Which Countries Have The Best Education?

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    our education system is so toxic even though we're so close to Singapore geographically, the 1st on this lists

  2. You can't compare actually. And at some point your ranking is losing various points.
    Education is depend upon Population.
    Education is also selective. In India we have religion based education.

  3. I’m from Singapore and I got nothing against the Singapore education system, but I remember a kid tryna commit suicide outside my class during primary school, so the stress and competition is real here.

  4. Finland's PISA ranking is plummeting due to a massive influx of non-Finnish speaking, highly uneducated foreign nationals.

  5. Want to see something surprising A teacher from the USA ( music) made it as a top 10 teacher out of something it ture cause it my music teacher in NYC

  6. I’m a Singaporean and I can tell you that I’m SUPER stress now,I’m 11. I can’t believe what it’s like in University. Every year, 3-4 people commit suicide there! It must be really stressful for them;-;

  7. As an Indian I like united states education system . in india exams are soo tough that graduate from south Korea can't even solve the entrance exam for IIT engineering or medical entrance exam. So just google it worlds top tougher exams.

  8. I'm a Singaporean student, and although we may be the first in education, our stress levels are really high, and some of us can't even catch up. To be honest, even though I'm in the first class, some topics are REALLY hard, and the education we receive is very competitive. Full of exams. Like in P6, we have something called PSLE (Primary Six Leaving Exam), which decides what secondary school we go to. Same for secondary school. We have O levels and A levels, and in university we have to take up a lot of subjects. So even though we are the first in education, we are also the first in stress level.

  9. I live in Finland. 💕 It’s good enough lol

    I just dislike my Swedish teacher, he has tests and stuff going on all the time

    😢 But my English and math and physics/health education/chemistry teachers are nice 😅

  10. I am 12 years old and I live in Hong Kong, it may have one of the best educations but keeping you at school from 7:45am-6:00pm then having extra activities after school until 9:00pm or 10:00pm is the worst. The government already said to give less homework and bring less books to school but they never change, students from P.1-S.6 are already having more than 5 homeworks in weekdays and more than 10 homeworks on weekends. The last time I weighed my bag it was 4.5kg. We literally have to stay up until 1am in the morning to study and do our homework. Also, having at least 1 dictation a week. This is too much. Extra activities at night is so tiring that we don't have time to eat our dinner at the right time, it always have to be at 9:30pm or 10:00pm. Just bring me to Finland. ;-;

  11. The reason the top 10 countries have highER suicide rates than other countries is cuz they have a smaller population
    Plus the students are exposed to more stress, leading to higher expectations and increased competitiveness
    Honestly this really is a good thing
    Without the stress that we are exposed to we will not be able to be anywhere near the top 10 spot. We need the stress to filter out the strong and persevering students from the weak

  12. India has a really high rate of competition but our education system sucks at some places . Maybe because of large population , competition get tougher each year . For medical entrance examinations , almost 13 lakhs candidates appears every year competing for only about 60,000 MBBS seats in government colleges . I mean this is insane man 🙌 .

  13. In my country it depends on which school and the place you live in. I always went to a private school and the only thing everyone cares about is getting a good score in the final exam and goofing around. That is why we are not high on that list I guess.

  14. Asian countries are best when it comes to studying but if you wanna live a life and enjoy it then not so much

  15. The reason the "best" universities are in the US is because the tuition is really expensive and they can therefore fund more research 🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. Funny how the comments on how bad sg’s education system is , are from a year or 2 ago.
    Moe def realises something, and they have Been making changes lol

  17. Title: countries with the best and smartest students. BS half these country actually dont have a great 'school education system'. Its the truth

  18. I always knew MCQ's were a bad idea, it doesn't involve critical thinking like old tests.

  19. As a student and citizen of Hong Kong . I can say that if you don't pass Hkdse , you have no bright future

  20. I’m an American student and I’m currently learning many things that encourage me to expand my mind. My education has prompted me to learn things that may not be in my curriculum but in my future.

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