Who We Are – Imagine Dragons (Lyrics)

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  1. One must love ONES self before destroying any one else then you'll see be safe RESPECT……🤔😎👽👀💖

  2. I'm so sad that this channel died, this is only the things remains and there won't be anymore new lyrics like this…

  3. It's always my demons getting to me, like we are all warriors but I need to be more of a beleiver like I'm too afraid of thunder and when birds chirp I scream, because my life is going round and round and I think its time for me to grow up a bit and clean up my roots and I'm sick of gold diggers like yeah and I'm a really bad liar cause I'm a zero like nobody's next to me

  4. 2013, no mames, yuotube tardo 6 años en recomendarme esta joya, te pasas youtube, te pasas

  5. I think the uphill and downhill are like the myth of Sisyphus, forced to push a rock up a hill for eternity for capturing death. He went too far. And he also wanted to cheat death once he was captured so he had his wife improperly bury him. And Sisyphus represents the absurdity of human life according to one philosopher Albert Camus says the struggle itself towards the height is enough to fill a mans heart. This is who we are. People who constantly struggle to push the rock up the hill because we can do it not because we enjoy it. We want saved from this masochism

  6. its ok im on your side if u want me tooleave i wil i just listen to your music if i really wanted too i would do it

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  8. Dan Reynolds breakfast:
    3 scrambled eggs from the giant's goose.
    4 sausages made from Chuck Norris's pigs.
    1 glass of juice made from the fruit of the boss tree.
    The only explanation for why his songs are so boss.

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