Why Are Visual Novels Becoming Popular?

hey I was going over on this is the enemy man so regardless if you're a hardcore anime fan or a casual gamer or both in that case you're fucking awesome you more than likely have heard the term visual novel being thrown around especially recently and if you're a hardcore visual novel fan who's known their existence for quite a while then props to you you're a part of the niche welcome to the party fan well the existence of these visual novels have been known for quite some time in the Japanese gaming community it's not until recently they've made a name for themselves over on the Western and international gaming community so today I wanted to explore this question why are visual novels becoming popular before we tackle that though first we need to answer quite a fundamental and important question our visual novels even considered games this question has been a lot of debate by a lot of different people especially in the Western gaming community inserting visual novels many people in the gaming community will tell you visual novels are games they're just fuckin novels with pretty pictures don't you dare compare your shitty books to fucking masterpieces like Call of Duty and Cod of Duty 2 and Cod of duty sir so let's get a bit technical by throwing around some game design lingo to hopefully get a clearer answer to this question and look I know you're probably sick of wanting to learn stuff from my videos because you've probably just got back from school you probably just got back from work and you probably just got back from a hard day but trust me this shit is way more interesting than anything you'll learn at school now there are two big words I'm going to use to describe videogames in a disciplinary academic point narratology and lewd ology the narratology approach to game states they games are fundamentally a medium of narrative and storytelling like novels film etc and should be approached in a similar fashion while the lewd ology approach to video games states that games are fundamentally interactive systems and any story they tell is of secondary importance relative to the gameplay itself now that we all know the definition to these big game design lingo words one thing is certainly clear it's that no matter how you look at it visual novels fall under the narrow – logical approach to video games as the name suggests visual novels are novels which contain visual cues such as images movies music and sound to add to the experience of the story which is the main part of the game being read as many anti visual novel gamers will tell you visual novels are just novels with pretty pictures and they're not exactly wrong however one aspect visual novels can also be considered videogames in a lewd illogical approach as well while most visual novels out there have very little to no interaction between the player and the actual game besides clicking the screen and advancing the text to the next screen there are also some visual novels that aim to combine genres of lewd illogical gaming to the narrative logical gaming aspect of visual novels for example Hyperdimension Neptunia while it advances the story and the characters involved in the story through the visual novel format it also incorporates RPG action gameplay as well to create a different narrative structure and by actually playing as the characters in the story through these RPG action elements rather than seeing the characters in the story through a third-person aspect during the visual novel format the BlazBlue series also does a similar thing except instead of the RPG action elements it incorporates fighting game elements and actually lets you control the characters that you are trying to follow along in the story and after the fighting portion ends it switches to a visual novel format where you can experience and flesh out the characters and the story underneath so with all that game design mumbo-jumbo bullshit out of the way what's the final verdict our visual novels considered games well technically yes although I say yes it is still under a lot of fire and debate as many of these narrative logical and lewd illogical approaches to video games are quite debatable and quite different to other people and many defensive gamers in all sorts of different gaming communities will still tell you that visual novels aren't games so then why have we seen such a huge boom of visual novels in the last couple of years in the Western gaming community while many will argue that it's most likely because of the huge boom of the Western anime community in the last couple of years and since visual novels incorporate a lot of anime themes and anime art styles it just naturally came up along for the ride but independent of the boom of the Western anime community I think there are mainly two reasons as to why visual novels are becoming popular their niche and their flexible back in the OG days of the visual novels and evinced to this day visual novels in Japan were more commonly referred to as gal gays which is short for girl games as most if not all visual novels involve romantic elements between the main character the side characters or the main character and a number of side characters thus the start of harems these then later grow out into the adult community as well and became arrow gaze short for erotic games which are essentially gal gays but instead of ending with the boy and girl or go and go boy