Who Says 8th Graders Can't Write a Novel in 30 Days?

hi my name is Arianna I'm in eighth grade and I'm writing a book about a corrupt government that went too far I'm Wally I'm writing a book about a kid with supernatural abilities I'm writing a novel about a girl getting sucked into an alternate universe my book is about trying to escape an island people trying to figure out what happened to their very healthy yet for some reason dying father I'm Caitlin and I wrote my first novel and we collected heroes when I was in the eighth grade what I think of a novel one thinking about a pretty pretty fat book and writing that much seems pretty impossible especially when my teacher first said it she was just like you're gonna write a book and I was like what I also felt super freaked out because I had no idea what its gonna do I was convinced that it was only something that adults were allowed to do the biggest challenge was setting up all the characters and then getting the setting and to take that feedback and to turn it into something better I think the most exciting part about writing this novel in 30 days is that I never thought I'd do it it is possible to write a book in just one month when I published my novel I felt invincible well now impossible to seem so much more reachable don't give up everyone has a story well the ending of my story is gonna be the main character his friends died yeah then they're gonna defeat the bad guy yeah you

8 thoughts on “Who Says 8th Graders Can't Write a Novel in 30 Days?

  1. My book is about a girl who has to deal with her friends attempted suicide and why… Pretty dark, I know for 7th grade, what can I say, I have a dark mind!

  2. I started writing my first book in 7th grade, and finished it in 8th grade. I’m going to be a Freshman in college soon. I’ve written three novels in total, and have a lot more books that I plan to write in the future. So yeah, it’s definitely possible for an 8th grader-for anyone, really-to write a book.

  3. As they say " there is a book in everyone" i really liked the idea, this showed all the creativity and imagination that simple 8 th grade students can have and pushing them to writing a complete book in a very short time at this age would boost their abilities and by the time they are adults they wouldn't face the challenge of starting, but they would simply focus more on how to come up with an original story that has never been told before. This was a very good idea !

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