What I’m Reading: Markus Zusak (author of BRIDGE OF CLAY)

Hi, I’m Markus Zusak. I’m the author of The
Book Thief and Bridge of Clay and this is what I’m currently reading and
rereading. A book I love to reread is Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon. I love one
of the descriptions of the situation Grady Tripp the main character and
novelist is in, he calls himself the mad commander of the careering zeppelin of
the book that he’s writing. I used to feel pity for him when it had been 7
years since his previous book and then as I went well beyond 7 years to 11
years, 12 years I went ‘God, it’s actually me who is in more trouble than him.’ I’ve always loved The Bell Job by Sylvia Plath. Again, just because it’s got a gem
on every page. It’s such a sad story, but the to me there’s a real
joy in it as well and there’s joined the writing of it even if it is a sad story. I read the whole Harry Potter series to my children and my wife and it was one of those family institutions where we would sit around the kitchen table
and I just read the whole thing to them and we started to have our own internal
language because of those books. It’s just something that your children
will never forget and I’ll look back and even if they do, I won’t. I loved that
experience, I loved seeing the joy that gave our whole family. You can’t say
enough what JK Rowling’s given the world with those books.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Markus Zusak (author of BRIDGE OF CLAY)

  1. I never write comments, but, Markus Zusak, you completely changed my life too. The world can't thank YOU enough for giving usThe Book Thief. You are my childhood. 14 year-old me was a different person before and after I read your book. Your words go up there with the precious few works that have completely changed the way I think forever. Wow, I am so happy I found this channel

  2. I recently began reading the book thief in school as part of a book club that we have and you have given me a lot of knowledge about how times were back in ww2 I enjoy studying on the topic and have no since I was about 10 years old I am currently twelve as of writing this and I want to say thank you for not giving up on this book I look forward to reading more of your books in the near future.

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