Why Applejack Gets No Love (From the Writers At Least)

so I know a few of you out there Applejack fans yep I know a lot more of you or the opinion that Applejack is best background pony and who can blame you for saying that it's been two seasons and AJ really hasn't done all that much what the fuck's going on she's supposedly a main character right I mean she's in the theme song so where's all the AJ love are the writers just stupid did not like southerners well what if I told you that the actual reason AJ has effectively done nothing for two full seasons is because her character in its present state was exhausted almost immediately after the beginning of season one don't believe me well I guess I'll just have to prove it to you so let's get started shall we let's examine why Applejack gets no love now I know what a lot of you are probably thinking Applejack has made tons of appearances and has done a bunch of episodes how can you or anyone say she hasn't done anything well in order to answer that what would have to first identify what a truly effective appearance in friendship is magic or any work of character driven fiction for that matter actually constitutes so let's go ahead and do that number one the episodes focus must primarily remain on the character in question number two the character in question must be presented with some sort of conflict this can be from an external source like an enemy a natural event etc or something eternal such as emotional struggling the point is that there is some sort of obstacle preventing the character from reaching their goal without issue and finally number three upon trials and tribulations the character must overcome the established obstacle emerging from the struggle stronger for doing so and or having come to some sort of realization that they previously lacked now with these criteria in mind I can safely say that out of all of Applejack's appearances only once to her episodes meet all three goals successfully want me to prove it let's go through all of her major appearances one at a time and critique them if you were wondering how long you would have to wait to find the one appearance where Applejack actually worked as a character oh we're starting off good Apple bug season successfully meets all three goals that a character driven story should achieve the episode focuses primarily on Applejack it opens with her and Big Mac on the farm and whether she's bucking in the fields or attempting to squeeze in helping her friends with their troubles the narrative rarely leaves her side allowing us to experience her conflict in its entirety speaking of conflict it actually gives her a conflict having to balance doing all of the work on sweet Apple acres while still helping out all of her friends despite the fact she's really too exhausted to do either one of them there's also the internal conflict for desire to ask her friends for help versus her pride of wanting to prove to herself she can actually handle everything alone and finally the resolution of the conflict I was 80 to grow as a character as she learns that accepting help from those who hold dear isn't something to be ashamed of we're introduced to the central character and their problems early on privy to watching the entirety of the conflict unfold and see the character triumph and grow from the resolution flawless character development and here is Applejack second best outing in all honesty the only thing holding back look before you sleep as a second effective Applejack episode is effects she co-stars in it with rarity and Twilight that the conflict affects rarity as well but it's really just a technicality when you think about it AJ is in the spotlight the whole time along with rarity and Twilight she's presented with the conflict of dealing with Rarity's obsession with intimate details and grows as a character by learning how not only does Rarity's behavior have its place but her brashness could stand to be tempered as well rarity also learns the same thing about herself and Applejack unless the episode works well for both characters this epic ode comes close to being an Applejack him so but misses one large point like look before you sleep AJ's a co-star which in and of itself isn't a deal breaker Applejack is still front and center with Rainbow Dash almost the entire time we never feel like we're missing part of her role in the events of the episode we're also given a character vs. character conflict of Applejack competing against Rainbow Dash and a big race the biggest issue this episode comes in the resolution Rainbow Dash learns better than to resort to cheating to prove you're athletic and while AJ did end up bending the rules herself she already knew that was wrong to do so and actively took a stance against cheating in the beginning of the episode she only started playing dirty in retaliation – – it would have done so at all if Rainbow Dash had played by the rules if the character is already aware of the resolution to the conflict before it even begins and they cannot grow as a character from that episode and therefore the story cannot truly be considered to have affected them this episode's conflict involves not only the entirety of the main cast but also the entirety of the secondary characters introduced in the episode that's less of a character versus character conflict as it is a clashing of ideologies with all the characters choosing a side despite the setting and opening scene if Alby jack isn't the center of attention and the main character growing as a result of the conflict it can't really be considered her story this episode fails to be a true Applejack episode because the conflict in the episode has