What is a CDN? (Content Delivery Network)

39 thoughts on “What is a CDN? (Content Delivery Network)

  1. Great video! I believe that CDN can speed up the site, here the main thing with the provider is not to be misled. Personally, I chose on https://inxy.hosting/cdn. There are many options and at quite normal prices.

  2. Interesting video, however there are a few things that you left out when talking about the benefits. The fact that CDN's are able to analyze in and outgoing traffic to check for malicious activity requires them to be able to decryspt your traffic. So in theory if you established a secure connection to a server a MITM should not be able to peek into your traffic. But CDN's are able to do that because as far as I know they have your private key stored on their servers to be able to decrypt and analyze your traffic. Correct me if I am wrong. But that's probably also one of the reasons why CDN's are insanely high secured.

  3. CDNs are supposed to pass the data that they receive from their clients to various data centers so that it remains in reach of the audience.

    In order to make the content available to users in the most efficient way, CDNs work by using server optimizations which is based on the type of content.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.



    Sourav Basak

    Namaste UI

  4. If you are new to CDN world, try CDN77 (https://www.cdn77.com/) They have a trial that is free for 14 days which allows you to test all of their features at no cost (and also without the need of giving them your CC number). At the same time, they support free custom SSL certs and TLS 1.3

  5. awesome joe! it is so helpful to me…. thankyou. make some more informative videos jus like this

  6. I wish I knew this info before I had to shut down my website. My website had malicious content and an unknown virus that I couldn't find. Then Google blocked my entire website. I couldn't even access my own website after a couple of days trying to remove the virus.

  7. Hey Thio,

    Do big websites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. have CDNs? Or if they ever get DDoSed they can withstand them? Or they have a CDN but you can't see it? This is a really interesting topic and I would like to hear more about this 🙂

    Regards, Beau.

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