hi so today we wanted to talk about what it means to study some language and literature at university whenever I tell people today that I'm from Serbia that I'm fluent for fluent in Serbian and when I tell them that I study Serbian language and literature at the University they always they always ask me questions like but white wire studying Serbian is you're already fluent in it didn't you say you're fluent in it I like a lot of people don't realize that learning some language and literature as your main course the course is not learning to say hello good morning how are you and so on it's not whirling it a one-level or something like that no it's about learning do you know what subjects we have we have phonology morphology linguistics the tactics a lot of we are learning about a lot of Sciences this is in introducing us to a lot of Sciences a lot of branches of Sciences that how that are about languages for example phonology is in phonology you will learn you will learn about changes in language in surveilling which let's say changes what causes those changes where to put accent you will learn also about many things that are related to sounds in language ok phonology it is fun ok in morphology for example you will learn about about well morphology is about form of words and how should they explain me English it's about how the world looks and how it can change about endings of words perfect suffixes in fixes it's a lot of things to learn it's not easy it's not learning some some things that it's learning how to speak it's more theoretical sometimes so whenever someone says that or for example sometimes language and official language that is taught in schools is sometimes very very different from the local variety of the language so for example such social linguistics and the elec dialectic are about it no no dialectic dialectal dialectology is about you it's about dialects and you can learn like how does have some dialect from some different area sounds like what are its characteristics and so on socio linguistics is a mix of linguistics and sociology it means a language in touch with society let's see it like that how how language changes in relation with society that uses it so it's not it's not learning some basics it's not like taking a class taking classes of foreign language it's it's literally getting to know your language your chosen language to the smallest details it's serious science we learn a lot and we share language it is if it is serving language and literature or French language and literature or English or Hindi or bottom it's complex


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