What is StudioLink in Affinity Publisher?

okay so affinity just-released affinity publisher and we've been talking about the beta for a while here on the channel they finally have released the full version which you can purchase from them or from the Mac App Store and you can do it for Mac or Windows though and when they release the full version they also announced a new feature called studio link which is supposed to link all the affinity applications together inside of affinity publisher so that you can do raster at its in affinity photo do vector edits in a famed designer without having to actually switch programs so we're jumping in and we're going to see what this is like those were always disabled in the betas so we haven't got a chance to see it before I have updated my apps to 1.7 which it's supposed to be required for this to work and now we're going to try when I did try it initially it did say that you need to have the app open to verify so let me just show you I have not opened up photo yet so let's try opening it and it will say that if any photo is not installed it will ask me to buy it now which I am NOT going to do because I do have it installed I just haven't opened it up so and then you can see I have opened up designer and it says that it is successfully linked so all you have to do is have a frame designer one definitive photo 1.7 installed and then you can link them up so they did release a brand new like just slight edit on those apps which was 1.7.1 I think so I'm not sure if those are required or not that's what I have installed so I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to open up photo and then we're going to see if we can get this okay and while we're waiting for photo let's just go ahead and let's check out designer so I've just clicked on the designer persona up here and I am right here immediately I have the designer options here now I do have designer open at this time so I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to try and clothes designer and we're going to see if it still works and if we can still switch freely between these personas all right let's grab the pen tool and let's just draw something here okay that works perfectly we have that tool we have our color tools that were used to having and then we can switch back to you a fini publisher and we can grab our text tool and we can do a text box just pop in some filler text here okay so we have ticks looks like ticks trap doesn't wrap around vector objects or I at least don't know oh there we go okay perfect so we need we need to wrap around the vector object itself and so you can see we are easily then able to just jump between them so we can use the native node tool to make adjustments to the node without even switching personas but then we can go ahead and we can switch personas we can do something like add a gradient to this guy perfect so that's great okay so let's see if we can get photo open here so we can do that as well okay so now I have opened up affinity photo and so we should be able to link them together just by clicking on the photo persona and you can really see that we are in the fini photo now but still inside of publisher so let's go ahead and we'll jump back to poser and we will place an image here so now we'll just go ahead and we'll place the image and from within the image now we can just go to photo and we can actually just start doing the photo editing right here so let's go ahead and let's apply a vibrance layer to it looks like all of our layers appear here and then we have our vibrance adjustment layer so I can bring my rents up or down I should push that up nice a chin up slightly so this is pretty incredible it's like we can even do a curves you okay so looks like we can pretty much do anything here so this is amazing this is the new studio link feature in the brand new launched affinity publisher I'm very impressed with it so far this really changes everything in terms of layout workflow because it means you'll be able to make adjustments to both your vector and your raster artwork without needing to switch back and forth between programs you won't be disincentivize from making those changes this could really make a huge difference in the work of designers so I'm very excited about this let me know what you think about it in the comments let me know if it's working for you or what you're experiencing trouble with if you are again just make sure that you have the current versions of a funny photo and a famed designer installed and open them up one time the same time as you have publisher opened and it should work from there so pretty impressive piece of software here from the guys over at Sur ok I will be releasing a course on if any publisher soon so stay tuned to my skill set for that and as always remember to like this video and subscribe to the channel if you're interested in more videos like this

18 thoughts on “What is StudioLink in Affinity Publisher?

  1. Last month, I decided not to renew my Adobe subscription. And I haven't had a moment of regret. There was nothing in PS or AI that I couldn't do with Affinity Photo and Designer, at least as well, sometimes better.

  2. Publisher has no step and repeat, a major omission on it's part. Without it, will never challenge inDesign or Quark.
    Maybe the tableview could be a workaround to compensate, need to play around with it a bit more.

  3. Believe it or not, waaaay back in the 90s, there actually was a feature like Studio Link in Coreldraw. I can remember thinking back then that it seemed like a cool feature if it would work. It would attempt to pull in other programs if I remember correctly, not just Corel programs. It could pull in Microsoft word or something. It would open up inside Coreldraw. You’d do whatever work and when you closed it, the new work would be left inside Coreldraw. But it never ever worked correctly. It would take ages to open up the other program, and it would crash or freeze at some point along the way. But as futuristic and next level as Studio Link appears to be, it’s amazing that this was being attempted decades ago.

    I don’t have a lot of use for Serif’s Affinity products although I still use their discontinued DrawPlus a lot. The grand prize for me would be for this kind of system to become universally supported. That way you could link any two programs that supported it.

  4. adobe needs to do something
    they need to revamp their products or affinity will definitely takeover
    i also believe affinity will release their own premier pro & ae in coming years

  5. FYI – StudioLink only works when the Affinity apps are installed in the Applications Folder (Mac OS X only version). I had them installed in a folder in my Applications folder and moving them to the top level in the Applications folder solved the linking issues.

  6. I have been really impressed with Publisher from the start of the Beta. I was very much looking forward to it, as InDesign is the program I use every day and I was still using an old version and would have to make the jump to CC sometime unless a different program came along that could do the job. I have looked at Quark but that one feels so awkward to work with, the interface is dated and it feels slow, everything would take much longer than in Indesign, which is very bad. Publisher on the other hand felt almost instantly at home. I could use my indesign workflow almost immediately in Publisher, so I could do work in it almost as quickly as a program I have been using for many years. The studio link feature makes it even better, as it allows me to work even faster and more intuitively. It has already allowed me to have a nicer and more creative workflow. I love it!

  7. Studio Link is the greatest thing ever. I'm already finding myself just using Publisher for things I used to do in Photo or Designer … because it's just SO easy to flip between them! Affinity is KILLING IT right now!!

  8. I agree with this. Studio Link is a more powerful tool than just having the ability to use native file formats a la InDesign and QuarkXpress. Will be using this a lot in the coming weeks and months ahead.

  9. Even better, you do not need to actually open Affinity Photo og Affinity Designer before getting access to their features! What a lot of hassle the StudioLink feature will save!

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