What Is Poetry? #PoetryDefined

23 thoughts on “What Is Poetry? #PoetryDefined

  1. This actually helped me get a better grasp on the direction of my thesis statement for an essay I’m writing. The question we are trying to answer is “What Is Poetry”. A little on the nose, I know, but it is a difficult question to answer.

  2. My Teach played this in class…I was uneasy because of the shapes because it’s a pet peeve for me not to use shapes as a face or body but you do whatevers

  3. Hey guys: Thanks for sharing this video. I've used it in a post on my website: LIFE-BUILT POEMS: Living Out Loud. Here's the link: https://lifebuiltpoems.com/spoken-word-and-being-heard/

  4. Poetry/ Literary genre thats aims to present ideas and evoke on emotional in the reader through the use of meter
    ^ tomorrow my exam

  5. Wow the videos are great really help me out..thanks..keep making videos as better as this..thanks a lot hahaha i really like the animation..hahaha😂😇

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