When the Mess if Out of Control (Prose #3) | VEDA 2017 #13

I have a tendency to let my messes get out
of hand. I leave one thing, then another thing, and
at the end of a million “things” I’m left with a mountain of mess. The more I see it, the more ashamed I feel
that I let it get so out of hand. And ironically, the acknowledgement leads
me to leave even more of a mess. That’s how my life was. Scattered. Absolutely, positively…SCATTERED. I had mostly made the mess myself and I couldn’t
clean it up for the life of me. And I didn’t want to let anybody in to clean
it. So I tried cleaning it myself…it only got
messy again. But then one day, someone offered me help. Help? Who needs help! I can do this all by myself, right? After all, letting someone into my room would
mean letting them see all of the things I left, the mistakes I made and all of their
repercussions lying on the floor, lying on my chest, lying on my heart. But He didn’t care. And at first, He didn’t want to even clean. He just wanted to be with me. Little, old messy me. And in being with me, He was able to tell
me everything I’d ever left on my chest. Why I left it and when I left it. What order I left it in…all before I even
told Him. And for the first time, I was okay with someone
knowing me so deeply. I cried. A lot. I even kept trying to clean the mess myself. But the same cycles would happen. So I looked into His eyes. Deeply. And for the first time in my life, I let someone
help me. And then, all while looking in his eyes, without
me even noticing, He took up each problem, one by one and separated them. He threw out the things that needed to be thrown
out and put away the things that needed to be put away. And before I knew it, the mess was gone. All I had to do was stay in love. My story isn’t finished…because rooms often
don’t stay clean…but He hasn’t left ever since He came that day. And I don’t ever want Him to leave. Jesus is alive.

3 thoughts on “When the Mess if Out of Control (Prose #3) | VEDA 2017 #13

  1. BRUH!! I really loved this vlog. It was simple but perhaps the music and storytelling made it so artistic. VEDA is really doing you well. 🙂 Can't wait for the next one. P.S. It's amazing how allowing someone in your room can make one so vulnerable. LOVED This!

  2. When I have messy spaces that's when I need to recharge and take a breather and reevaluate and treat the cause not just the symptom.

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