nothing to do with her the characters in conflict are rarity and Sweetie Belle and while AJ has a prominent role her purpose is more to provide words of wisdom to those that are struggling if Apple Jack's the one providing solutions to the problem and not the one struggling to overcome them the story certainly doesn't revolve around her dear Princess Celestia not wanted to share my thoughts with you it can I didn't learn anything right all alone not much to say here ignoring the fact that AGA and everypony else was out chimed by the whole derpy fiasco both the christening and subsequent censoring this episode fails to truly be in Applejack episode simply because we are rarely with Applejack she disappears for about half the episode and it's during that time that the entirety of the conflict AJ phases takes place so he's an audience and never see it happen those was done on purpose to have the audience wonder along with the rest of the cast what happened to Applejack while she was gone the inevitable side effect is that we are all so completely disconnected from AJ struggle and when we are clued in to the conflict and shown its resolution it's all in the span of about three minutes and loses all emotional impact again this was a conscious choice by the writers but it doesn't change the fact that roundup doesn't feel like an AJ story so this analysis begs the question why is an Applejack even more character growth the writers give her things to do apparently but rarely anything that provides the audience with more information about her character and this takes us back to my initial point Applejack's character as it stands has already been completely explored I'm going to explain providing a basic breakdown of the mane 6 and what aspects of their character can be explored and developed as a fish out of water main protagonist Twilight Sparkle gets to learn new things about the workings of Ponyville to allow the viewer to also gain the same understandings things like when to wrap up day the Sonic Rainboom things that we would be left at ponder the workings of as an audience Twilight Sparkle allows us to learn through her she also has aspirations to explore her desire to always continue learning and impress her teacher Princess Celestia Twilight also has a weakness namely her paranoia that she has to work to overcome all these aspects of her character can be explored and allow us to learn more about her Rainbow Dash's aspirations of proving she's the fastest flier in Equestria as well as joining the Wonderbolts she also has a weakness of being overly boastful and a tendency to judge others rarity has aspirations of becoming successful with her fashion designs and to join the ranks of the Canterlot elite she also has the weakness of being rather they you can't wear this old thing well neither Fluttershy or pinkie by technically have aspirations or completely clear goals they want to accomplish or places they want to go they supplement that with what I call character gimmicks Fluttershy's trademark sadness allows her to be put into situations where her timidness can work as a weakness that she needs to overcome or as a comedic device Pinkie Pie on the other hand works as a wild-card of sorts or random personality and pension to break the fourth wall allow her to be dropped into whatever situation that writers feel like throwing out of left field her charm comes with her ability to be so random and unpredictable when pinkie pie's on screen you never really know what's going to happen now with all that we've just established characters having aspirations weaknesses gimmicks goals where does Applejack fall on this list well I can safely say Applejack has zero ambition her life was everything she wanted it to be as soon as she got her cutie mark all that she's ever strive for was working in the fields of sweet Apple acres and she's been doing that ever since she was a filly it's hard for a character to have ambitions or goals when they're exactly where they want to be in life one could make the argument that AJ has aspirations become in first place in all of Equestria rodeo competitions but that wasn't really an established character trait more of a plot point brought up by the last roundup it's never been mentioned before that episode and it's never been mentioned again so one can assume it wasn't a permanent character trait but just a convenient plot point how about a gimmick well Applejack southern she likes apples that's about it there's a reason why all the fan-made works focus solely on her Apple obsession and southern stereotypes that's literally all they have to work with Applejack is probably the most straight shooter out of the entire main cast so unlike someone like Pinkie Pie the writers and fans can't really have her do things out of left field because even though her character is limited she still has a logical character profile which leaves us with weaknesses and yes AJ does have a weakness namely her stubbornness and what do you know it is – best out a deluxe season and look before you sleep a both deal with her character weaknesses the problem with Applejack is that this is literally the only character aspect that the writers can truly explore and they've already done it twice doing so again would start to just feel redundant and so by a quarter way through season one technically the fourth episode Alba Jax character was explored in its entirety until someone on the FIM writing staff decides to add more to a repertoire whether it be a new gimmick introduced some sort of further aspiration or desire for something more in life she will always remain woefully underrepresented simply because there's nowhere left for her to go

