oh hi guys I almost didn't notice you there because my eyes have been blinded by studying this shit it's not because of this I just broke a shampoo bottle in my room oh thank god for plastic so ass I shall bring plastic bottles and acting like a retard I wanted to talk about this thing called English elective that we have as a subject in Indian schools to torture students as I opted for this and I sort of enjoyed but there are certain things that you come to regret a witch late in life and I am regretting it now when tomorrow is my English exam what is shame I don't know and to prove how pathetic this subject is i will read one essay out to you guys and let you decide it's an essay by D H Lawrence J I will not tell you what the title ooh and just let you find out my hand is okay so he's talking about how he is writing the shit why should I imagine that there is a me which is more me than my hand is since my hand is absolutely alive me alive whereas of course as far as I am concerned my pen isn't alive at all Wow D H Lawrence you made a major contribution to science just every tiny bit of my hands is alive every little freckle and hair and fold of skin and whatever is me alive is me nothing is important but life just to eat this wait for it it's ledge friggin dairy and for myself I can absolutely see life nowhere but in the living life with a capital L is only man alive even a cabbage in the rain is cabbage alive cabbage alive because just being a friggin cabbage is way too mainstream hence cabbage alive cabbage alive right and after reading all of that shit you think that he is talking about something philosophically or you know no he's not he is talking about why a friggin novel is important why it matters the essay is titled why the novel matters where is my brain I don't know fuck you th norden's live fuck you this book alive fuck you this essay alive fuck birds alive fuck exams alive fuck tomorrow alive and fuck mother nature life just because calmness what is that why is this guy dead I wanted to kill him with my bare hands I want to choke the life out of him and be like are you alive now bitch are you alive now sing me alive one more time I dare you bitch I dare the fuck are you say it one more time I don't even know what doing with my life but I'm doing with my life all the other brown kids tired of the shit nuh nuh yeah so comment down below what you find infuriating with your life or with the subjects that you've chosen or had chosen so if you liked the video make sure you hit that subscribe alive and the thumbs up life and go meant alive this is that indian chick alive signing off ba


  1. I feel that English as a school subject, is inferior to the other core classes, and is quite pointless. Past the basic literary skills, like reading and writing, there is nothing that actually makes English matter. I am a pretty good student when it comes to mathematics and science, making A's and Occasional B's. But I make border line 80's in my English class. I find math and science a hell of a lot easier than English. But the thing is, In math and science, there is a very straight forward answer, and/or method. But unlike those two subjects, English is not clear cut or straight forward. There is no formula or process to finding the answer. Not when it comes to poetry and story analysis, It is damn near impossible to actually get the right answer, because there really is no right answer, just what we interpret the answer to be, which varies from person to person. So based off that, there should be no reason that I, or anyone else, should not have an instant A in that class. As long as we know basic reading and writing skills, and we participate in the activities. I can say, with 99% certainty, that you will never need to analyze poetry, or decipher the authors purpose for writing a piece. To be honest, I could give two shits less about what the hell kind of message the author is trying to convey. But that is just my opinion

  2. May be DH Lawrence had Alien Hand Syndrome. He was so concerned about his hand as if it was a different being.

  3. I've noticed that every British writer from like 1500 onward is an overblown, pompous asshole. English Lit. also isn't an option for me. It's the entirety of my 12th grade English class which is mandatory for me to graduate. Please, just kill me.

  4. Indian Chick, you are hilarious. Although your frustration on literature seems overtly dramatic, this video is funny anyways.

  5. Why the fuck do people write in essays in the first place? Can't you just write in bullet points and follow the PEE structure in which you could save a shitload of time? Now we are studying literature?? Are you fucking kidding me?? Its not only useless, but its a waste of time and money. I know some people enjoy literature, and I honestly don't blame them, but why are we being forced to choose this subject??

