What I’m Reading: Megan Griswold (author of THE BOOK OF HELP)

Hi. I’m Megan Griswold, and I’m the
author of The Book of Help– A Memoir in Remedies. And this is what I’m reading. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m reading Barry Lopez’s
Resistance and Light Action in the Caribbean
because I’m always reading Resistance and Light
Action in the Caribbean. I mean they’re sort of
a spiritual experience and the closest
thing I experience to almost being in church. There’s something
about his understanding of the natural world and the
simplicity of his characters that’s very warm
and deep and true. I’m also reading Amanda
Stern’s Little Panic– Dispatches from an Anxious Life. It’s about a woman with a– in her childhood– with a
misdiagnosed anxiety condition. And she’s just funny and raw. I don’t know anybody
without needing to be diagnosed with
a particular anxiety condition that doesn’t
deal with being anxious. And so I find the extreme
intensity of the story resonates for me
and a lot of people I know about how to navigate
this complex world in very anxious times. I’m reading Pam
Houston’s Deep Creek. It’s about a woman’s
reflection on her sense of home in a collection
of beautiful essays. She has a ranch in
Colorado, and it’s about making a sense of home. And it really speaks to us, not
just as people, but as women and how we define
ourselves in, sometimes, less traditional terms
than a white picket fence. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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