Why Finland has the best education system in the world

so here's what happened back in the day Finland schools sucked on the level that are suck on when they tested the world's kids both Finland and Oz were usually about the same you know somewhere down the list of Nations but Finland didn't like that so they tried some new ideas and in no time Finland shot to the top of the world their students were number one how did they do that that was the one question I wanted an answer to and I went straight to see the enemies Minister of Education before I could say anything she blurted out their top secret they do not have homework wait so you reduce the hummer you give us a school yes they should have more time to be kids to be young stars to to enjoy the life how many hours of homework did you get last night um about 10 minutes or something tamela's Omer yeah wait maybe 15 minutes or 20 minutes 20 minutes up Sami masters yeah well if I would have done the homework I think it would be like 10 minutes tops usually I don't really do homework that much the whole term hold work is kind of obsolete I think in that way don't your homework is obsolete yeah yeah in that way that these kids they have a lot other things to do after school like what like like being together like being with the family like doing sports like playing music like reading so they have a homework or if all they want to do is climb a tree they could climb a tree they can come climate even they don't want a country but they'll end up wild climbing the tree from really finding out about different insects and they can come to the school next day tell me about what they found compared to the older kids how many hours a day – the younger ones go to school um Mondays three hours do you stay school I was it varies it's 20 hours a week so there oh man now there's this three or four hours at school include the lunch hour yeah how are they learning anything are you getting anything done your brain has to it has to relax every now and then if you just constantly work work work then you stop learning and there's no use of doing that for a longer period of time Finland students have the shortest school days and the shortest school years in the entire Western world they do better by going to school less how many languages do you speak English yeah Swedish Spanish Finnish and Swedish Finnish English and German French German Finnish and English English Swedish and French and Spanish so you're an exchange student in the US yeah when you got back here in school what did you notice that you felt relieved about no more multiple choice exams they no multiple choice exams here or very few of them if any this is that all of my exams in the you how do you answer the question right if it isn't listed is one of the four choices you're right your answer have to know it yeah you actually have to know it but there was one thing I heard over and over again from the Finns it was that America should stop teaching to a standardized test get rid of their standardized tests national testing standardized tests I standardized testings what you are teaching your students is to do well on those tests and you're not really teaching them anything no we are teaching them we're teaching them how to flunk a test and then a bunch of schools fail the test and those schools are turned into charter schools and then somebody makes a lot of money but school is about finding your happiness finding what you know finding a way to learn what makes you happy they figured out about one-third of the school time the students are in school is spent preparing for the standardized test and so they've eliminated a lot of things that aren't on the test so music is gone art is gone poet are gone yeah I'm in many schools civics isn't even on the test so now schools are growing civics yes civics American civic okay unbelievable we got rid of Audrey really yeah yeah why it's a waste of time when are they were going to learn what are they were going to speak as poets when they're adults how does that help them get a job we try to teach them everything that they need so that they could actually use their brain as well as they can including PE including arts including music anything that can actually make brain work better the children need to be baking they should be singing they should be doing art and going on nature walks and doing all these things because there's this very short time that they're allowed to be children [Applause] if you don't have standardized tests here in Finland how do you know which schools are the best and you know people need a list the neighborhood school is the best school it is not different that than the school which can be for example situated in the town center because all the schools in Finland they are all equal when we move to a new city you never ask where the best goal is it's never a question so nobody has to shop for schools there's nothing different in any of our schools why are the same it is illegal in Finland to set up a school in charge tuition that's why for the most part private schools don't exist and what that means is that the rich parents have to make sure that the public schools are great and by making the rich kids go to school with everyone else they grow up with those other kids as friends and they become wealthy adults they have to think twice before they screw them over in the United States education isn't business they're corporations making money here it's so student-centered that when we had to redo our playground they have the architects come in and talk to the kids they wouldn't listen – yes yes there are things on our playgrounds that the students really wanted being useful here is more independent we were created more like adults than in the United States yeah I mean we don't need a whole has to go to the bathroom during class yeah we'll see students commuting and subway even as young as seven and eight going on their own to school when I started doing teacher training practice back in the US I was in these certain neighborhoods teaching these kids and telling them you can be anything you want to be when you grow up this is kind of a lie and when I came to Finland a lot of my teaching is based on what the kids want and what they see for their future so it doesn't feel so false to say you can really be whatever you want to be when you grow up because they're making it happen already they already have such power that's upsetting to think about that well that our kids don't have that that's really beautiful it's not that we have figured out something that nobody else has done in education that's wrong many of these things that have made Finland perform well in education are initially American ideas we try to teach them to think for themselves and to be critical to what they're learning we try to teach them to be happy person to be respect others and respect yourself you're concerned with their happiness oh yeah what the hell do you teach I teach math so the math teacher says the first thing out of your mouth of what you wanted these students to get out of school mister was to be happy have a happy life yep you're the math teacher yeah when do they have their time to play and socialize with their friends and grow as human beings if there's so much more life around than just school you want them to play I what I want children to play and that was the principal I'm planning the American flag right here in the middle of your school and claiming this great idea for us thanks for stealing it oh yeah that's how that's how we roll all right

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  1. I still work my ass off in school. I always got sad that my friend always did better I pushed myself harder. I never had the chance to be a kid. In independent studies I am able to control my emotions. Now that I am going back into school from a week break due to an injury I don’t want to go back. I have a breakdown daily because of school. I wasn’t a straight A student but I had the best grades. Grades are nothing compared to you health. Thanks to school I hear voices in my head, I have panic attacks daily. Maybe if I didn’t push myself so hard I wouldn’t have tried to kill myself multiple times.

  2. Delusional. West do not know Education. Education is About Light in Heart and Spirit and Enlightening, Guiding, Giving Meaning and Direction to Thinking, Feeling, Knowledge “Ilm” (Instruction” ) and Actions.

    Westerners know and practice only Instruction and Etiquette. You can give Instruction (‘Ilm in the Noble Islâm ) to a machine or computer program but not Education ( Tarbiyah ) . Eksternal “politeness” though Known as “Adâb” has some personal and social utility if subjected to Education (Tarbiyah) and Instruction (Ilm) but can be easily subverted by Hypocrisy and often is just Snobism and Hypocrisy in the West. Back to the Instruction side, Google fir instance and its Machine.Tasking ( so called pompously and deceptively calked I.A in the West ) calculations and can recite the capital cities of the world and make calculation (‘Ilm ) but have Zero, Null, Undefined Education.

  3. I don't take Spanish in the American public education system to write god forsaken children's stories in Spanish!

    – Me after I walk out of Spanish after getting assigned a project to write and illustrate a children's story in Spanish (What kind of actual BS is this?)

  4. This is too masculine and toxic for liberals. This is why the US schools suck. Teachers will give you detention for climbing a tree

  5. American education is controlled by the big companies such as the College Board and so on; their goal is to make money, they could care less about the education of kids and teens. Capitalism is all about money, yes you will have more opportunities, but you also have to accept that big companies don't have many restrictions. Finland on the contrary is very socialist, high taxes but lower cost of living

  6. Welcome to the reason so many Aussies and Americans home school. This is exactly what and how our kids learn.

  7. I think the most pathetic is my country Turkey 23. Economy in the world and Eurasian Country but we are 99. in 136 in education system we are

    back from many African countries.

  8. Finland is being promoted as having the best education system because it is the country that subjugated itself the most to the Zionist diktat.

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