What is writer’s block? How to deal with writers block? (w/ Module)

hey guys welcome back to another video
I’m your host Weaver beats and today I’m doing a video about writer’s block I
actually tried to video on this before I Shawn edited the whole video before
realizing I came to almost no conclusions so I shoved the project
until I recently found a hologram machine so I’m a hologram my buddy
module in here to help me out with this hey man how’s it going
sup Weaver does that hurt this is my first time using this yeah that was
actually extremely painful we get this over with all right we heard the man
let’s get this started writer’s block is ultimately a personal
issue that has experienced very subjectively dependent on the person in
question no two people experience it the same essentially it’s a creative
slowdown where creative process and enjoy entity is impeded by a lack of
personal Drive inspiration due to unresolved or unidentifiable reasons it
is something that people debate whether is real and ultimately can boil down to
a simple perceptual issue it can stem from a multitude of various
reasons such as mental and/or physical exhaustion bad mental disposition lack
of will lack of creativity depression confusion etc really anything that
impedes your creative ability can be identified as a source of writer’s block
a theory is that writer’s block is more than just a perceptual issue under the
rest brain will switch from the cerebral cortex to the limbic system causing a
perceptual shift that could influence creativity the limbic system is
associated with your fight-or-flight response the restricted input from the
cerebral cortex hinders creative functions you don’t even know that it’s
happening it has been suggested that it’s more important to focus on writing
than what’s right wrong or fits within the rules letting go of your emotions
while being creative and focusing on the art and now your feelings surrounding it
can help ease the tension and judgment that comes from this which ultimately
will help thee sustain a creative mindset another thing that helps is to
write completely by yourself all the way through before attempting to get any
sort of feedback outside opinion is good but it will ultimately impact your
creative process and work regardless of emotion inclination meditate anyway it works
clear your mind try taking breaks long or short breaks are inherently a part of
the creative process and are necessary for healthy work expose yourself to
other creative ideas and concepts but stay original and don’t copy others
exercise or workout and eat well the positive mental impact associated with
both is actually rather significant don’t force anything you don’t get
anywhere by trying to force yourself into a mood you’re not in or to force
work to be done we’re not trying to do it right without short-term breaks try
to write all the way through now we’re both going to tell you about our
personal experiences of the writer’s block here’s what I noticed when I took
a break but many of my creative ventures I came back with a fresher perspective I
had new ideas for new tricks when I was skateboarding I had new ideas for beats
and songs when I was making music it’s almost as if by taking a break I was
able to get out of the routine that I was constantly in in my mind and able to
think in a new way I think writer’s block is your mind
getting too close to something you use your objectivity on it so you need to
put space between you and your work writer’s block has not affected me much
recently but in the past I had struggled with not fully completing tracks to the
point I wasn’t releasing anything what finally got me out of it to be honest
wasn’t one thing with just my own personal drive to want to get over the
issue as facing of not enjoying the tracks I was making it as a result not
completing them over time I improved due to practice and started completing
tracks which led to me enjoying my music more and ultimately led to me making
more music okay so that’s it for this video you guys enjoy these long-form
videos this video to call it quite a bit longer to make the normal how to do
quite a bit of research fact-checking sources look if you enjoyed it leave a
comment asked like they should subscribe the module he’s also a great audio
engineer I promise he’ll start uploading soon if he doesn’t I promise lock start
him for money alright see you guys next time

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