35 thoughts on “Why Applejack Gets No Love (From the Writers At Least)

  1. I did the "what pony r u " quiz a bunch of times and it said I'm Applejack and before ever doing the quiz I LOVED Applejack and I still do!

  2. Making AJ a part of relationship drama… most of those "conflicts" or "problems" happen because someone isn't being honest (and get resolved when truth comes out). NOT happening with AJ, because she'd be honest from the start… (except maybe some flashback).
    As for going back to where she started? Sure. Truth isn't going to change no matter what. Travelers will return back home, but destination isn't the point of traveling is it?
    Also, when AJ says apples, it's not just the fruit and trees, it's her family.

  3. My reason:
    She is not very fitting to be on many episode because:
    Missing parents,her mother having to leave her grand dad and yeah……………..

  4. Good work, you used logical arguments and explained your ideas in easy to understand language and examples. I'm still counting AJ as one of my favorite characters, but I can see where you're coming from.

  5. Animation is just too lazy to make AJ to be part on Season 1 to 3. And they can't find a good AJ Actors, the actors are not racist enough or black. Yeah, but I love AJ Ya know. The voice of AJ is impossible to find another actor to be replace of AJ, so if you want AJ to be part in every Season 1-7, more Racist people ok. But too bad that Donald Trump blocked all Racist people from Mexico to America

  6. Apple jack is the best pony SHE IS NOT A BACKGROUND PONY If a brony says aj is a background pony then they are clearly not a good brony

  7. This isn't even true, nothing you say makes any sense. People hate Applejack because they're close-minded. Don't believe me? Whenever Applejack is written the way people tend to love ponies they hate her, but love all the other ponikes written that way. They're hypocrites and so are the writers.

  8. I don't like
    Her Becuase she
    Never has anything good
    To say I know she represents
    Honesty but damn say something
    Nice for once God I mean I'm trying to
    Like her but Equestria girls made me so
    Mad I had to rant on and on about how annoying
    She can be and oh God how mean she is to rarity
    And she's always doing something to rainbowdash
    I like her 20% out of 100

  9. I know this is a silly thought and just an observation from a sentence that I heard from my 8 year old niece, but maybe it's because as far as design wise, she's the most boring. The others have colors, hairs and traits that stick out more. As far as I go, I always think of Applejack the least compared to the others.(Hopes bronie fans don't come after me)

  10. WAT! You know what, I don't care if writers don't really give her much of a goal. Cause I like her the way she is.. She's still an important character of the show.. Besides, I'm a really big fan of Applejack.. She represents Element of.. HONESTY! That's an important element to have.. So yeah… #APPLEJACKBESTPONY :3

  11. I think I love Applejack for the same reason a lot of other people don't. She's not the most interesting pony for a story engine; I'll freely admit that. If I was judging my favourite pony by who I like to feature in episodes, I'd probably go with Rairity. But Applejack is my favourite for the same reasons that she doesn't work often as the main character. She doesn't have any big ambitions, or massive dreams for the future. All she wants to do is stay exactly where she is; working on Sweet Apple Acres and enjoying her small slice of the world. Furthermore, she's kind, sweet and (obviously) honest. She's often the first person to realize she's hurting her friends in some way and to apologise for it, and her major flaw is wanting to do too much for the ones she loves that she forgets about her own limits (or sometimes theirs). Applejack is the ultimate Hufflepuff: not really searching for any major goal, but instead happy to live a simple life surrounded by the people she loves. As a main character, that doesn't make her the most interesting. But as a pony, she's the one that I want most to be like, and therefore the one I love the most

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