what makes a good lyricist in hip-hop now lyricism is probably the number-one complaint that a lot of hip-hop fans complained about you know where's the lyrics whereas a you know the clever metaphors in and just the overall creativity with lyrics and every that's pretty much the number one problem and complaint that a lot of people have with hip-hop but a lot of times especially people who don't really understand what the culture of hip-hop is in the art form they this kind of you know like rap you know they're like okay that song sounds cool or you know this song has a cool little Beatles got Nicki Minaj on it so I like that song you know you have a lot of hip-hop fans that are like that and a lot of people don't understand that lyricism doesn't just consist of you know somebody who was conscious or somebody who was talking about actual life situations or things that are going on in the world a lot of times you have people who listen to rap deals with a hip-hop however you want to call it you have people who mix substance up with lyricism do sell care where this artists doesn't talk about anything for real or they don't talk about things that actually going on in the world but see that's substance that's not lyricism and a lot of people mix that up all the time you got artists out there like like for one Ludacris I think Ludacris is one of the most lyrical cats that probably ever was in the game you know he doesn't always talk about you know uh you know private E and you know all these political issues well the conscious stuff he's pretty much like a animated type of artists you know you put stuff out he's funny he's very animated delivery is bananas but I will say he's he's a great lyricist because he's somebody who is real clever in the way he puts the rhymes together in a way he says them on the track and it comes off to the people like you know why this guy you know really growing a handful on his track he's a great lyricist but a lot of times don't give him his respect because he doesn't talk about you know the things that are actually going on or you know political stuff another great lyrics is that I think a lot of people sleep on they just now giving me giving him his credit it's fabulous I've been fabulous as a dope lira see again another artist who probably lacks substance you know he got a little bit more substance with him you know on those was way his last album but fabulous does lack substance you know I've said that for years but when we look at the content of his rhymes and the way he puts them together and you know the way he did his punch line at the person like him alloy Basin you know do that crazy the punch line is stuff that they do it's just it's crazy you know it makes me be like wow you know that was clever but he just sit here that was funny right there and I think found this is where you know slept on ours when it comes to action you know lyricism but you have people here who just say you know maybe uh you know calm you know tie live choir you know most dare for jay-z or not they'll say those are type of ours who you know just have lyrics and that's not necessary to cake you know those guys I think just especially you look at artists like you know nods and those type all or maybe like a Chuck D or care as one I think their content and what they talk about relates to the people more you know they had that substance within their lyricism so it's like because the people relate to what they're saying more they come off as you know better lyrics and that's basically opinions because you might have somebody else who would say okay what they're talking about real-life situations but what they're saying is not as Clarence would you know maybe Ludacris and or you know maybe alloy Banksy but so you know that's just basically opinions now me you know what I consider a Lehrer sin to someone who is very intricate and very clever and artistic with the way they write the Raj you know like a lot of time with jay-z we do back in the day is like here to this day he does it every now and then but I feel like jay-z's gonna compass lyrics he's fell off a little bit but he will write stuff that you know you wouldn't get it right away you have to go back and listen to the track and really analyze what it was saying to get down what he really wanted to come across on the record same thing is not he would do that you know you listen the illmatic or it was written which I think personally was his better album you know it was written I think is better he'll bag but that's my personal opinion but when you listen to his lyricism and all the complex words he was stolen at you know I mean he used to stuff that words that nobody really was was you know didn't even know about at the time you know this is what early nineties midnight nobody really was spin like that so that's what you call somebody that's a great lyricist somebody who is pushing the envelope somebody who is relating to the people and somebody who is very clever in the way they write rhymes so arm that's basically what I want to say you know I want to make a video on what exactly are good lyrics and what better artists have great lives you know another die I will say it's probably jaded kids I don't think he gets a lot of respect for you know his writing ability biggie was another great lyricist in the way he would paint pitches with you know it's layers mean he's very I would say graphic and very intricate and how he would write you know that he wasn't as complex as a NAS or even maybe uh early jay-z but the way he would write it was very visual was like if I his records were like a movie you go back and listen to ready to die or you know both of Biggie's islands you know you can a lot of it still it's very visual but that's just comes with you know somebody really know in the art form and somebody really being able to pay attention and understand good hip-hop a lot of times you know audience now they're just like beats you know long as you got a nice beat a nice hook that's cool you know and the radio and record companies that really dumbed down a lot of rappers so it's like the stuff that's being shot out to the radio it's kind of brainwashing a lot of audience to think okay well you know this is cool you know somebody like a future no disrespect the food you know makes hit records he has very good beats and nice hooks but somebody like future wouldn't last and in the prime of hip-hop when he was in his nineties because I think a lot of our audience were more they were up on a game about what's really art and hip-hop and not just what sounds good somebody like future coming out with that sure but all that shit that shit won the flu people we're gonna get the fuck out of here but you know today's audience it's like you know the more you dumbed down your your lyrics and you dumb down things you make it simple and Carl I um like I'm just kind of like a dr. Seuss bubblegum type of flow the boys sales so you know you got to understand that the record companies are nothing but a business so they're gonna pump out what people are buying and what people are you know dancing and clubbing – and you know what's selling so you know that's why a lot of times you know artists now they even are that are getting signed but not that very lyrical because it's more about who can make a hit record and who can sell albums more than who actually has talent but you know it is what in like I said in previous my big world it's not going to change into the consumers start saying hey we don't want this bullshit anymore we don't win out buying you know bubblegum rap we're not buying things that you know just you just saying whatever and just putting a catchy hook on it it's all about the consumers and we get back to that state we appreciate you know art like you know what I live quality does or comment or you know the lot is grayed out like a big crate is another one we start respecting that type of art form of hip-hop as we go get back to you know us having good music but it took in it's gonna be fucked up and it's gonna be about what selling but you know I just wanna talk about lyricism yeah I have anything to add on to it or whatever you know but you feel like you know good lyrics and lyricist is then you know comment do all that good stuff you know like I said before I feel like you know small tiles they're bringing back their lyricism you listen to a lot of stuff they say you know they have very catching metaphors and a lot of things that they say you got to go back and listen to it again and it makes the it makes the music more fun to when you have to go back and really analyze and somebody was saying and he's saying damn my dad was a really do stuff whether he just said it right man or what she just said and I think you just really need to get back to that lyricism in the game and you know disrespect him people who actually put thought into what they're writing down you know they don't have to be conscious or you know political talking about the recessional you know how poor people are on the hood it could just be somebody who it's spending great rhymes you know just bought the bar now the great lyricist you know my homeboy locksmith I'll look him up locksmith is bananas with the lyrics you know a song in particular y'all check out rare form dad dad dad joke okay you can even go on and track but um that's it y'all give me y'all feedback and you know anything you want to add on and I'm out Shawn support real hip-hop