and boy whichever coming together in a light embrace and kissing and then the credits roll it was a little bit more adult er than that it usually involved the main character that you played in ending up with one of the girls or a number of girls and him parking in the pink zone if you know what I mean originally these era guys were very very difficult to come by especially if you lived outside of Japan as there were a lot of moral and legal issues concerning the medium I mean to be fair it hasn't really changed to this day I'm looking at you United Nations but that didn't stop people from grabbing ahold of these visual novels and arrow gays creating fansubs for them and spreading them across the face of the Internet to make them more accessible to the non Japanese audience and with these previously unaccessible games becoming accessible quite easily it started to create a huge demand from the hidden online niche market we want more oppai we want more harem we want more nippon games ooh that's from their many localization companies started to actually go and request to these Japanese publishers of these visual novels and era gays to make subtitles for them and to make localizations of them which a few Japanese developers actually agreed upon because they saw that there was a huge potential market that they never even thought about up until these fansub and localization companies requested it from them they never really saw the huge potential to spread their visual novel and their sales much higher because this online niche audience was again quite hidden away up until a few years ago if you went on to steam or any online gaming store it was really quite impossible to find any games labeled under the visual mobile medium but seeing the surprisingly large hidden group of visual novel more localization teams are staying to create more and more localizations of these visual novels because there's this huge demand now and what we've ended up with is visual novels that are standing out in sales and popularity within this infinite group of games visual novels like Clannad Professor Layton Phoenix Wright and danganronpa are just a few of these visual novels that have really made a name for themselves in the online gaming community now so any of you who picked up on it you might be wondering why I'm calling it the visual novel medium rather than the visual novel genre well that leads on to the second reason as to why I believe visual novels are becoming popular they're flexible I think it's unfair to classify visual novels as a genre of gaming because visual novels can be multiple genres as mentioned previously games like Hyperdimension Neptunia can fall into the RPG genre and the action genre as well as the visual novel meek and the BlazBlue series combines fighting genres and action genre as well as the combination of the visual novel story exposition method and most of these cross genre visual novels are the ones that are pushed out a lot more by developers and localization companies as they incorporate on-reserve gaming there are a little bit more familiar to the casual gamers out there or the gamers who don't quite know or understand the visual novel medium and thus with a few exceptions these cross genre visual novels usually do a lot better in the online gaming community than the pure visual novels out there that really just incorporate text exposition and is really just a novel with pretty pictures and sounds that's why I believe visual novels like Professor Layton Phoenix Wright and danga Nova have made such a huge name for themselves because they incorporate genres that are very well understood and a little bit more familiar to these casual gamers and let's admit there are all just pretty awesome games by themselves as well in the end visual novels are still quite a new thing in the Western quote/unquote gaming community again I'm putting quotes on gaming as many people argue that visual novels aren't really games what other people say no they are games so there is really no absolute definition of whether the visual novel is a game or not but whether you believe visual novels are indeed games or not it is certainly true that visual novels are definitely boo and I'm making a bigger name for themselves in the Western gaming community also I put it in quotes because I don't really want to accidentally offend anyone in the anime or gaming community but the fact that I even mentioned the an email gaming community means I'm too late honor our visual novels going to take over the gaming community probably not while visual novels have definitely made some sort of impact in the Western gaming community there will always be their group of gamers who will never include visual novels in their group of RPGs and FPSs and MOBAs nobody notices visual novels set by hashtag single to you guys let me know in the comments below do enjoy visual novels or do you dislike visual novels and why also if you do enjoy visual novels what is your favorite visual novel and what is your least favorite visual novel also where do you think you see visual novels in the Western gaming community and also the Japanese gaming community in the next decade and once you guys let me know all that kind of stuff in the comments below and as guys thanks for watching is always like a favorite if you enjoyed subscribe for more under my banner and I'll see you guys next video whatever I make keep looking at me Johnny you