  6. ….so Idk if I should feel bad about the fact that I'm only continuing to watch her videos because I find her attractive (o.o)

  7. Wow I can just feel the frustation, GOD save students from that level of torture…. this alive that alive NO ONE GIVES A CRAP!!. The author definately was high and the publishers too. If I was a publisher I would have been scared that my publication's repo will take a hit beyond repairs.
    And even if someone tries really hard understanding that crap what significant gain would it be. That's like working your ass off non-stop just for a rupee, worse I think a rupee has a much significant stance against that apeshit of an essay.

  8. May be Lawrence was high on weed when he wrote that essay. Whay can't you give us grass fans the benefit of doubt?

  9. Thank you for linking to that horrible little article to remind me of something I learned in high school.  D. H. Lawrence is not only a sniveling, egotistical douchebag with his head up his arse – he is also a whiney little bitch. 

    I absolutely hate his higher-than-thou snotty writing style.  I had to do a paper on a British author in high school and unfortunately randomly picked him.  I had to go through the torture of reading THREE of his books one after the other.  I think it nearly killed me and by the time I was finished I was actually considering burning those books, even though I morally object to book burning for any reason.  But I was tempted to do it, just to ritually banish that poison crap from my mind.  Another thing you realize upon researching D. H. Lawrence is that ALL of his books are not about "fictional" characters, but are rather firsthand accounts of his experiences, just with all the names changed.  In other words, vicious little tell-alls about everyone he knows.  And if you haven't read the books, basically his whole perspective boils down to "I am the perfect reincarnation of Jesus suffering on the cross and everyone else around me is a stupid prick."  And he wondered why his entire social circle rejected him after he published.  

  10. #thatindianchick  What is your real name ? 🙂 I loved your videos. Maza aya.
    Also please try doing videos in local languages… 🙂

  11. You sense of humour sucks, your English sucks and your accent sucks, you superwoman wannabe. And that's the reason your channel is not popular. Whatever this elective shit you are studying is NOT English Literature. Stupid CBSE kid. I'd like to hear what good novels you've read.

  12. "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", according to me, was another extremely long and gloomy-doomy essay, masquerading as poetry…
    Until i heard this —

    Iron Maiden – The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Full Length


  13. Its really cool ..  !! But… I think u did kinda over acting!!! sryy but its true! Be yourself!! Coz I donno why but I found tht u r trying to copy SUPERWOMAN!! Its being kinda annoying coz of that!!! Though I appreciate ua video!!! Keep it up…

  14. It's not the subject so much as the texts that the boards choose that are so damn unimaginative and boring. We have the same situation for students in the UK. It's as if the boards want to stifle any enthusiasm that people might have. The solution? Read for pleasure and find books that you enjoy.

  15. Schools needs to introduce Game of Thrones in English literature. Wars, politics, incest stuff and shit. 😀

  16. Because of Exams and studies our young generation is just unable to showcase their talent be it standup comedy, or singing ,etc on YouTube..!
    BTW Vlogs are a great way to start your channel,nice to see HD aswell,keep it coming..good luck..!! 🙂

  17. that gave me the sadist pleasure of knowing the fact that am done with exams (forever) and the hysteria associated with it 😛

  18. I just found your channel; good to see the Indian YouTube community growing. Keep going! 🙂 
    Future collab maybe? 😀

  19. I feel you, English Literature is the bane of my life. We're doing The Great Gatsby and I just want to scream that no one cares about F Scott Fitzgerald's misogynistic, anti semitic crap every lesson!!!!! (Love your spn shirt btw, where did you get it???)

  20. I feel you, English Literature is the bane of my life. We're doing The Great Gatsby and I just want to scream that no one cares about F Scott Fitzgerald's misogynistic, anti semitic crap every lesson!!!!! (Love your spn shirt btw, where did you get it???)

  21. The 3 mistakes of my life: Physics, Chemistry and Math. Especially Math. Fucking Math. Fucking Science. Bloody I should've taken Commerce or Humanities like I originally wanted to!!!

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