two hauls in the past, but I don't normally buy many books unless I am traveling and checking out new bookstores.

  15. I only watch book hauls by a few select booktubers, and sometimes not at all. I prefer monthly wrap-ups and review videos, as at least then I know what they thought of the book, rather than knowing the gorgeous cover was why they got it (which does me nothing). I just ordered some used books online recently and the first package turned up today with the wrong book. That teaches me to buy books, doesn't it.

  16. Personally, I couldn’t care less what books someone buys and I almost never watch book hauls. I most enjoy watching videos about specific issues (like this one) and the ones where people actually talk about the books, why they liked or disliked the book, etc. I have been a serious reader my whole life and have been a pretty heavy book buyer in the past. When I first started watching booktube, I bought quite a few books that people recommended. I wound up with quite a few books that I didn’t like.

    Early this year I decided to stop buying new books entirely and to be very selective on buying used books. I’m focused on reading from my own shelves and using the library. My other issue is that I can get carried away with reading challenges. I’ve bought books to fit a challenge prompt and, again, wound up with books I didn’t really like. So, no more of that.

    And UGH with the reading of the synopsis. I can go onto Amazon or Goodreads and do that myself. I don’t mind getting a sense of what the book is about as long as there is commentary about the book, too. David at The Poptimist is really, really good at that. By the end of his videos I have a pretty good sense as to whether I might like the book or not.

    Creating genuine content that reflects you as a reader and a person is way more interesting than some generic bookhaul.

  17. This makes so much sense. The pressure to do book hauls is also resisted by my desire to talk about the book I've actually read. Putting time into making one takes away from the other. It's a shame that a haul is the tempting default. So much easier to turn on the camera and blab to, for me anyways. There are a few people I'll give credit to for reading the back synopsis. Thomas from SFF180 demonstrates how it can be done professionally beyond "the cover is pretty." You've convinved me, if I do haul's it will be to twitter where I can blurb it quickly and move on to other stuff.

  18. Booktube, in my opinion, has really put a lot of us readers in a predicament to where we have to do this and do that to keep up with what I call “Booktube’s standards”, such as spending loads of money on brand new, pretty books. It’s getting to that place where I feel we’re losing the whole point of reading a book in the first place.

  19. If I can library it, no buy. Unless I feel like it's so good its worth collecting, its soothing to my soul to see it in my possession, and it's epic enough for rereading. I do minimize my shelves for spring cleaning though. Then I'll be edgy and do a few curiosity buys.

  20. I'm falling out of love with book buying. I still love the feeling of buying a new book that I'm really excited to read, especially if it's been on my radar for a while, but I don't just impulsively buy books anymore. I buy a lot of books secondhand and the last few times I went to the thrift store and used book store I didn't buy any books! I've become more selective with book buying. Part of that is due to wanting to read through my current physical tbr. My goal for the new year is to bring my tbr down to ten or at the least twenty books from the sixty I'm at now. I was to get to the point where I'm reading books as soon as I buy them when I'm most excited about them, and not shelving them unread for months or years. I did a huge unhaul of books I lost interest in and can say every book I have left are books that are favorites and unread books I'm genuinely excited about. I don't enjoy watching book hauls either. Or even wrap ups unless it's a YouTube I really love and watch all of heir videos no matter what they are because I love them so much, or because I know we have similar taste.

  21. I think the most I'll buy at once will be 3 books but that's usually only when they cost $4 or less.. I don't own many books to begin with but I feel like I have too many that I haven't read yet. I wish my digital library had more of the audiobook versions of the books I own because it would be easier to get through.

  22. I appreciate the mention of the physical space that books take up. So many of these conversations tend to turn into arguments about either consumerism or the transparency (or lack thereof) of sponsored hauls when (at least for me) space has the biggest impact on what I choose to buy or donate/sell/trade.

    I think it's interesting that there have been so many anti-consumerist/anti-bookhaul videos over the past couple of months when there's been such an evolution in bookhauls over the past couple of years (at least outside of the heavily-sponsored 100K+ channels and some of the smaller channels run by people in the publishing industry) in the direction of library hauls and second-hand hauls. I would actually say that the vast majority of channels that I follow do library hauls if they do hauls at all. So all the anti-consumption rants feel almost like a delayed reaction to the way things were a couple of years ago rather than what's actually happening now.

  23. I'm a mood reader and buyer. I usually buy a couple/few books a month and read them right away because those books are what I'm in the mood for. It does happen that my mood will change before I finish a batch I most recently bought, but it's rare that a book gets left behind (I read mainly on kindle btw, so this type of buying is very easy).

  24. There are so many channels that only do hauls and unhauls. That is disgusting and why do people want to sub to that kinda shit?

  25. Good for you, I never watch hauls unless it's a booktuber I really love the personality of, or haven't seen upload in a while. The consumerism on booktube has been out of control for years now, so I'm glad someone is taking a stand. I just tend to buy books that I know I'm going to read in 1 year nowadays, otherwise I end up with a (small) stack lingering for years.

  26. I agree with you, I don't buy a lot of books, mainly because I work in a library 🙂 I buy just those Who are from my favourite author or special editions in Latvian.

  27. I used to buy in bulk as I got good deals at charity shops, but I got them because I am interested in reading them, I’ve stopped buying books a few months or so ago unless I see one I really want, I’ve also been using my local library now and again, but I might stop that as well soon so then I can read more of off my own shelves. But yes I agree with you you don’t need to make haul videos to be a booktuber, I don’t really watch hauls anymore unless they are my fav booktubers, apart from that not interested anymore

  28. Totally agree with you. I've bought so many books over the years that will last me a lifetime. So now I'm trying to read the ones I already have and get rid of those that were meh

  29. I think there is a trend recently of people guilt tripping people into buying books to ‘support the industry’ or ‘support the author’. I have self published two poetry books and I don’t expect people to have the money to buy lots of books. You can support the industry without buying them.

  30. So glad you posted this. There’s a booktuber that I will name and shame cause I don’t give two shits. KitKatsCanRead who shared online a couple of years ago that showed she had around 600 unread books. And only reads 50 a year. Yet each month she’s still buying buying buying. So many Booktubers purely seem to have a shopping addiction, and when you question it they call you jealous.🙄

  31. I'm actually really happy you made this. When it became the norm to buy and buy and buy, I eventually bought so many books that people were hauling and I honestly can say it ruined my love for reading at this point. Before booktube, I bought books when I finished books, now I have shelves and shelves and shelves of books I haven't read that I will have to donate. I hope I can get my love for reading back, but it became more important to buy books and have them than to actually read them.

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