Which Romance Novel Has The Best Opening?

(upbeat Jazz) – All of them, we work very
hard to make them perfect. – A. E. Jones, a vampire,
a werewolf and a demon walked into a bar, and
all hell broke loose. – I think it’s called “Big, Bad
Beast” by Shelly Laurenston. ‘Cause Dee-Ann and Rick, I
mean, it’s just, it’s a hoot. I really like it. – Red Hot Love, by Elle Casey. – Sophie Kinsella, and
Can You Keep A Secret. – One Foot in the Grave,
because it starts off with her putting a dead body
in the back of her truck. So, that’s pretty good one. – So, Caitlin Crews wrote
The Bride’s Baby of Shame. And it starts out with a
cult leader who has amnesia and he’s married and he’s a billionaire, but he doesn’t know it. And his wife comes to discover him. – Bet Me, by Jennifer Crusie. She opens in a bar and she’s like, “there’s a shortage of
good men” and your like sorry honey, not including
my husband of course, but, (laughs) – I didn’t have like
600 books on my Kindle, I’d be able to answer this so easy. (jazz music)

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