What I’m Reading: Lara Prescott (author of THE SECRETS WE KEPT)

Hi, my name is Laura Prescott. I’m the author of
The Secrets We Kept. And this is what I’m reading. So the first book
I’m recommending is one of my very favorite
books by my favorite author, Edward P. Jones. It’s called Lost In The City. And it’s a short-story
collection about Washington DC. And I find myself reading
this book again and again, especially in between
my own writing projects, to see how wonderfully he
captures a sense of place and also get to the
heart of his characters. It’s just brilliant. My next recommendation is
called A Woman of No Importance By Sonia Purnell. It’s a nonfiction book
that I recently picked up because it’s all about
Virginia Hall, who was a spy during World
War II, and worked with both British and the
United States Intelligence. And Virginia, I researched
for my own book, The Secrets We Kept, because
I thought she was such a forgotten hero
in American history that deserves all
the attention she can get for all of her
courageous activities. And this book is just a
wonderful portrait of her. My third recommendation is
called The Behavior of Love by Virginia Reeves. My book club is actually
reading this book. And I’m so glad we picked
it, because Virginia is also a graduate of the
Michener Center at the University
of Texas, which is where I went for my MFA. And this is just a book that’s a
wonderful portrait of marriage, love, language, and memory. And my favorite
part of the book was that you think it’s going down
kind of an expected plotline, but then it subverts
your expectations and goes a completely
‘nother direction. That takes it to a
whole deeper level. So I love that.

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