What Rutgers beat writers want to see in spring game

everybody keeps sergeant here with James crash previewing the the Rutgers spring game on Saturday one thing that you'll be looking for I'm going to read to see what they do with the running backs obviously I think Jonathan Hillman has the inside track grant transfer to be the starter but they want to get Rahim blackshoe in the field they say he's the most dynamic player but they also want to keep him upright you know he's not a guy who's gonna have 2530 touches a game I say Pacheco freshman is flash tray and strikes need so I'm intrigued to see especially on the situational in a third down red zone two-minute how they use the running backs what the personnel deployment is I think that could be a little bit telling I'm gonna take the slam dunk um it's a quarterback's I mean yellow I'm no different than you know what I think the fans perspective you're gonna be looking at you know the quarterback we by now everyone knows what Gio is field Roisin yell you know probably good enough to win big 10 games but you know the guy everyone wants to see is our artist Kowski you know how is he gonna look under lights for the first time with fans and you know and you know Jonathan Lewis a you know another guy who let's see the improvement that he makes and let's see how that quarterback competition goes really intrigued by to see way to see you know artsy kasky you remember to quote that chopping know if he gave whoever throws the wall on their rotten truss upon you know let's see if you get throw the rock across the pond no definitely it should be a you know it's gonna be full tackle it's gonna somewhat resemble football camp modified scrimmage won't be two hand side should be a fun day beautiful day yeah thing in the weather in the eighties so we will be here at high point solution same on Saturday Steve politi well actually I think we got him off we'll have to get on a GPS yeah um so Dustin national he's big-time he played the course yes coming here he might be playing a Rutgers golf course doing that yeah but that's it for us here and we'll see you later

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