When Adults Color Children’s Books!

Woo, what’s poppin yeah my thing, bro. Yeah, are you joking that’s my chair that was my chair fam What Going on guys welcome to another episode of Yiay us sorry I was watching a video go wake up We’re looking at times adults did coloring books for kids they turn out pretty bad I remember when I was a kid I used to draw Remember Pooh the bear the innocent Pooh the bear he loved honey all right, but, honey, honey. Oh, you call me, honey This is not what I expected I’m in shock so basically someone’s running after them saying don’t do it and then poof. She’s like I just love the detail. I pretty much you could tell from like the bloodstains in my hat you Finally he’s gone. All right. This is oh You miss so we got a princess, but um what is transformed we got? Your fam what you watch I just came back and you show me someone learning how to go potty fam she’s not learning she’s doing it, and she’s feeling very excited doing it look at that (What a tiny little toilet) I can imagine Anthony dressed up on Halloween doing this can you guys imagine him dressed up as a princess? alright We’re putting him in there boom. That’s you baby. Oh, guess what I’m gonna do Are you racist (bleep)? I didn’t say anything Next races all right aces draw a picture fuck you voice my voice yeah picture of your favorite bird. Oh big bird. This is meant for you We’re talking about yes four fingers that to be his index. He’d be doing this this man Just said that could be his index by bye. He knows when you He knows how long your neck is he knows if you’ve been bad on YouTube before you crap finish on the show the saticons before and Santa Claus It looks like a from Pirates of the Caribbean Yoho, yoho, a pirate’s life for me. All right. We got a very innocent girl on the left here How instant she’s picking a flowers until or or or? or she’s picking flowers for her victims or or (*seal noises*) It’s not flowers. It’s it’s brain. You spit a man its brain look what she did she’s a zombie have you ever seen that show izombie. They’re not actually that bad They’re pretty good-looking. Are you joking right now? Yeah, Are you joking? You wana pound? Think that sides a pound with a dead girl a lovely unicorn A lovely unicorn, Now it turns BIONIC. Yo its like the game, What game, Robot Unicorn. Its just like the game, Robot Unicorn. Maybe I saw the attack. Oh it is yeah Robot Unicorn it is This one’s a lot more corrupt. It’s kind of scary. You can see the flesh that it looks as like a zombie It’s not even a robot. She’s cooking them. She’s cooking them bro. Oh I like her finesse. She’s like Salt bae An ant casually strolling by the grass just enjoying its time and all the way oh It’s late. It’s lit it got lit here. It looks like you to, like your neck, that does not look like me wait Oh, you’re saying how short neck thank you all a childhood guys Did you ever do this when you were a kid did you ever try to lie and ant on fire with a magnifying glass cuz? I know a lot of people. Did you know I put a hose? You put a hose full of water in an anthill yeah, this guy’s nice. I give him the pool fam You gave him a free swimming lesson. Yeah, no so what I did I use a magnifying glass on the couch Cuz the couch was right next to the window and the Sun I use it and it burned the couch And I told my mom and she said it’s okay, she let me go with a free pass No, you told me that a deal was on the couch, and you wanted to light the couch on fire No, no, that’s not funny. No then your mom yelled at you because you actually burned your brother No, I want you to burn why cuz I’m lit? He reminds me a betting ink machine in a way It’s a corrupt Disney character always cuz it almost looks like goofy except. It’s Mickey and Minnie and Minnie’s burning. were family Awww I knew we were Bastard get me a hug Yo, give me a hug. I thought were family stop touching me. Oh my god, bro What this is what you would do their dog? On His pants he’s so clumsy Mickey. No. That’s not what it means See that’s the problem. You know what you didn’t know what Mickey’s trying to do He’s he’s not as innocent as you think what do you actually think he’s doing looking for dinner, bro look? What you put honey Okay? What do you think he’s doing having the bear lick get from his finger? And then what you dropped it on his hands and not perfectly circular stain Do you think that was an accident is that what you call yourself an accident you call me an accident? You’d be so what is this ant is that which is a worm so for Caterpillar? It’s a caterpillar. It’s pinned daddy practiced Satanism what’s Dubai? I think misspelled Delhi. Devil was the elephant it’s hidden Period how is that a period Anthony? That’s a period fam? Oh, it’s probably Jewish book. He’s even holding that house It’s Jewish he’s a star, bro. He’s holding an L. What L. That’s a V cute pals That’s very adorable the cat isn’t trying to do Or is it? Anthony what you starving cuz you don’t feed her cab what’s going on Anthony, what aisle you the goldfish no I want you to look at the cat. Oh oh oh What this is not a friendly cat why not? He taught us friendly. You know ever mine ever mine. Is it is her mine gave Jennifer’s Body We’re like their friends and they thought oh, hi Jennifer’s body I remember that she became a monster the heck is going on Yo run cut leap out cuddly pal. He will come and vice you Be POW the happy saw the dog the dog was eating on jelly and then he Really, that’s not jelly Jess is the making of a serial killer here look at his face Guys this is what happens when adults try to color kids coloring books. Okay, it does not turn out well yesterday This is the guy behind all these drawings by the way Anthony’s all not drew these I know how to draw So thank you so much for watching. Hope you enjoyed Hope you subscribe suggest more video ideas and we’ll see you next time on another episode of Yosh time Have a good one and peace out! Buy my merch you so much. It’s where you love me son Owen body you are

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  1. Unicorns aren’t evil >: there lovely they spread good dreams around. Also CATS ARE AWESOME IF UR LONELY YOU ADOPT A CAT. Also dogs are nice

  2. hello my friend just kidding you are my friend but you know that idiot

  3. Once at Summer Camp, we had themes. The theme for the day this occurred was cartoon. I decided to draw Micky mouse.


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    watermelons, anyone?
    Also this is mah first time making a cute bunny like dis :3

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  6. 1:55 I remember Tal was singing he knows when you are sleeping than Anthony says he knows how long your neck is

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