What will ‘Anonymous’ author reveal in book ‘A Warning’?

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  1. Remember people. Do not get Anonymous mixed up with QAnon. They are diametrically opposed!! Thumbs up to Anonymous. Thumbs down for QAnon in my world. But make up your own mind. I don't ever want to tell people what to think in this day and age!

  2. Most Fox viewers and Republicans don't know that GOP representatives are attending the closed door hearing? Is it surprising that Fox would try to keep that important fact secret? Is it surprising that many Republicans don't realize that GOP reps are attending these testimony sessions? Willful, blissful ignorance is absolutely required to be a Trumptard cult member.

  3. Reliable Sources? LMFAO.

    •There will be no impeachment.
    •Former Obama Administaration officials will be indicted.
    •Advertisers will abandon CNN.

  4. Liberals love secrecy for the powerful so much they should just run anonymous for president. Might have a winning chance then

  5. This is not heroic, their voice is needed right now, our country needs to hear your concerns about Trump, the people that still support Trump need to see this evidence. Please come forward before it’s too late, our beautiful country’s very life is at stake.

  6. Closely followed by the release of the books “No sh*t and “what are we going to do about it to and how to make sure this never happens again”

  7. Fear mongering book… just like when people sad it’s the apocalypse when Trump was elected President. Someone made an easy dollar…that is all this is.


  9. Yep! Now is the time, I agree. Once the impeachment hearing starts, it’s the best time to come forward and prove yourself.

  10. #1 best selling book on Amazon means CNN bought 50K issues to hype it as #1. Using the word Anonymous as a pen name means your untrustworthy and a pos.
    This will probably go as far as Acostas book…

  11. Jesus im gald no one on CNNs comment sections are old enough to vote. All you have to do is read. Its so obvious. They talking about trumps daughter having ill feeling bout their dad. Ignorant. Lies only believable to a young child who knows NOTHING about real life as a adult.

    This is just brainwashed youths. Again luckly none old enough to vote. Thank god.

    And even if they are old enough. They obviously too stupid to know how. Theyd need a parent or guardian or helper to hold their hand to the booth

  12. Trump is a CON Man he could be the author. And just rolling in more cash to go into their World Bank Account that Ivanka oversees because she works there. Daddy hooked her up all their moneys that they have ripped off is being funnelled their.

  13. you don't need a book .you need to get Barr, trump , GOP and all who lie for him out of your WH and in the worst jail you guys have. you are all in real danger act now.

  14. Yesssss, and anonymous author is PINOCCHIO!!!!


  16. Nancy and Adam are going to try to parlay this Anonymous book into more impeachment hype. They will try to say “ see…somebody wrote jab out it.” None of it is credible but they will attempt it. Dems must be so proud of there leaders and their party…smh

  17. Who ~isn't~ the source? If the whole truth were told about everything that's gone on – and still is – we'd have a mountain of steaming shit higher than Mt. Everest.

  18. If what someone is writing is true why do they need to be anonymous? I wouldn't trust anyone advertising on CNN. CNN has never said anything positive about anything or anyone since they have been on air? No wonder they have low ratings. Its depressing to listen to.

  19. My guess would be his estranged daughter…..Tiffany right??? —oh no wait ✋ she's a blonde..my bad 😏
    I'll buy it just because I like anything Anti-Trump 👍

  20. Reliable Resources promoting Anonymous… what a joke! Highly likely to be fabricated by the Democrat and Main Stream Media conglomerate! They are SO Desperate, taking every opportunity to create false narratives knowing that they don’t have any candidate with even a long shot chance at beating Trump in 2020.

  21. короче демократы и их сторонники достали уже. Наш Президент это самое лучшее что случилось с Америкой после Рейгана. In short, the Democrats and their supporters are completely fucked up. Fuck off Our President. He is the best thing that happened to America after Reagan.

  22. University of Alabama don't want fans to boo trump so they are calling it disruptive. Well his direspect for intelligence agencies in this country disrespect the whole country on Russia soil the whole White House needs to boo out the white house

  23. Based on exerts from this upcoming book titled “A Warning- Anonymous” Trump really truly was an idiot. He is very unfit to be the president. Based on some of the information, he is unfit to be any type of leader. It’s truly time to impeach and remove Trump from the office of the presidency; before he really destroys our country.

  24. Stupid question here? please read it !! Can Kushner be the whistleblower? Let me know what can he get from that and why?

  25. BE VERY AFRAID … This same incoherent simpleton had one-on-one, nobody else but a translator, meeting(s) with our enemy, Putin! Get it PUTIN was the only ADULT in the room!

  26. I think its George Conway.
    Because of the cussing, like he cant hold it.

    Plus this was all stuff that was done around Conway.

    The things he descibed he was witmess to.

  27. The book reveals a Trump administration full of educated fools who's failure to walk away from their criminal boss demonstrates their lack of integrity and credibility It reveals a group of people who possess a cowardice that parallels the cowardice of their master.  
    LOL! Are these people so desperate for their jobs that they just up and throw their pride and dignity into the trash can in front of all of America and the world?  
    We see it, and we definitely pity and feel sorry for them, and we cry for them but our tears are from uncontrollable laughter at the sheer stupidity of the master slave relationship between them and their basket case boss. May God help these people find themselves.

  28. Visions of the "cult" coming to Trump's defense and that's inevitable. However, just like Trump and his cronies are demanding that the whistleblower be "outted" it will be their same argument "how can anyone believe an anonymous source". Well the answer is easy. How can anyone trust Trump anymore when all he's done is lie, and lie, and lie some more! I choose to take my chances and believe the anonymous author! It's safer!

  29. There is sucker born every minute. These people have been played by a smart person who has deftly taken advantage of their narrative. He got them to give him/her tremendous PR for a fake book with a fake author. Absolute proof that the American media is corrupt. They will make anyone rich who slanders Trump, even con men. Any kid who watches the news can write a fake book like this.

  30. Wouldn't it be priceless if Anonymous was Melanie Trump???!!!😂😁😎
    If it is, then the book really should be called… "I married a piece of shit"
    Or maybe it's Stephen King…. He writes great horror novels lol😁

  31. We have a lying traitor running the most crooked administration in American history. Congress is also treasonous in their allowing this sorry spectacle to go on and trying to defend the indefensible.. Wake up America

  32. What is realy disturbing is that a clandestine group is prepared to write anonymously a book of fiction in order to destabilize the power of the Presidency & Government of USA . This is a very serious act of treason which CNN are ignoring.

  33. That's funny, an anonymous book . Kind of reminds you of the FAKE news liberal media. No wonder no one believes the liberal media anymore.

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