When should authors build their author platform?

even asks when should you build your platform before you're right or after you're right I hear that you can get an agent more easily if you have a large platform well I don't want to merely mount this answer but you should be building your platform immediately and never ever stop the minute you stop building your platforms and then you stop marketing your book is the mini of your book dives you can never have a big enough platform you can never have too many friends so many allies or so many people on your lists and it starts today so what does that meet your writing well you get to write your book too so they really do go hand in hand let's face it you're not going to write 24 hours a day you're not going to market 24 hours a day you need breaks so do them both simultaneously hand-in-hand when you're tired of doing one to the other are gathered together you are doing both go out for a walk clear your head and then go back and and write your book and mark and build your platform I hope this helps but it really is a never-ending question so long as I could chicken and egg question which comes first well you have to do both and you have to do two nor later and frankly you can never start building your platform soon enough I hope this helps

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