What Jon Meacham Hopes Mitch McConnell Learns From His Book On Impeachment | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

51 thoughts on “What Jon Meacham Hopes Mitch McConnell Learns From His Book On Impeachment | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. I'd give up my next paycheck to hear t'rump explain for 5 whole minutes what is in the US Constitution.
    Two paychecks for him to try to read it out loud – without the big words written out phonetically.

  2. Mitch McConnell's 86 yrs old. He's the Grim Reaper aka Cocaine Mitch aka Moscow Mitch, he doesn't have the interest or enough time left to read any god darned book written by a Democrat or liberal.

  3. Trump would say that George Mason was a never Trumper.
    Trump's cultists actually believe that Trump is a better president than Abraham Lincoln. Which is basically like saying that ebola is better than a common cold.

  4. Mr Turley, would you be willing to file a timely FOIA request for the files and testimony you believe the Judiciary Committee requires to proceed?

    Congressional subpoenas were unable to obtain Ukraine-related communications between GIULIANI and State Department officials including SoS Pompeo. 
    American Oversight used the FOIAct to obtain documents and others not yet provided.

  5. My question is why do the Republicans want to side with Trump when if he wins another term they will be out of a job because he will be a DICTATOR and he will not need a congress any more!

  6. If Trump's actions are not impeachable, what is? Cause you can bet there will be a Democrat POTUS in the future and you don't want to set the bar too low – or are you willing to sacrifice the future for Donald J Trump today?

  7. I doubt the founders would have imagined politicians would so debase themselves as to completely sell their souls in the face of overwhelming evidence.

  8. McConnell may indeed read the book. It'll make him laugh, and who knows, there may be some pointers vis à vis the acquisition of yet more power.

  9. We must impeach Trump and send him and his family to prison. Then we must arrest the uneducated deplorable people in the rural areas and confiscate the property.

  10. Trump supporters are dense, over 3,000 versions of Christian Religion, can't make something out of nothing
    Majority of supporters, white racist, high school drop outs, gullible, belief the WWE and Bigfoot are real

  11. I think we use a vote of no confidence to remove someone in a position of authority, like our Prime Minister. John says here that impeachment hasn’t actually succeeded at removing the President, and I wonder if our system makes a somewhat stronger statement, because having NO confidence in a leader means they must go. If a majority votes no confidence, the person must resign. And if the PM is the one that has lost a vote of no confidence, his/her entire party must resign.

    You guys need that! The whole party.

  12. Brian Williams and Guests,
    THE IMPEACHMENT PROCESS WORKS!!! If the Impeachment process was not in place, Nixon NEVER would have resigned! He had just won his 2nd term by a landslide. THE IMPEACHMENT PROCESS WORKS!!! It removed Nixon.

    Andrew Johnson will go down in history as the 1st President to be impeached by the House and he was only ONE SINGLE vote away from being removed in the Senate. That obviously was not just a partisan thing.

    And, Clinton never should have been impeached in the 1st place since his personal CONSENTUAL affairs are none of our business to be asking about in front of Congress. Republicans realized this would effect their polls if they continued to try to remove him for something that had nothing to do with his Oath of Office. Therefore, the PROCESS WORKS!!!

    I wish you would change your narrative about it!

  13. Get OFF the couch Dems!!


  14. Wheres Obama when we need him.. we sure could use an articulate smart Intuitive Intelligent dignified classy honorable loveable respected humble super president rite now.. Trump is No Obama and all of his MAGA fans wish he was…
    Nope but instead America has a criminal hateful miserable foolish con man named Donald J Trump living on Taxpayers dime and squandering away America's Respect

  15. The Republicans are hitching their wagon to a wild, bucking horse they can't possibly control. It's only a matter of time before the horse stomps and tramples everything in its way, with no regard or well-being to anyone else.

  16. I find it hard to see why anyone living in the 21st Century can say that they know exactly what was in the mind of a person who lived in the 18th Century. A persons writings do not come close to what they may have thought before, during, or after they may have put pen to paper.

  17. To the commenter below Our fore Father's wrote the those Articles & Statutes to prevent what could happen it the future abd, here we are. Remember we divested from the King of England; the Thirteen Colonies we were starting a Republic with a President not a KING to Lead and , Govnern the Nation "We The People".

  18. "And not simply the people who sent him there, " You mean the Russians?

    The repugnicants have never done anything for the common man, except make it easier to steal from them…

  19. Too bad, the Republicans, Trump and his supporters are dumb, they just don’t understand the Constitution, they think they’re above the law. They’re so blind and don’t see the facts.

  20. "…shall any man be above justice…": question is, whos' justice? Evidently, G.W. Bush, Cheney, et al were/are above international justice… (that the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee submitted well over 30 Articles of Impeachment against Gee-Dubyuh notwithstanding)

  21. Is there a valid reason that the DoJ is not allowed to indict a sitting president? Can we change that "rule" or law, or whathaveyou

  22. If they can’t rid the Oval Office of him by impeachment what is the probability he will use the office to commit even more heinous crimes than bribery and abuse of power ? And when exactly will he be OUT of the office of President so he can DO NO HARM? Will he be there until the end of the term and will he be qualified to run for office again? He should be constrained at least until he’s out of the office.

  23. Moscow Mitch's number is ph: (202) 224-2541  Let's all call him and tell him to follow the will of the people. He works for us!!

  24. I've just watched four or five MSNBC videos in a row and in between each YOUTUBE video, you show the same Lester Holt promo that you have been showing for ages. Surely, you must know how sick we are of seeing this same ad over and over. Surely the bright minds and limitless money MSNBC has, can come up with something fresh.

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