Why does early years education matter?

4 thoughts on “Why does early years education matter?

  1. 100% agreed. Basic foundation is the key, with rapidly changing world one has to be me emotionally and socially strong. That's why in my opinion pre schooling has become an order of the day. I have admitted my son in one of the best pre school in Lahore, Pakistan i.e. Nordic International School (http://nordicinternationalschool.pk) and so far I am quite happy with the progress.

  2. Young brains develop best at home with guidance from male amd female parents. And they need to have the tools ready to help them survive indoctrination of the dumbing down from our education departments. 40 yrs ago 6th graders were more intelligent than kids in second year high school at present. This is evidence matter the false rhetoric put forth by save the children that the longer they stay home the better off they eill be because as soon as they start schooling its all down hill with teaching of fiction as facts. But dont believe me find out for yourselves how they are dumbing down your children the info is easy enough to find.

  3. As an early years practitioner I am already aware of this but so great to see videos like this raising awareness of such an important subject

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