What's New in Media Composer (8.3)

Vedic composure is the most proven video editing software in the industry it's trusted by professional editors in every segment of film television and broadcast designed to handle high volumes of disparate file based media Media Composer delivers accelerated high res and HD workflows real-time collaboration in powerful media management eliminating time-consuming tasks so you can focus on telling a great story and the choice is yours edit on premises remotely through the cloud on demand through low-cost subscription or own it outright making Media Composer the most versatile and accessible tool for professional creative editorial Media Composer 8-3 comes packed with improvements and features that we know you'll be excited about so let's take a look satisfy your audience's insatiable appetite for higher quality with more inspiring content delivered when they want where they want and on any device they want with native support for 2k Ultra High Definition and 4k you can acquire manage edit and deliver content with speed and ease plus you can view 2k and 4k media in its native resolution on a client monitor in real time using your choice of third-party open io compatible hardware take any job in any media resolution without limits with avid resolution independence you can work with practically any media in every resolution SD HD 4k and beyond using your existing infrastructure automate the process of duplicating and parking high-res media into Nearline storage using dynamic media folders automatically transcode media twerking editorial formats from lightweight proxies to HD and even master quality high risk formats at a fraction of the original sizes using the new DN xhr codec link to consolidate and transcode media to any raster size and frame rate easily relayed clips to their high-res sources for final mastering deliver a high res master of your finished project right inside Media Composer eliminating the need to export to other tools for finishing when we introduce DNxHD we gave you the beauty without the bandwidth enabling you to work with and master HD media easily without blowing your storage budget and now we're expanding these same benefits to high res with DN xhr you can work with a wider range of resolutions to fit your task at hand from lightweight proxies that are a fraction of the raw file sizes to even more mastering resolutions including 2k and 4k for delivery plus it's completely backwards compatible with DNxHD as it's built on the same extensible standards-based media codec Media Composer now supports higher frame rates including 48 P and 60 p with HD 2k 4k and Ultra HD media enabling you to preserve more image information and natural motion with stunning clarity even in the most chaotic action scenes you'll even enjoy more flexibility when creating motion effects you can now get access to a full range of new color standards that high res project's demand enabling you to deliver content with the richest most realistic color detail for the medium at hand with Media Composer you can now work with BT 2020 for ultra high-definition broadcasts in DCI p3 for 2k and 4k digital cinema projectors in addition to rec 709 for HDTV broadcasting gain more time to focus on your story instead of waiting for effects to render or trance codes to complete with these tasks handled completely in the background you can greatly speed up your editorial process especially when working with 4k media which can take around 4 times longer to render than 1080p HD media these are the big players in a3 but that's not all for a full list of all the new features like exporting high-res DPX or the quick filter tool or the ability to switch project resolutions and have pre-compute renders automatically relink check out the what's new an 8-3 guide inside the avid knowledge base and as always if you're looking for how-to inside avid check out the videos including the all-new high resolution series right here at avid comm forward slash how to

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  1. I´m a little confused… This video was made with Avid ??.. or what kind of final results can I get with this program … ?…

  2. I downloaded the Looklabs Speedlooks but my Color Management window will not let me import them?  Anyone else having trouble installing LUTs?  Thanks

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