What's a Speaking Book?

a billion people cannot read and even more cannot follow simple health care instructions especially when it is not in their own home language until recently communicating with low literacy communities relied on word of mouth or infrequent meetings with health care workers so we created the speaking book a world-first combining pictures text and soundtrack all culturally appropriate and recorded in the relevant languages often by a local celebrity we are now in 35 languages on over 65 health care and literacy issues from TB malaria polio and hand-washing to clinical trials suicide prevention dementia HIV and AIDS and used throughout Africa China India Pakistan Haiti South America and the USA the life-changing impact of speaking books has been clearly established supported by numerous research studies and endorsed by the world Medical Association CDC and Johns Hopkins used and funded by many government health departments pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer GSK Merck Lilly Sanofi and synovium as well as UNICEF UNESCO US aid Sesame saved the children and Rotary International the speaking book bridges the communication gap between the first world and developing countries the messages are seen heard and understood with life-saving results each speaking book reaches multiple users with one research study by UNICEF indicating a hundred and twenty users per book making this an incredibly cost-effective solution and an invaluable leave behind for sharing our team does it all from writing recording and illustrating the books to production and shipping of the finished product so talk to us now about how we can partner with you to reach the world's most vulnerable and underserved people together we will make a difference

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