"Why Are So Many SJW Characters Mary Sues?": A Response to Literature Devil

15 thoughts on “"Why Are So Many SJW Characters Mary Sues?": A Response to Literature Devil

  1. I will never forgive that serial rapist Max Landis for digging the term "Mary Sue" back up from the grave to sully media critique with its scent.

  2. I'm convinced that if Harry Potter came out today, these idiots would be leveling the same complaints they have against Rey, toward Hermione.

  3. I'm only halfway through so my comment might seem stupid for those reading it after watching the ENTIRE video. But here goes; I genuinely think there's a problem with the portrayal of female protaganists in films and media in general. While we can sympathise with male protaganists with serious flaws, those flaws are often shown as weakness in female characters rather than the male counterparts, which is often seen as a flaw but also serves as a strength in the story.

    What we do get is shows like Game of Thrones that show multifacetted portrayals of strong women or we see it embraced in shows like Desperate Housewives where it serves as a fun gimmick. The friendly on surface but deeply mischievous and dramatic female (a classic stereotype). I have to agree that too many female characters are shown as binary rather than complex characters in general. Enough rambling…I got half a video to finish.

  4. Girl you need to not comment on literally every single word in the video. This video is unnecessarily long

  5. Fuuuck that pretentious bragging about coming up with a villain protagonist as a concept, I did that in like a first year uni writing thing, it was super edgy and it's easily my least favourite of my own work.

  6. "Just a fun cartoon about people with magical alien powers"

    "Does one of the characters say trans rights or something?"

    I would highly recommend watching all the way through… because it's definitely more than that (it deals with some pretty mature issues like loss, grief, PTSD, abusive/toxic relationships, anxiety, space Fascists)

    And yes, it has gay characters, both implicit and explicit, and non binary characters…and has a not so subtle nod to trans issues in the season 5 finale.

    Seriously it's a great show that really tackles important stuff after the mid season 1 finale.

  7. This is my first video of yours, I liked it, these people are dumb but I was wondering about all the stock footage of lava, is it a normal thing for you, what does it represent?

  8. i mean rey got captured and almost died when she decided that randomly showing up on the supremacy to convince the high ranking, emotionally unstable mess known as kylo ren to disregard years of brainwashing and run away with her without anyone noticing was a completely rational, well-thought out plan with no chance of failing, but sure. she's flawless. but, someone like aang? totally a perfect example of a non-mary sue hero even though (imo) he barely grew as a character and constantly had the narrative going out of its way to justify his worldview even when his past lives and his own experiences were telling him he needed to put the safety of the entire world ahead of his own feelings for once. such growth. much character arc.

  9. In regards to the idea of someone writing fan fiction where they insert themselves in Avatar: The Last Airbender as an airbender… what's the problem with that? In the first place, it's fanfiction, not canon, and in the second place, why can't someone who's writing fanfiction simply make this fan-insert character take the place of Aang? In that case, it would still fit the "last airbender" criterion. Also, this criticism of his seems to indicate that he doesn't have any real grasp of the concept of "symbolism." Like, even if it turned out that there were other airbenders in hiding somewhere, I really don't think that that would be such a huge problem. Aang can still technically be "the last airbender," because according to the world at large, Aang is the only one CONFIRMED to have survived the genocide of the air nomads. If the Earth Kingdom, the Water Tribes, the Fire Nation and any other government or notable organization wasn't aware of any other survivors, then Aang would still, officially, be "the last airbender."

    This really isn't complicated. It's astonishing how people like him can't seem to understand these ideas.

    On another note, I hardly think that a second Avatar would break the laws of physics. It being a fictional world, the author can do whatever they want. There's no fundamental force like gravity or something like that that forbids them from breaking their own pre-established rules. The author is effectively the god of their fictional world. If the author wants there to be another Avatar, for some reason, there really isn't much of a reason why they CAN'T. Their rules are not absolutely inviolable. Hell, in the case of the Avatar, they could do what Tolkien did with Saruman and Gandalf: when Gandalf the Grey died, he came back as Gandalf the White. He was sent back specifically to fulfil the role that Saruman the White was supposed to play in Middle-earth, as Saruman had betrayed his purpose by turning evil.

    There was no inviolable law at play when the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender made the decision that there could only be one Avatar at a time. It's just as arbitrary as any other decision that they made. It'd be just as arbitrary for them to decide for there to be two Avatars at a time.

  10. 14:50 Wait a minute, you're not a sheep trapped inside of an inescapable box making videos because you're forced to MST3K style? I've been lied to!

    Also that music he's playing is maddening. Whatever it is hes only playing a handful of seconds and looping it. It's a shameless method to use copyrighted music but still be able to monetize the video. Use only the same few seconds you're allowed over and over and it won't trigger.

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