Why Content Writers are Paid so Less? [SOLVED]

recently medical keepo hot sauropod sorry content writers complain today him hot comes amendment on kabuki clients for camp occulted a very very cheap labor continuity yogi you copy actually beneficial on both qualification left and they are getting payment even lower than labor so may have not experienced a kazoo came and start can a job I was a freelance writer and I wrote 50 content each of 300 words and I was do a payment of 5000 rupees and many hasta pop em in which I will receive anywhere or s any declined DVD give the client a play keyattr but Joe made a mediator say he was also my mentor to save of Australia and I never asked him for the payment and because of our relation kind of offer because of some other issues but I want to share what is the main problem to low pay a third rank or what is the main reason key isn't that some payment there and I want to solve this out right now put a link itself okay so the problem is simple when your client is saying they want a Content writer in reality we want of coffee item okay and there is a drastic and big difference between coffee writing and content writing okay job up a client for the emotional content writers I joke it's nawat slickster k and all that actually he wants the end goal if N equals much about energy from the end good K n goal is to get money he can earn money from their business and that is only possible when you mix sales and content marketing together with knowing the buyer intent but the poor sales may further Bojan Javed Sonakshi contantly power we wanted to mangle a copy sorry I said websites online have a copywriting tutorials and box art it's easily aware it is basically when you persuade a person to understand your whole message behind the content and get them to convert he can appear a poke main target of a content is to get ranked on search engine and drive traffic and that is only possible when you are right and when you fulfill the purpose fulfill the intention and fulfill the needs of the writer he can who's clearly a book or the body become word or buffers are the literature keys overtly party make I cannot even speak properly in English when I mean flow but supposing bath or Birdman leaks nova or Marik content articles or entropy that is because it answers the basic queries and needs of a reader of a consumer you

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