Why Choose Loyola's School of Education?

traditional teacher prep programs we spend a lot of time in classrooms on campus talking about the theoretical underpinnings of various issues in education but in this new program we do still learn about those theoretical underpinnings but then we get to see it in action and not three weeks later or next semester we're immersed fully in schools and communities from freshman year ah the benefit of being in the classroom very early is you get to experience and understand the various components of teaching we actually have class at the school where we're student teaching your professor kind of just acts Mora's facilitator you learn more through experience we were in the classroom my second day so the first day we met in the class discuss what we were going to do and in the second day we were immediately in a classroom that was awesome because what we had talked about the first class I could actually apply to the second class when you're in a hands-on setting like you're right there it's right in front of you you're part of the learning experience it's a good opportunity for students to be able to figure out if they really want to become teachers and then gives them off the tools needed for them to become the best teachers that can be at the school that my students happen to be assigned to right away they met the staff members they met students it's just such a dynamic experience for the students to be able to really be a part of that school community I really get to build bonds with my teacher and every single student in my class were there to support them every step of the way we are there with them freshman year through that year-long internship when i graduated from Loyola with my undergrad and i was job searching at least five different professors tried to help me by connecting me with principles that they knew and it was a loyal a contact that helped me get my first job at my previous school and then when i got my job here it was another Loyola contact we've worked very hard at getting partner schools that represent the diversity that makes this city such a rich place the amount of experience in schools and in agencies that the Loyola students are receiving is unbelievable and unparalleled when I look at resumes I know that those Loyola students will stand out above the other candidates and once you attend Loyola you will know what social justice is and it's so important in the classroom because a lot of times teachers don't realize that what they're doing is truly the lifelong impact that students will hold with them forever it's exciting to be a part of a community that is so focused on social justice and applying that readily to the classroom we've all had a teacher who changed our lives and that is what Loyola is preparing students to do to change lives

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