45 thoughts on “Why Are Visual Novels Becoming Popular?

  1. a really love the VNs, my favorites VNs are Fate, nekopara, steins gate, clannad, and other ones.
    In my personal opinion i think the VNs are as games, it´s true that some just read and take decisions, but others you can move or interact with others characters or things like Danganronpa, Sakura dungeon, etc. maybe it´s not a game for others because they have not played, or just is not to their liking like the popular games of today.

  2. Can someone tell me the name of a good anime I can watch I usually like anime like mob psycho 100 and Tokyo ghoul

  3. I'm writing a research paper on visual novels soooo I'm gonna cite this video in my bibliography thx Joey.

  4. I Love Visual Novel More Than Any Other Game. I Feel Like I Am The Protagonist Of The Story. my Favourite Visual Novel Is If My Heart Had Wings And Similar Games Like The One Witch Last Resort One The End Of It's Name. You Know There's A Website Called Vndb You Can Find Many Visual Novel Info In There.

  5. Love your channel I’m an anime newbie only been on board a few years and have been a huge fan of this channel ever since

  6. A 'game' is simply an interactive activity where a desired outcome is met via skill and/or luck. A visual novel can only be a game if you have choices that affect the outcome of the story, otherwise what you have is a graphic novel with a fancy new way of turning the page.

    To put it simpler; games must have some way to win something or lose something.

    You could be winning the next chapter in the story, but you have to use skill or luck to get there.

  7. Visual novels simply offer a unique experience. There are the obvious differences to anime and TV shows such as that you'll be able to see all the internal monologuing of the protagonist, and that you'll be given a far more detailed version of any particular story. That kind of depth is very appealing to audiences. Moreover, like anime, VNs often have extremely interesting fantasy/adventure stories, the kind that you'll rarely find in traditional novels or TV shows. The thing that's more subtle, but perhaps one of the biggest reasons that VNs are so great is that you basically experience life from the main character's perspective. In an anime, you'll just be watching as the action unfolds, whereas in a VN you'll be experiencing each and every moment as the main character. The connections that you therefore develop with the remainder of the characters and the events of the story itself can be a lot stronger than in other mediums. This is not to say that you actually simulate being in the position of the main character, but simply that reading the story from their perspective and watching it unfold is a particularly powerful way to experience a story.

    The only unfortunate thing is that most visual novels are romance-obsessed. I don't mind VNs having romance, because as with any show on TV and most anime for that matter, there's almost always romance in some way, shape or form. I'm just not a fan of the contrived way that many series implement it. It should feel natural to the story, rather than as a mandate of the medium. Steins;Gate is a perfect example of romance done the way it should be. If VNs stopped focussing on the romance and sex as the main selling point, and just provided incredible stories with/without some good romance, it wouldn't be such a niche medium. Nonetheless, series like Steins;Gate and G-Senjou no Maou are fantastic examples of VNs that have killer stories and don't rely at all on the sexual aspects. Steins;Gate has no sex at all, and the sex scenes in G-Senjou feel like a natural progression of the story, but can be skipped without consequence. They're just there if people want them. On the other hand, if anybody's ever read Tsukihime, you'll notice that despite the decent story, every sex scene is completely unnatural and unnecessary. They're thrown in there for fan service, and the story suffers as a result. They're pointless. Despite the stigma surrounding VNs, there are many who enjoy them because of the unique aspects I mentioned earlier, and who are not there at all for the eroge elements.

  8. First Visual novel I ever played, I kept hoping at some point in the story, it'd give me options and turn it into a sort of "Choose your own adventure" game. No such luck. Some stories however do present themselves a lot better in the narratalogical sense though. However I find games where there's no options to choose from and no real interactivity to have really poor replay value outside of the Story itself and Fanservice if there is any.

  9. So, it's too late, but i played only 2 visual novels, which are actually my favorite, these are Doki-Doki Literature Club and Everlasting Summer. Going to play Steins: Gate and than watch an anime series, but who cares about this stupid comment, which even has some grammar mistakes because I still trying to properly learn english. Sorry for so much text.

  10. You mentioned hyperdimension neptunia you are awesome man you raised my appreciation even more thanks again 😉

  11. What i dont like about visual novel games is when the characters are talking, they usually face us, even though they are talking TO EACH OTHER! I mean unless the characters are talking directly to the player, this is just annoying and creepy.

  12. 9:04
    Joey: Are visual novel gonna take over gaming community? Probably not.

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