  1. did this nigga literaly make a video about lyricist's and not mention eminem lmfao wtf !?!? gtfo kid 😂😂😂 u must be retarded

  2. I never understood why people don't include substance in regards to lyricism. I mean it is called LYRICAL content. I judged lyricism based on a rappers content, rhyming ability/patterns, metaphors/similes, storytelling/visual detail, puns, entendre's and alliteration (which isn't used much). When you combine all those aspects is when a rapper can put out classic and timeless verses.

  3. What makes a great lyricist in hip hop is how intelligent they are and how gifted they are.
    The best poetic,educational rappers from the 90's were 2Pac,Nas,KRS-ONE,Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest,etc,etc.I think RUN-DMC and Chuck D were great writers.
    The best rappers with a lot of flow and swing
    was Biggie,Jay-Z,Mobb Deep,Naughty By Nature,NWA,Wu-Tang,Snoop Dogg,Dr.Dre.I think Heavy D had a lot of flow in his rhymes.
    I even think MC Lyte and Queen Latifah were great lyricist.Nicki Minaj isn't

  4. You're right man. I use to think that way but you're right. Biggie was a lyricist but he lacked substance most of the time & pac had substance but he wasn't a lyricist like biggie.

  5. This might sound funny but wiz khalifa actually used to be very lyrical in his underground days. He was real good with the punchlines and he wasnt always talking about smoking trees. His first tape prince of the city pistolvania was real lyrical for his age. In fact all of his mixtapes before flight school were very lyrical.

  6. The following, are but a few facets that I believe a recording artist must possess, in order to be considered a good lyricist: [Originality], creativity, delivery, [consistency], conciseness, insightfulness, & the ability to utilize metaphors & similes effectively. Also; of note — the ability to incorporate evocative lyrics [efficiently], is another area of importance.

  7. yeah, ludacris is usually animated, but he does have some songs substance. For example, "Runaway Girl", "Hard Times", and "Growing Pains". But otherwise, I agree with everything you said in the video.

  8. Another good video my dude.Kool G Rap said it best, what makes a great lyricist is their flow ,voice,word play or cleverness,delivery ,and their ability to tell a story.

  9. Loso was always a good punchline-metaphor type dude…Now with the Biggie point you made, you're too right…I swear the best Hip-Hop story ever due to the detail and how vivid the picture painted was Big's "Niggas Bleed"

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