The sorts of people that you get at
poetry slams come from all walks of life all backgrounds all ages the variety is
massive there is no such thing as slam poetry
only poetry that works in slams so any style of poetry and this is the
important thing any style of poetry can fly in an audience so long as it
connects in the immediate. I think the best thing about a poetry slam is that
it teaches you as a poet to get on make an impression and get off before you
bored the audience. That’s about far more than looking clever or funny or smart making
these things you know they’re from your head or your heart they can trap you in they can make beautiful art they can put you back together after pulling it apart they really can surprise you!! A Poetry slam is a live Democratic poetry competition where
people use three minutes pre-prepared pieces and get judged by five random
members of the audience and this is a central tenet to to what the poetry slam
is because it’s taking control of the value of poetry away from supposed
experts in stuffy academic institutions and giving it back to the people. We
don’t pick them because of any particular skill set in fact often we
pick people who’ve never been to a poetry slam before because we want them to come with a completely clear mind and judge from their gut. You take off the
top score in case anybody is voting for their mate or their sleeping with the poet
and you take off the bottom score in case anybody is sleeping with the poet
but doing it badly so you have the middle three scores and whoever has the
most points at the end progresses to the next round or wins the day. But the
poetry slam draws attention into the performance because you’ve got this
extra dynamic of listening to the poem and then wondering what each and every judge might think and what the audience might think of what the judge thinks you
actively listen to the poem all the more. How much love could this love have if this love could have love and how many bears could bear Grylls grill. Hammer and tongs
started in 2003 myself and another poet called Jim Thomas decided to put on a
gig because there were a lack of gigs around he’d been in America and he’d been to the National Slam final they’re only
really like the format of a poetry slam LOL comma hi sorry for the slow reply
winky face lopsided smile I stared at my phone and What does this mean? Slam has a negative aggressive
sound doesn’t it it’s an onomatopoeia and it makes it sound to the uninitiated
it’s going to be something aggressive and it’s not. Instead it has prepared
pieces of work that hopefully the performers have honed to a high level
before they get on the stage. I’ve got a way with words. Tie them up in a neat package my delivery’s special like UPS when I’m rapping let’s do away words. The poetry slam is
restrictive because it restricts you to three minutes but it’s not necessarily a
bad thing it’s like the three minute pop tune you know that created a music
revolution and the poetry slam has created a poetry revolution. People often
ask me is a poetry slam fair we can have a long philosophical discussion on what
fair is but what I do think it is is feedback. It’s instant feedback to you as a
performer of whether your piece worked in that environment. I’m a piston, now a steam train loud and fast and she’s with me running speeding towards the station and we’re almost there… well what you doing Well the best poem doesn’t always win I think but nothing bad ever wins. What you’ll find windsor poetry slam is a well
crafted piece which is authentically performed. What is it that we always say?
The point is not the point the point is the poetry. Equality then all its glory
taste good and rich sprinkle that shit on your food take it home with you and
if not we will probably find me at a drag show try to keep a little extra kindness
in my back pocket just still do whatever I want really let’s all just keep doing
whatever we want.

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